Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 278

The sight of the man made the expression on Megan’s face shift. “M-Mr. Xenos.”

Alexander glanced at Megan. “Ms. Queen. Mr. Cooper.”

Casper turned to Alexander and said, “We’ll be taking our leave, Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow.”

With that said, he towed Megan away.

Megan seemed to have only realized what happened after exiting the restaurant. “Is Sophia really back together with Alexander?”

Casper nodded. “Did you not go on the web last night?”

The news of them getting back together had been all over the internet. The entire nation’s netizens would have known about it, let alone the people of Jadeborough.

Megan gritted her teeth at that. “Sophia used to cling to Alexander and wouldn’t let him go. Who knew if that was news she hired someone to spread?”

After a scoff, she added, “She never met Alexander’s standards. Who knows what kinds of methods she used to make Alexander agree to get back together with her this time? She’s such a scheming woman!”

Casper did not like hearing about the troublesome matters between women, but the Queen family and the Cooper family wanted to have a union marriage, and the Queens were backed by the Schilds. Thus, Megan was a match for him in terms of wealth and status. Furthermore, the Cooper family would benefit greatly from their marriage. With those thoughts in mind, Casper had no choice but to patiently say, “Yes, Sophia’s not a simple woman. It’s best if you avoid going up against her as much as possible.”

Right then, Casper thought about how Sophia had been divinely beautiful. However, before Alexander appeared, her beauty was something that warned others away. Despite the smile on her face, there was no joy in her eyes.

Then, Casper recalled the way Sophia and Alexander had watched them make a scene on Leland’s birthday. It was as though the two were watching a show, and that idea made Casper furrow his brows.

Beside him, Megan huffed. Although she was displeased with his response, she voiced no words of protest.

After all, she had suffered at the hands of Sophia before. Now that Sophia had somehow gotten back together with Alexander, Megan had even less courage to cross her.

She still recalled how painful her previous lesson had been. Every time she thought about that moment, a chill would run down her spine.

Forget it. It’s best if I stay away from a woman like Sophia.

Meanwhile, Sophia knew nothing about how what happened earlier was making Megan reflect on herself.

After Megan and Casper left the restaurant, she departed from the place with Alexander too.

It was only seven, so the sky was not completely dark yet—a patch of red was still staining the horizon.

It was Charles’ birthday that day, and he had booked an entire floor at Corona. By the time Sophia and Alexander arrived, Samuel and Justin were already there.

Alexander led Sophia into the place while holding her hand. The moment they entered, hundreds of pairs of eyes turned in their direction.

Samuel was first to whistle, and in no time, everyone followed suit.

Alexander frowned at Samuel in disdain before lowering his head to look at Sophia. “Don’t be scared.”

Sophia chuckled. “I’m not.”

She was not going to panic at something minor like this.

While they were talking, Samuel had come over with a glass of cocktail. Immediately, he clicked his tongue and commented, “Justin, do you smell something strange?”

Justin gave him a glance. “No. What is it?”

“It’s the smell of love!”

Sophia then lifted a brow and took a leaf from Samuel’s book. “Alexander, do you hear some yapping sounds?”

Alexander glanced at Samuel and replied, “I do. I think it’s a little wolf pup yapping non-stop.”

Justin burst into laughter.

He deserved it! Out of everyone, Samuel just had to mess with Sophia and Alexander. He can’t even handle Alexander, and now, he has Sophia to deal with too. What else is this but a death wish?

“Hey, hey, hey! That’s mean!”

This is a personal attack!

Sophia turned to Samuel. “Mr. Schild, is a lone wolf not a wolf?”

Alexander chimed in, “It’s not an attack on your person—it’s just an attack on your wolf.”

Samuel’s jaw dropped as he thought, They’re so mean!

When Charles walked over, Sophia stopped teasing Samuel and said, “Happy birthday, Mr. Johnson.”

“Thank you.”

Charles inclined his head before landing his gaze on Alexander. When he saw the way Alexander looked at Sophia, he made a rare gesture of tsking. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you,” Alexander said without missing a beat, unfazed by how he was receiving the blessings of the birthday boy instead of the other way around.

There were plenty of people at the event, and most were from the same social circle.

Charlize was there, too, and when she heard that Sophia had come, she rushed over and cried out, “Ms. Yarrow!”

Charlize started working after her graduation. She had been busy for the past few months, and hence, it had been a long time since Sophia saw her.

Turning her head a little to look at Alexander, Sophia said, “I’ll be with Charlize.”

It was only then Alexander let go of her. “Okay.”

Sophia gave him a smile and walked to the other side with Sophia.

Alexander continued to stare at Sophia until she was no longer in his line of sight.

At that, Samuel, who was beside him, shuddered as goosebumps formed on his arms. He inhaled sharply and said, “Alex, don’t you feel disgusted?”

Alexander shot him a glare. “Have you ever been in love?”

Zip it if you’ve never been in a relationship.

Samuel, indeed, had never been in a relationship for his thirty-two years of life on earth. “Not having been so doesn’t mean I don’t know what love looks like. I’ve never been in a relationship, but Torfinn’s been in several!”

I’ve never seen my younger cousin be this sappy!

Alexander snorted. “Are Torfinn’s relationships really a relationship?”

He could not believe Samuel was comparing him to someone who had a different girlfriend every three months.

Right as Samuel was about to say something else, he spotted a familiar figure from the corner of his eye. Raising his brow, he dashed over to the other person without even saying goodbye to Alexander.

As Charles looked at Samuel, he wondered out loud, “Who’s that woman?”

Justin sipped on his wine and mumbled, “No one I know.”

In contrast, Alexander did not even bother looking in her direction, for he was not interested in women other than Sophia.

Shortly after, Samuel started talking to that woman.

Charles turned to Justin, “Is he interested in her?”

“Who knows?” Justin shrugged.

No ordinary person could figure out what went on in Samuel’s head, after all.

Meanwhile, Samuel was surprised to bump into Samantha at the event. Charles’ birthday party was not an event anyone could attend, and clearly, Samantha was not someone who would be invited by Charles.

I mean, I’m always bumping into her when she’s either working or on her way to work.

Samuel raised his brows. “Are you here to work today?”

“I’m here with my friend.”

Samuel was not like the other children of rich families she knew. If she had to phrase the difference, she would say it was because there seemed to be something wrong with Samuel’s head.

“Oh, then will you be working today?”

“No. Why?”

“Oh, I just wanted to ask when you can return the money you owe me.”

Samantha was speechless.

She had never before encountered a silver-spooned kid who kept urging her to return him the tens of thousands she owed him.

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