Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 261

Yvette quickly caught up with Henry and reached out to stop him. “Henry, are you surprised to see Sophia join us for the class reunion?”

The mention of Sophia’s name caused Henry to turn toward Yvette by reflex.

Sophia was standing in a pair of black heels by the bar nearby, plainly dressed in a white shirt and deep-blue tapered jeans.

Even though it was a style commonly adopted by white-collared workers, Sophia stood out from the crowd in it.

Henry had pursued Sophia for more than a year in the past but failed. Later on, he got together with Yvette. As both of them were now close to getting married, no one else gave the matter much thought.

Nevertheless, it is difficult for a man to forget his first love.

Despite the passage of time, the sight of Sophia still made Henry feel bitter.

Yet, after learning about what had happened to her after graduation, he no longer felt that she was worthy to be his girlfriend.

In contrast to her, Yvette came from a rich family and had never had other boyfriends before.

“It’s been a while, Sophia.”

Sophia threw Yvette a glance instead of responding to him directly. “Is he your fiancé?”

“Yes. Isn’t it such a coincidence?”

The agenda hidden underneath Yvette’s blissful expression fooled no one, as all of them used to be classmates.

Although Shane had suffered at the hands of Sophia earlier, Yvette wasn’t afraid of being humiliated by the latter.

Sophia broke into a smile. “Both of you make a good couple.” She then took a sip of her juice. “I’m going to the ladies.” Having said that, she looked at Yvette and hesitated momentarily before asking, “Do you want to come along?”

Sophia’s indifferent attitude frustrated Yvette. “Sure. I was just about to go and touch up on my makeup.” She turned to Henry. “Henry, why don’t you chat with the other classmates? I’m going to the ladies with Sophia.”

As Sophia walked out of the ballroom with her purse in hand, the clacking of her heels on the marble floor sounded especially loud.

Yvette used the opportunity to get the burning question off her chest. “Sophia, to be honest, do you regret not accepting Henry back then? The company he has founded is about to go public. Once it’s listed, he will be worth over two billion. Even though he’s still not comparable to Mr. Xenos, such an achievement for his age is something to be proud of. In fact, I must thank you for not accepting him back then.”

Sophia responded with a silent smile, making Yvette look as if she was talking to herself.

Upon arriving at the ladies, Sophia didn’t enter the cubicles. Instead, she asked Yvette directly, “There’s something I don’t understand. I hope you can clarify it for me.”

As she spoke, the broad grin on her face sent a chill down Yvette’s spine.

“We’re all classmates, so feel free to speak candidly.”

In response, Sophia cocked a brow as she asked, “How did you find out about what happened to Tanya?”

Yvette’s face visibly changed the moment she heard the question, and that alone had given Sophia the answer.

Yvette got a grip on herself and answered, “I ran into her one day and sensed something amiss, so I approached her and ask her about it.”

“Is that so?”

Sophia narrowed her eyes and regarded Yvette with a half-smile.

Yvette knitted her brows. “What else can it be? It’s not like I’m close to her.”

“That’s true.” The smile on Sophia’s face faded. After turning off the tap, she pulled out a paper towel and took her time drying her hands. “Oh, by the way, who did you go and see Tanya with the other day?”

“Diana.” Yvette immediately realized what she had let on the moment she finished. She looked at Sophia. “When I saw how pitiful Tanya was, I went with our assistant class rep to check in on her.”

“That’s really kind of you.”

Thinking that Sophia had bought her story, Yvette heaved a sigh of relief. “We used to be classmates after all.”

“Indeed,” Sophia replied before throwing away her paper towel. “I’ve got something on. Bye.”

“So soon? Are you coming to my wedding?”

Sophia gave her an emotionless look, then flashed a faint smile. “I think you probably don’t want to see me there.”

Back then, Sophia had suspected Yvette to be the person who told Connor that Tanya was the one who revealed his secret. However, given that the incident happened five years ago and many of those involved had left Jadeborough, Sophia had no choice but to investigate the matter when Yvonne couldn’t find a lead.

Even though she had now learned the truth of the matter, Sophia hadn’t figured out how to exact revenge on Tanya’s behalf.

Yvette invited me to her wedding. Isn’t she worried that I would hire someone to mess it up?

Yvette looked into Sophia’s mesmerizing eyes. For some reason, she felt a sense of dread just by looking at them.

Despite that, she still wanted Sophia to attend her wedding so that she could show off.

“Of course not. I invited everyone in class.”

“Oh,” Sophia replied flatly, showing no intention of continuing the conversation. “I’m going off now.”

“How did you come here? Don’t tell me you rode a scooter. How about I get someone to send you home?”

Sophia pretended not to hear Yvette’s condescending words as she strutted out the door in her heels.

No sooner had she arrived at the stairs than her phone suddenly rang.

She arched a brow when she saw the caller ID. “What’s up?”

“I’m in the private room you were in.”

Sophia was caught by surprise. “What are you doing here?”

“I was passing by.”

Sophia snorted with laughter. “I don’t believe you.” After a brief hesitation, she replied, “Wait there.”

Upon ending the call, Sophia had no choice but to turn back.

Back in the ballroom, Sophia was immediately greeted by the sight of Alexander. Many of the guests were handing him their business cards, which he cordially accepted.

Noticing Sophia’s presence, Alexander walked up to her side. “You’re leaving?”

Sophia nodded. “Yeah.”

What has this gathering got anything to do with me? Am I not supposed to be a goddess? Why is a goddess socializing with mere mortals?

When both of them walked to the entrance, they ran into Yvette, who had returned from touching up her makeup. The latter’s instinct at the sight of Sophia with another man was to make a snide remark. However, the moment she got a good look at who it was, her expression changed drastically.

Sophia simply threw her a passing glance before leaving the ballroom.

“Isn’t that Alexander Xenos?” It wasn’t until a few seconds had passed that the stunned Yvette regained her senses.

“It’s him,” Henry confirmed in an awkward tone.

The other classmates in the ballroom had begun gossiping excitedly about it. “No wonder Sophia couldn’t be bothered with Shane. Alexander is pursuing her again! Shane is nothing compared to him.”

Yvette couldn’t stand to hear the chatter. “How do you know Alexander is courting her again? Perhaps they’re in a contracted relationship. Isn’t it common for people like them to have such arrangements?”

Someone answered, “Alexander admitted to it just now.”

When Alexander entered the room, looking for Sophia, they—overwhelmed by curiosity—had asked him if the news of him pursuing Sophia again was true, and Alexander had nodded in response.

The words caused Yvette’s face to flush red.

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