Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 266

Following Sophia’s instructions, Yvonne brought the two men to Ron Murphy’s office.

Coincidentally, Ron, who rarely returned to Sunshine Group, was present.

The two men scurried over upon seeing Ron. “It’s been a while, Mr. Murphy.”

“Indeed, Mr. Lewis. How’s your father?”

Ben took a seat, scowling when he recalled what had happened earlier. “Mr. Murphy, who is that Ms. Yarrow in your company?”

Ron’s expression changed slightly. “Mr. Lewis, Ms. Yarrow is Ms. Suny’s trusted aide. She’s quite a nice person. If she has offended you in any manner, I apologize to you on her behalf.”

Ben exchanged a look with Jack. Putting everything aside, that woman looks pretty and has a nice bod.

However, they were there for official matters. Since Ron had already agreed to invest in them, they were merely there for show.

Knowing Ron was doing his father a favor, Ben did not dwell on it further. “If that’s the case, then forget it. Jack and I are here to talk about what we discussed with you the last time. Take a look…”

After Ben spoke, Jack passed the proposal to Ron.

Ron took it and said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Lewis. Once we’re done with the formalities, the investment funds will be transferred to you soon.”

Ben nodded. Four and a half million was definitely not a big sum for him. If his card had not been blocked, he could have easily forked it out.

“Thank you, Mr. Murphy.”

Ron bobbed his head and personally escorted the guests out.

News soon traveled to Sophia. After listening to Yvonne’s report, she asked, “Ron has always prioritized profit over anything else. Who exactly are those two?”

Yvonne had just found out. “I think the last name of the secretary of Fairlake’s city council is Lewis too.”

Sophia clicked her tongue. “In that case, Ron’s doing him a favor?” Since she had no intention of doing the same, she glanced at Yvonne and instructed, “Ms. Leighton, please get Mr. Murphy to come here.”

“Sure, Ms. Yarrow.”

Ron soon arrived at Sophia’s office. With his years of experience, he was cunning enough to know why Sophia had summoned him.

However, he had his own considerations too. Sunshine Group’s latest investment the previous year was a start-up in Fairlake. By doing Ron a favor, he was paving the way for a factory to be constructed there.

Ron had high hopes for the project. Naturally, it had something to do with the fact that the founder of the start-up was his nephew. However, his nephew was not an incapable man. For Sunshine Group to invest in his start-up, it must have fared well in many rounds of strict inspection.

“Did you ask for me, Ms. Yarrow?”

“Please take a seat, Mr. Murphy.”

Sophia poured a cup of coffee and passed it to him. “Do you think we should invest in Mystique Group?”

Ron looked at Sophia, knowing what she was implying. “Didn’t Mystique Group pass the review?”

Sophia smiled. “What if I say no?”

Ron was slightly stunned. “Is it because Ben and Jack offended you earlier?”

Sophia arched a brow. “You’ve misunderstood me, Mr. Murphy. Am I such a petty person?”

In reality, she was indeed a petty person.

Still, she was not dumb enough to admit it publicly.

Ron looked at her, unable to guess what was on her mind. “What do you mean, Ms. Yarrow?”

“Mr. Murphy, as entrepreneurs, earning profits is our priority. Although Mystique Group’s proposal is quite good and their preliminary review is decent, I’m sure you heard what happened earlier. It’s my first time seeing someone changing the price at the last minute. I’m sure it’s your first time too, right?” Sophia gave Ron a half-smile. “I understand what you’re thinking about, Mr. Murphy. However, our company is the investor. If the start-up can’t even solve such a tiny problem on its own, I think Sunshine Group should re-evaluate if it should withdraw its investment.”

Ron panicked. “You’re right, Ms. Yarrow. Let’s forget about Mystique Group, then.”

Sophia’s lips quirked up. “You’re a wise man, Mr. Murphy.”

Ron nodded. Although he was a cunning man, he could get higher pay if Sunshine Group fared well. It was pointless to oppose Sophia.

He was an intelligent person. With just a few pointers from Sophia, he could tell the advantages and disadvantages.

Sophia smirked as she stared at his back.

When Yvonne entered, Sophia had just finished reviewing a contract. She closed the file and glanced at Yvonne. “What’s wrong?”

“Ms. Yarrow, the hospital called earlier, saying that something happened to Ms. Gomez. Would you like to pay her a visit?”

Sophia immediately grabbed her bag after hearing that. “What happened?”

“I don’t know the specifics yet. I just heard that it has something to do with Ms. Gomez’s husband.”

Liam Mill?

Frowning slightly, Sophia picked up her phone. “Is Mrs. Gomez at the hospital?”

Yvonne shook her head, having intended to mention it already. “Mrs. Gomez is at Moonlight Bay now.”

Sophia nodded. “Okay. I’ll go to Moonlight Bay now. Isn’t Liam’s company working on a new project? Let’s give him a hand.”

I haven’t even taken revenge on him on Tanya’s behalf, and here he is, free enough to seek trouble first.

Yvonne was taken aback when she noticed the icy glint in Sophia’s eyes. Sophia had become much gentler after she got into a relationship. It had been a long time since Yvonne had seen her act so domineeringly.

A strange feeling of excitement filled Yvonne when she witnessed a shadow of Sophia’s past self. “Sure, Ms. Yarrow!”

Sophia smiled before turning around and leaving the office.

It was already noon when she arrived at Moonlight Bay. She had bought the house there for Katherine after graduation. Four years had passed since she had last visited.

Laura came out as soon as Sophia rang the doorbell. She was shocked to see the latter. “Ms. Yarrow!”

“I heard what happened today, Mrs. Gomez. Are you all right?”

Laura nodded. “Yeah. You’re too kind, Ms. Yarrow. You came to visit me even though you’re busy.”

Sophia grinned. Noticing that Laura’s eyes were red from crying, she averted her gaze. “May I ask what happened?”

Laura glanced at her. “Come in and take a seat, Ms. Yarrow.”

With that, she turned around and entered the house. The house was not very big. It was a little over sixty square meters, with two bedrooms and a living room.

Looking at Laura’s back, Sophia frowned. “What happened to your foot, Mrs. Gomez?”

Laura froze for a moment. “Nothing. I just twisted it. It’s no big deal.”

She poured a glass of water for Sophia as she spoke.

Laura kept the house very tidy. The coffee table was clean, and the items were placed neatly on it.

Sophia took the glass. “Thank you. How about I send you to the hospital and get it checked?”

Laura quickly waved her hands. “There’s no need for that. I’ll be fine in two days.”

Since she was so insistent, Sophia did not press her further. “What exactly happened earlier?”

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