Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 263

The phone call was from Lukas. Sophia glanced at Alexander and said, “It’s my brother.”

He let go of her hand and sat on the couch, leaning slightly against the back of the seat, and gazed at her as she answered Lukas’ call.

“How are things between you and Zayne?”

Sophia replied sheepishly, “Lukas, actually—”

Lukas seemed to be conversing with someone else on the other end of the phone, so Sophia had no choice but to stop talking.

“What did you just say?”

Lukas continued after a brief pause, “If you don’t like Zayne, I have other friends.”

There’s no need for that either…

Sophia, who had initially planned to come clean, smiled wryly after hearing his words. “Lukas, I’ve been busy lately. One of my friends is facing some trouble, so I didn’t have the time to meet with Mr. Quantrill.”

She wasn’t lying because she had indeed been pretty busy recently and hadn’t met with Zayne for over ten days.

Lukas fell silent for a few moments before saying, “In that case, try to get in touch with him more often. If the feeling’s not right, then never mind.”

He wasn’t a traditional-minded person who was firm in dictating his little sister’s love life either. The only reason he introduced his friend to Sophia was that he couldn’t stand how unfairly she had been treated in her past relationship with Alexander. By doing that, not only could he provide more potential partners for Sophia to choose from, but he could also anger and upset Alexander.

Of course, the most favorable outcome was if Sophia fell in love with another man. However, if she continued to be in love with Alexander in the end, there wasn’t anything he, as her elder brother, could do to separate them.

“Okay, I got it, Lukas.”

“Are you still keeping in contact with Alexander?”

Sophia glanced at Alexander, who was seated on the couch. “I’ve been very occupied with handling my friend’s problem lately.”

Being crafty with her reply, she didn’t mention she wasn’t keeping in touch with Alexander. As for how Lukas interpreted her words, that wasn’t something she could decide.

Apparently, Lukas was very satisfied with her answer. “Is there anything I can do to help with your friend’s problem?”

Sophia was touched when she heard that. She suddenly felt a little guilty for deceiving her brother. “I can handle it, Lukas.”

“Look for me if you need any assistance. Don’t forget that I’m your brother.”

“I know that, Lukas.”

Lukas seemed to be hanging out with others at that moment. After he asked all the questions he had in mind, he hung up the call in satisfaction.

In his opinion, although Sophia was intelligent, she was also an obedient little sister, so she would never lie to him.

Having just told a falsehood, Sophia turned sideways and noticed Alexander staring at her. Her face flushed instantaneously. “Do you want to have some watermelon? Ms. Leigh—Yvonne bought it.”

Sophia was too used to addressing Yvonne as Ms. Leighton that she almost did it again.

Alexander looked into his eyes for a short while before asking, “Where’s the watermelon?”

Sophia pointed at the kitchen. “It’s being soaked inside a small bucket.”

Instead of exposing her deliberate intention of changing the topic of conversation, Alexander rolled up his sleeves while striding into the kitchen.

The small bucket inside the kitchen did contain a watermelon dipped in ice water. When he picked up the fruit, it was still cold.

Sophia stood at the kitchen doorway, looking at Alexander slicing the watermelon while contemplating if she should tell him the truth that she was Suny. “Alexander.”


He turned over and spared her a look.

“Do you know Suny?”

Alexander stopped what he was doing when he heard her, but he swiftly regained his senses and continued his task on hand. “She’s Sunshine Group’s chairperson.”

“What do you think of her?”

Sophia walked over, took out a plate, and placed it next to his hand.

Alexander turned to look at her and slightly arched his brow. “She’s your superior. What do you think of her?”

Sophia didn’t anticipate him to revert the question to her. She lowered her gaze and wondered how she should compliment herself.

After a few moments, she replied vaguely, “She’s brilliant and capable.”

“Okay. My thoughts are quite similar to yours.”

By then, he was done slicing the watermelon. When he lifted his head and Sophia met his eyes, she felt that her attempt to sound him out was for naught.

