Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 265

As Sophia spoke, she yawned and cast a glance at the phone beside her. “It’s almost ten.”

More than an hour had gone by.

“Are you tired?”

Sophia had always followed a strict schedule. Usually, she would have already finished bathing by then.

“Yeah, a little.”

Alexander held her hand. “Go and take a bath, then.”

Sophia did not move. She looked at him and smiled. “What about you?”

“I’m going to keep the watermelon.”

Both of them had only eaten a quarter of the watermelon.

Since Alexander was willing to keep the remaining watermelon, Sophia did not force herself to. “I’ll go take a bath, then.”

“Okay,” replied Alexander as he watched her climb the stairs to the third floor.

It was only after she disappeared from his sight that he brought the things on the table to the kitchen.

After Sophia finished bathing and walked out, she saw Alexander walking over with a glass of watermelon juice.

“You made this?” Sophia was stunned.

Watermelons do not taste as nice when left overnight. It will be less wasteful if it’s turned into watermelon juice.

Alexander nodded. “Want some?”

He had already drunk a glass earlier. This glass was specially prepared for her.

Although Sophia did not like to sleep with her stomach full, she could not resist the watermelon juice. “Sure.”

After finishing the glass of watermelon juice, Sophia looked at the time. “It’s already ten.”

“Go to sleep.” He gently held the back of her head and pecked her on the lips. “It’s sweet.”

Sophia touched her blushing cheeks and gazed at him. “When are you leaving?”

Alexander tapped his fingers against the glass that he was holding. “Can I not leave?”

“What do you think, Mr. Xenos?”

Sophia walked toward him, raised her hand, and tugged his collar, which was loosely hanging underneath his chin.

When her fingernails grazed against his Adam’s apple, a look of desire emerged in his eyes. He grabbed Sophia’s playful hands and said, “I don’t want to go back.”

As he spoke, he stroked the corner of her lips with his thumb, wiping the traces of the watermelon juice away. “The Xenos residence is too big and empty. It feels empty, Sophia.”

Sophia raised her eyebrows slightly. “Aren’t you living in a condominium?”

“I moved back.”

Sophia snorted. “My house isn’t empty.”

He had stayed in the condominium when they were married, yet he ended up moving back after they were divorced. He deserves to be lonely!

“That’s why I don’t want to leave.”

Now that Alexander was becoming more shameless, he could utter such words matter-of-factually.

Not expecting his reply, Sophia burst out laughing. “Alexander, have you no shame?”

Can’t you be a little more reserved?

“Yeah,” he replied seriously as he lowered his head and looked at her.

Sophia remained silent.

They continued staring into each other’s eyes without saying a single word until Sophia finally broke the silence. “You can sleep in the guest room.”


Alexander managed to stay behind, just as he wished. Since it was bedtime for Sophia and her body was feeling exhausted, she turned off the lights after they said goodnight to each other and went to bed.

After bathing, Alexander spoke to Felix on the phone before heading to the third floor.

Although the door was closed, it was not locked.

He opened the door with a gentle twist of the doorknob.

When he strode in, he saw that Sophia was already fast asleep.

Afraid of waking her up, he did not turn on the lights. He found his way to the bed in the darkness, lay on it slowly, and hugged her.

Yeah, I don’t feel lonely anymore.

The next morning, Sophia realized that something was amiss when she moved around.

She slowly opened her eyes, only to see Alexander lying on her bed.

“Aren’t you supposed to be in the guest room?” She blinked.

“It’s too big.”

Sophia laughed in exasperation. “You’re so shameless!”

She shoved him away and was now wide awake thanks to Alexander.

Following her command, the curtains parted slowly, revealing the bright sun outside that had already risen.

When Felix sent Alexander’s clothes over, he thoughtfully brought breakfast too. Noticing the smile on Felix’s face, Sophia raised an eyebrow. “You seem to be in a good mood today, Mr. Lane.”

