Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 264

Sophia looked up at him and asked with an eyebrow arched, “Aren’t you curious?”

Why is he so calm? Do I not pique his interest?

“Oh, I am curious,” Alexander paused briefly, “but I would much rather kiss you right now.”

He then grabbed her chin and lifted her face slightly before planting a deep and passionate kiss on her lips.

They could taste the sweetness of the watermelon as their tongues intertwined. Alexander was very aggressive with his kisses, and Sophia soon found herself suffocating a little.

Because of the awkward position they were in, Alexander carried her into his lap instead.

Sophia let out a soft moan as she felt the flames of passion burning in her loins.

Alexander traced his tongue over her rosy lips and the fair skin of her neck before stopping at her sexy collarbones.

The collar of Sophia’s shirt was wide open, and that fueled Alexander’s feelings of lust even further.

His erection was so strong that his pants could not keep it down. It wasn’t long before Sophia felt something warm and hard pressing against her body. She instinctively tried to move it out of the way, only to hear Alexander moan in response.

He tightened his grip around her waist and pulled her closer to him. With both their chests pressing against each other, they could clearly feel each other’s heartbeat.

“Stop moving around,” Alexander said.

Upon realizing what he meant, Sophia tensed up and didn’t dare make another move.

A few moments later, she looked up at him and whispered, “I’m thirsty, Alexander.”

Alexander sat her down beside him and went off to pour her a glass of water.

Although he had returned to his usual cold and elegant self, the sweat on his forehead was proof that he had nearly lost control earlier.

Sophia took the glass and lowered her head to sip on the water.

Her heart was still pounding like crazy against her chest. It was so loud that she wondered if Alexander could hear it from where he stood.

“How did you set up Sunshine Group, Sophia?” Alexander asked while gently running his fingers through her hair.

Sophia shot him a glance and gave him a summary of her company’s history. “I was about fifteen when my family’s financial situation improved. My parents bought lots of insurance, so I received over one million and three hundred thousand in compensation. That was quite a huge sum back then. Since I studied finance, I learned a little something about investment from one of my lecturers. The rule was not to invest more than two thousand. I would then manage that investment account and evaluate the profits and losses at the end of each month. Back then, I found the purchase of stocks rather fun, so I created two accounts and invested over four hundred thousand in the main account. I would then sell my stocks as soon as their prices went up and use the money earned to purchase other stocks at low prices.

“After about two years of doing this, I had over ten million in my bank account. During my third year of university, an unpopular actress named Katherine Quinn was starring in a low-budget film as the lead actress. However, she had to stop the filming halfway through due to a lack of funds. I liked the script and felt bad for Katherine, so I decided to invest three million in the film. Surprisingly, the film became a huge hit eight months later and earned one billion four hundred million. By being the film’s biggest investor, I was able to earn three hundred million even though I only invested three million in it.

“Having amassed quite a fortune, I decided to set up a company with that money instead of keeping it in the bank. That’s how I set up Sunshine Group. I also invested in several other companies, all of which became listed later on. In just a few years, Sunshine Group made a ton of progress in terms of development. When I was in my fourth year of university, my childhood friend Joshua’s entrepreneurial project was stopped by the university. As the project was about to be completed, Joshua refused to give up on it. He went looking everywhere for investors but to no avail. I had faith in Joshua’s capabilities, so I decided to help him out by investing ten million in his project. That way, he could focus solely on his research and development to strengthen his company.

“As I am not the only shareholder of Sunshine Group, I was worried that the others would object to investing in Technology Innovations, so I had to fork the money out of my own pocket. Eventually, Technology Innovations became a listed company and had its market value go up to nearly four billion. As for Specter Entertainment… Katherine wanted to work her way up to become a B-list celebrity. However, her company tried to force her into doing sexual favors for that. When I learned about that, I paid eight million as compensation for her breach of contract and set up Specter Entertainment. As Specter Entertainment focused solely on Katherine, she was able to boost her popularity fairly quickly. Naturally, as her business partner, Specter Entertainment is worth a lot more.”

Sophia hadn’t spoken that much in a long while. She figured she might as well tell him everything since he asked.

It seems that luck isn’t all there is to Sophia’s success. She also had great charm and a keen eye for business opportunities. She made it all sound very simple and easy, but my experience in the corporate world tells me it was far from easy. She lost her parents at the age of eighteen, and yet, she chose to invest a quarter of the insurance money in stocks. That act alone shows just how courageous she is! She was only nineteen when she invested three million in her friend’s film. That shows how confident she was in her decision as well as her friend’s capabilities.

I heard of that film after it got popular. The film was produced on a small budget. Its total cost did not exceed five million, and it was scheduled to be released on National Day. Neither the cast, the director nor the producer were well-known, but the film earned more than eighty million on the first day of its release. Thanks to the great reviews from the audience, the box office on the second day went over two hundred million. In just seven days, that film had already earned one billion two hundred million. Midway Media, too, had invested a huge amount of money in a film, but it only earned about three hundred million. I still remember Samuel complaining about it back then.

Alexander didn’t know what he felt about Sophia’s story. On the one hand, he admired her courage and intelligence. On the other, it pained him to see her working so hard all this while.

“You’re really amazing!” Alexander said while giving her a pat on the head.

Sophia felt as if she was being complimented by a parent for scoring a hundred on her test.

She pulled his hand off and replied with a sarcastic smile, “Not nearly as amazing as you are, Mr. Xenos! My achievements pale in comparison to yours!”

Alexander was able to emerge victorious in the Xenos family and manage a huge company like Odyssey incredibly well.

“If I remember correctly, all the companies that Sunshine Group invested in have all become very successful,” Alexander said after a brief pause.


Alexander looked her in the eye. “So, you must be pretty rich.”

Sophia met his eyes and smiled. “Not as rich as you are, though!”

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