Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 259

Kayla rushed over to Casper and started fighting with the latter.

A commotion broke out on the stage, and the audience also erupted into chatter.

Sophia stood under the stage and looked up at Kayla pulling Casper with all her might on the stage. She curved her lips in a faint smile.

Since you like playing tricks so much, you’re finally getting the taste of your own medicine now.

The sudden turn of events was unexpected by all the guests at the birthday banquet. It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, but now, it had turned into a big messy argument.

Sophia glanced at Alexander in front of her and asked, “Should we go back now?”

With Kayla acting so desperately in public, Sophia believed her goal that night was achieved, and it was no longer necessary for them to stay at the scene.

Alexander nodded in response. The two then turned around and left the scene.

Later that night, the video clips of Kayla having sex with different men played at Leland’s birthday banquet went viral among the upper class.

In truth, it was very common for adult men and women to have sexual desire. They were living in modern society, after all.

However, the problem lay in Kayla claiming to be single since returning from overseas. Moreover, the Fletcher and Cooper families agreed to an arranged marriage half a year ago.

Back when their arranged marriage was made public, most in the upper circle found that Casper and Kayla were quite a perfect match. Kayla had always maintained a decent and proper image in public, whereas Casper was never involved in any scandals. Hence, their arranged marriage did not spark any controversy at that time.

Yet, everything changed after those video clips were released. In the video clips that were barely three minutes long, seven or eight men were already seen having sex with Kayla. It was evident that she led a colorful private life.

There were too many guests at the birthday banquet, so the Fletcher family couldn’t pay everyone off to shut their mouths. It did not take long for the situation to spiral out of control when the video clips were posted on the internet.

The clip where Kayla pulled and cursed at Casper on the stage also went viral on the internet. Stemming from that clip, the internet also created multiple memes with the quote: I had sex with many other men, but I’ve never been in a relationship.

The Fletcher family thought the situation could not become any worse than that, but the next morning, Christina’s actual identity was exposed to the public.

Shortly after, at nine in the morning, the Cooper family made a one-sided announcement to call off the engagement during office hours.

Warren made a phone call to salvage the situation, but Casper replied with one sentence, “I’m worried my future children may take my last name but aren’t blood-related to me.”

He was obviously mocking Kayla for being promiscuous and leading a messy private life.

Soon, the news that the engagement between the Cooper and Fletcher families was called off spread throughout the upper class. It had only been eighteen hours since the incident at the birthday banquet happened. The series of events that came later caught the Fletcher family off guard. They believed someone must be operating in the shadow against them.

However, it was already too late for the Fletcher family to realize that. The dust had settled. It was no exaggeration to say the Fletcher family’s reputation was totally damaged by that incident.

Following that, the past controversies surrounding the Fletcher family were also slowly exposed to the public. As a result, the Fletcher family refused to see anyone in the next few days.

Soon, the Fletcher family could no longer handle the pressure and sent Kayla and Christina abroad.

This time, Kayla had left the country for real. Her reputation had tanked in Jadeborough. Even if she did not choose to leave, she would have to face people in Jadeborough pointing fingers at her and gossiping about her whenever she left the house.

Meanwhile, Sophia was not concerned about Kayla leaving abroad. She was more interested in the reunion dinner with her university mates.

Throughout her four years in university, Sophia did not share a close bond with her classmates. She used to leave the classroom as soon as the class ended and did not even bother participating in group activities or gatherings.

However, what Laura said the other day made Sophia think of something. She believed Yvette must be involved in making Connor find out Tanya was the tipper.

“Ms. Yarrow, your university reunion dinner is tonight.”

Hearing that from Yvonne, Sophia nodded and said, “All right. Noted.”

At six in the evening, Sophia turned off her computer and took her handbag before leaving Sunshine Group.

She had no idea who hosted the reunion. That person was generous enough to hold the dinner in a private room at Crescent, where it cost at least tens of thousands, and that price was yet to include the drinks and other items.

After parking her car, Sophia went inside Crescent and immediately saw the sign of their reunion dinner.