Felix glanced at Alexander upon hearing that and concealed the look of amusement on his face. “The weather’s great today, Ms. Yarrow.”

“Really? I thought you encountered something really great.”

Felix did not know how to respond and could only bid them farewell.

He had wanted to say that something great had indeed happened.

Alexander could finally be promoted from the rank of a pitiful suitor. Now that he had successfully stayed overnight at her place, his mood for the next few days would be amazing.

However, Felix did not dare to say that to Sophia. Having seen how sharp her tongue was, he knew not to provoke her easily.

Sophia looked at Felix’s retreating figure, then at Alexander. “Is there something scary on my face? Why is Mr. Lane so terrified of me?”

Alexander moved the bowl of oatmeal toward her. “Oh, he probably remembered that he didn’t write the report that was due today.”

Because of his good mood, Alexander spoke up on his subordinate’s behalf.

Sophia smiled and did not expose him. “I see.”

She did not have any meetings in the morning, but she had a guest at ten and had to return to Sunshine Group.

At half-past nine, Yvonne knocked on the door and entered. “Ms. Yarrow, I’ve got some results from what you instructed me to investigate.”

It was the information about Connor in recent years.

Connor, who was not a resident of Jadeborough, had gone to Doveston after graduation.

Well, what a coincidence. He’s from Doveston.

Recalling what Lukas had said the previous night, Sophia let out a snort. “He’s really unfortunate, then.”

Yvonne had the same thought as Sophia when she finished compiling Connor’s file. Since Sophia’s family on her mother’s side lived in Doveston and Connor was from that city, he was indeed unfortunate.

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“Not at all, Ms. Yarrow.” Yvonne turned around and left.

Sophia stared at the documents in her hands, and the smile on her face faded gradually.

After graduation, Connor founded a small company using his family’s influence and was faring quite decently. Two years ago, he impregnated a student from Doveston University. Although the incident blew up, the girl’s family, motivated by shame and greed, had settled the matter privately after accepting over eight hundred thousand.

Last year, he met a girl whose family background was similar to his. After she was discovered to be pregnant, they announced their engagement this year. However, the girl caught Connor having affairs with women outside and created a ruckus at his office. Then, for some reason, they reconciled again.

Just like how a leopard can never change its spots, Connor is still acting like an assh*le even after graduation.

Sophia tossed the documents aside and called Yvonne, who then arrived quickly.

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow?”

“Contact the victims and convince them to testify. Money is not a problem. Let’s make Connor rot in prison for the rest of his life.”

Sophia’s lips curved into a smile when she said that, but her eyes were cold.

Yvonne nodded. “Got it, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia hummed in response before flipping through the documents regarding the investments that the company would be discussing that day.

Before ten, Yvonne brought the people seeking investment in.

The two men were slightly stunned upon spotting Sophia. However, they soon returned to their senses. “We’ve long heard about you, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia smiled. “Mr. Langham, Mr. Lewis, have a seat.”

Upon seeing that Sophia was a woman, they raised the price by a million.

Sophia raised her brows. “I’ve seen your proposals. Isn’t it stated there that it’s three million and five hundred thousand?”

The two men exchanged a look. Jack Langham said, “Well, Ms. Yarrow…”

Sophia no longer had the patience to hear them out. Not only was she not that interested in their company from the beginning, but they were also trying to fool her.

She looked at Yvonne. “Send them out, Ms. Leighton.”

“Ms. Yarrow, listen to us. We’re sincere about—”

Yvonne looked at the two of them expressionlessly. “Mr. Langham, Mr. Lewis, this way please.”

However, they refused to budge. Ben Lewis piped up, “We want to meet Mr. Murphy.”

“Mr. Murphy?”

So they’re Ron’s people…

Sophia sneered. “Ms. Leighton, bring them to Mr. Murphy.”

“Sure, Ms. Yarrow.”

Only then did the two of them leave willingly. They walked away in a hurry, not forgetting to snort at Sophia.

Sophia smirked. Ron’s men are quite arrogant, huh?

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