Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 260

Hey, you’re here, Shane! Where’s your goddess?”

Yvette waved her hand to summon a guy over as she spoke.

Sophia arched her brows as she raised her head, noticing a man in trendy clothes entering from the doorway. The man’s eyes lit up when he saw her. “Wow, are my eyes playing tricks on me? We have a big shot here!”

Sophia approached them and checked Sophia out without shame. “You’re as pretty as ever even though we haven’t seen each other in five years, Sophia!”

Sophia smiled after glancing at him. “Thank you. You haven’t changed at all.”

He’s as insipid as ever.

Yvette interjected at the side, “I just mentioned you to Sophia! Aren’t you single now? What a coincidence! Sophia is also single! Didn’t you use to refer to her as your goddess? Here’s your chance! Make sure you seize the opportunity, Shane!”

Shane’s eyes lit up when he heard what Yvette said. He reached for his phone and spent a few seconds searching for something before handing it to Sophia. “I bought this out of boredom a few days ago. Do you like this? I can gift it to you tomorrow if you like it.”

Displayed on the phone was a bag by Arterius that cost around one hundred thousand.

Nobody believed that Shane would just buy a random bag out of boredom.

Sophia chuckled. “How much does this bag cost?”

The expression on everybody’s faces changed slightly as soon as she said that.

She’s so materialistic despite her pretty looks and good temperament!

Yvette felt increasingly joyous and proud when she noticed how their former classmates were looking down on Sophia.

Meanwhile, Shane arched his brows self-conceitedly while staring into Sophia’s lovely eyes. “It’s not all that expensive. It only cost me one hundred and twenty thousand.”

A smile tugged on Sophia’s lips. “It’s not that expensive indeed. I’ve never used such a cheap bag.”

Her words were outright humiliating to Shane. Shane’s family’s quality of life improved drastically ever since they received the compensation money for moving houses as instructed by the government. He established his own company after graduating and managed to earn some money. Thus, people began fawning over him, so Sophia’s outright humiliation served as a hard blow to his ego. His face fell. “Of course, you can also get a more expensive bag.”

He suddenly retrieved a cigar from his pocket as he spoke.

Katherine would’ve been amazed by how thoroughly prepared he was if she saw him puffing on a cigar in his stylish outfit.

Shane lit his cigar with his head hung low. Then, he narrowed his eyes and stared at Sophia. “I won’t mind giving you three hundred thousand if we have a drink together tonight.”

He even cut his cigar beforehand.

Sophia looked at him and smiled. “Shane, lowering your head while lighting a cigar is unseemly.”

By then, she had humiliated Shane twice. The expression on his face froze. “Don’t push your luck, Sophia!”

Yvette stepped in to mediate the conflict, but she wasn’t being helpful at all. “Calm down, Shane. Sophia meant no harm. She’s more experienced and knowledgeable, so she might actually know how to light a cigar. She’s being helpful, so why don’t you take her advice?”

Someone failed to suppress their laughter after she said that.

Not only did Shane not manage to show off, but he humiliated himself in front of his former classmates. He puffed on the cigar but ended up choking on it.

Sophia raised her brows. “You need to smoke it in small puffs.”

No longer able to bear the shame, Shane slammed all of the cigars he took out from his pocket down on the table before him. “F*cking do a demonstration right now! How does one smoke a cigar?”

Sophia glanced at the cigar. “What if I refuse?”

“Then I’m not to be blamed for whatever humiliation ensues.”

In fact, Sophia wasn’t good at smoking cigars. However, she had watched the male leads in movies puffing on them and had searched for some information about cigars out of personal interest, so she remember the steps.

It was apparent from how Shane stared at her that she wouldn’t be able to leave the place unharmed if she didn’t provide him with a demonstration.

Besides, Sophia didn’t come to pick a fight. Her main goal was to speak to Yvette and the others who sought Tanya out with Yvette.

Meanwhile, the other men were beginning to become annoyed at Shane’s arrogance.

Besides, most of them used to have a crush on Sophia. Although Yvette was eventually named the prettiest girl in their class, they still regarded Sophia, who none of them could get their hands on, as the best.

She was like a flower blooming on the most treacherous of mountains, whose purity and nobility should never be tainted.

Although a lot had happened during her graduation year, and her divorce the previous year was also quite a scandal, none of those deterred them from holding her in high regard.

After a standoff, someone took pity on Sophia and stood up for her. “You should mind your manners, Shane. We’re having a class reunion today. Don’t treat us like your employees.”

Given that they graduated from the finance department of Jadeborough University, everyone had earned themselves a place in society five years after graduation.

While they might not have possessed hundreds of millions of assets, they could at least boast of having between ten to twenty million worth of assets.

Thus, all of the people at the reunion could be considered elites. None of them relied on Shane for a living, so he didn’t pose a threat to them.

Meanwhile, Yvette glanced at Sophia. “Calm down, Shane. You don’t have to escalate things like this. Sophia is one of the university’s outstanding alumni and was invited as a speaker for a talk not long ago. It was no surprise that she would look down on you!”

The situation wouldn’t have escalated, but Shane could no longer stomach his rage after Yvette said that.

What’s so noble about Sophia anyway? She merely established an entertainment company. Could she possibly have a net worth of a hundred million?

Sophia swept a glance at Yvette, who had been fanning the flames, before reaching out to retrieve a cigar. It was already cut, so she didn’t need to bother about it.

As she held the cigar between her fingers, the brown cigar accentuated the fairness of her hands. She bit on it lightly.

Then, she lit a match using a matchbox and casually lit the cigar using the match she was holding.

Her long, fair neck remained upright as she stood there nonchalantly with a cigar in between her red lips. Sure enough, she didn’t even look down.

The sight stunned everyone. Sophia took a small puff out of the cigar before closing the cigar box with her brows arched. “I don’t really like cigars.”

She stubbed out the cigar after taking another two puffs and cast it into the bin at the far end.

All of that only lasted a mere two minutes, but none of the people present in the tiny room dared break the ensuing silence.

Sure enough, with disparity came the damages.

Initially, when Sophia reminded Shane of what he needed to improve on, none of them knew if she was exactly right about it, so they merely listened. However, she displayed such elegance while doing a demonstration of the proper way to smoke cigars. Shane looked as if he were smoking regular cigarettes compared to her.

Given that all of the attendees were elites themselves, they would have learned a thing or two about smoking cigars even if they had never tried it.

At the least, they would’ve watched a movie or two with similar portrayals.

Cigars were used in upper-class society, so the fact that Shane made it look like smoking regular cigarettes was a joke.

“Have you learned it, Shane?” Sophia asked after glancing at him with indifference.

Shane huffed in chagrin and turned to leave for elsewhere.

Although he had left, he would occasionally look back at her. She was still a goddess to him. Who wouldn’t want someone like her?

At the same time, Sophia turned her attention toward Yvette and cut to the chase. “I suppose you have something to say to me about Tanya.”

There was a brief pause as she smiled. “If you don’t feel like having a private conversation with me, I don’t mind talking with you about it here.”

As she spoke, a man came in through the door. Yvette’s eyes lit up with joy. “Henry!”

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