She snorted. “Don’t you have any other thoughts about her?”

“I don’t think of anyone else aside from you, Precious.”

Sophia blushed at his words. “T-That’s not what I meant.” He’s pretty smart most of the time, but why does he turn into a fool who can’t understand what I’m saying during crucial moments?

“I’ve never met her before, so it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to comment on her.”

Alexander had a point, and she had also expected him to give that answer.

The two of them went into the living room while holding the plate of watermelon. Sophia was taking a bite of the fruit when she heard Alexander’s question. “You’ve been working for Suny for so long. Why is she reluctant to show herself?”

“My boss likes to keep a low profile.”

Alexander looked at her and nodded. “She’s indeed low-profile.”

Sophia’s heart palpitated as he continued looking at her intently. Her EQ and IQ had always been extraordinary. She couldn’t help but feel Alexander was behaving unusually that night.

Then she was reminded of Yvonne informing her that Felix had investigated her again.

Sophia was confident in Yvonne’s abilities, so she knew Felix wouldn’t find out a thing.

Still, Alexander was too sharp-witted. Since the two had been getting along very well during that period, she figured he must’ve sensed something too.

Sometimes, some things can be predetermined as truth even without having solid evidence.

At that thought, Sophia let out an abrupt chuckle. She took a piece of tissue to wipe the watermelon juice trickling down the back of her hand and called out his name with all seriousness, “Alexander.”

He wiped his hand as well and responded solemnly, “Yes?”

“When did you find out?”

Alexander curled his lips. “Find out about what?”

Sophia had never wanted to hide that matter from him, but everything seemed to have happened because of fate. Since she had touched on that subject, she decided to come clean. “That I’m Suny.”

Even though Alexander had already guessed her identity, he was still slightly shocked to hear her confession.

Who would’ve thought the famous Suny from Sunshine Group was the greedy, gold-digging Sophia everyone, including him, had assumed her to be?

In fact, when he had previously suspected Sophia to be Suny, a tiny part of him had hoped he was wrong.

At the very least, he wouldn’t have to face the shame of knowing he had entirely misjudged her in the past.

However, looking at Sophia, who had just magnanimously admitted herself to be Suny, Alexander realized he shouldn’t be so narrow-minded. “I guessed that over a month ago, but I didn’t have the time to confirm my hypothesis.”

Unexpectedly, she voluntarily divulged the information to him that night.

“I didn’t keep you in the dark on purpose.”

“I know.”

Back then, he had been ignorant. Now that he had taken a walk down memory lane, he came to understand Sophia had wanted to tell him the truth on many occasions, but he had refused her invitation.

He thought providing her with the title of “Mrs. Xenos” was already more than sufficient to fulfill her wish. If she demanded more, he could only reject her.

Sophia looked at him. She felt she could finally let go of the many misunderstandings and unhappy interactions between them.

Alexander wasn’t that terrible of a person. She had to bear a certain amount of responsibilities as well for how their three years marriage had ended in a divorce.

She shouldn’t have acted on impulse back then, thinking that Alexander and Kristen’s relationship was close, so she could seize that opportunity to ask him to marry her.

“I shouldn’t have used Mdm. Lambe to threaten you into marrying me. I’m sorry.”

She owed him an apology too. After all, he had been forced to accept a random woman as his wife, not to mention the woman might be siding with his mother, who was materialistic and hard to please.

Her apology deeply astonished Alexander, prompting indescribable emotions to churn within his chest.

At the mention of their past, both of them felt slightly regretful and more conscious than before.

They had both significantly matured following their three years of marriage.

He pulled her into his embrace. “It’s fine.”

If the three years of erroneous marriage hadn’t occurred, he wouldn’t have been made aware that he would fall in love with a woman named Sophia Yarrow in his life.

She was beautiful, kind, exceptional, independent, and proud. She was similar to the various women he’d met but, at the same time, she stood out from the crowd.

Subsequently, he opened up to her, accepting her into his life and brightening his future with her companionship.

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