Her phone vibrated inside her bag. She took it out and saw a message from Alexander, asking when her reunion would end.

Sophia gave it a thought and texted him an estimated time.

There was a huge banner at the stairs on her left, with the title: The Fifth Anniversary Alumni Reunion of the 2011 Finance Class 1.

Sophia raised her brows at that sight and walked up the stairs, arriving at the second floor. There was another sign by the stairs. She followed the instructions and turned left. Before she arrived at the room, she could already hear the noise inside.

The microphone audio was a little loud. As Sophia walked in that direction, she could hear people inside congratulating Yvette on her marriage in advance.

As soon as Sophia arrived at the door, she saw Yvette holding a mic and standing on the stage as she announced, “Everyone, please enjoy yourself to your heart’s content tonight. You don’t have to hold back.”

I see. Yvette is the host tonight.

Sophia raised her brows. Yvette noticed her and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have another guest here! Let’s see who’s decided to join us tonight!”

With that, several dozen pairs of eyes immediately looked in Sophia’s direction.

Upon seeing Sophia, many gasped. “Who is that beautiful lady?”

They graduated from university five years ago. Sophia did not participate in any class activities, so it was only natural that her classmates could not recognize her.

Although Sophia was known as the campus belle, Yvette was chosen as the prettiest girl from their class.

Yet, everyone else could tell who was the prettier among the two. This was also why Yvette had always held a grudge against Sophia over the years.

Sophia was too popular in their university during that time, so someone soon recognized her. “Oh my! It’s Sophia Yarrow!”

Everyone else was surprised by Sophia’s sudden appearance when Yvette had already walked over to her. “I thought you wouldn’t come tonight.”

Sophia smiled faintly at her. “Well, you stuffed the invitation card in my hand personally.”

Yvette pretended not to hear the mocking tone in Sophia’s response. She raised her brows and said, “Oh, by the way, my husband has another dinner tonight. He will be joining us later. I’ll introduce him to you when he arrives.”

Sophia was not that interested to know Yvette’s husband. She only joined the reunion for Tanya’s issue. “I’m not interested in knowing someone else’s husband.”

Yvette chuckled at that. “He’s your former classmate too, Sophia.”

“I see,” said Sophia indifferently. Then, she stepped inside the room.

Yvette was pretty and came from a well-off family that could afford to send her abroad right after she graduated from university.

Still, she was only considered beautiful because no one else was prettier around her. Her features naturally stood out among a bunch of ordinary-looking women.

However, with Sophia now standing next to Yvette, everyone else had to admit that Yvette looked ordinary suddenly.

Sophia’s beauty was gentle yet striking, especially her bright eyes that would make one’s heart flutter as there were rather captivating.

In contrast to her beauty, Sophia exuded an icy-cold aura. Although she was smiling, her classmates dared not approach her and start a conversation.

Yvette was an exception. She was waiting for Sophia to show up, and now that Sophia was there, she could no longer hold back her urge to mess with her.

“Sophia, I heard you’ve established an entertainment company. That’s pretty capable of you.” Yvette sounded like she was praising her, but her gloating expression suggested otherwise.

Sophia stared at the glass of wine Yvette handed her and shook her head. “I’m driving, so I can’t drink that.”

Hearing that, Yvette shrugged and handed her a glass of fruit juice instead.


Although Sophia did not respond to what she said earlier, Yvette still had other methods to make her talk. “Our classmates are all doing pretty well. Do you remember Shane Rogers? I heard his family got more than two hundred million for their relocation compensation. Since we’re old classmates, and you’re our campus belle, you two should get to know each other more.”

At that, Yvette suddenly chuckled and said, “But then, I don’t think Shane can afford to give you a hundred million.”

Due to the video clip where Sophia asked for money to marry Alexander in the past, everyone else in the reunion thought of her as a gold digger. Yvette was clearly mocking Sophia for that.

On the other hand, Shane was famous to be a playboy.

Yvette sneered inwardly. He is a playboy, and she is a gold digger. Well, well. Aren’t they a perfect match?

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