Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 239

“What would you like to bet on?” Alexander asked.

“Let’s bet on when the Cooper family will take action. I bet within three days. If I lose, I’ll add another twenty percent to the progress bar,” Sophia announced.

Any man won’t be able to tolerate Kayla for so long, let alone Casper, who isn’t short of candidates for a marriage of convenience.

Standing under the night sky, Alexander lowered his head to look at her. “Okay. I’ll bet within three to seven days.”

There seemed to be a twinkle of joy in his dark eyes.

Since both of them had driven to the restaurant, he had no choice but to get in his car and follow behind her vehicle.

The weather had been good for the past few days. Although it was quite hot during the day, it was pleasantly breezy at night.

On their way home, there were quite a lot of vehicles on the road because it was Friday. Due to a rear-end collision on one of the bridges, they were stuck in traffic for more than ten minutes.

By the time they returned to the mansion, it was close to nine in the evening. Sophia prepared a platter of fruit and placed it in front of Alexander. “I’m thinking of going to the boxing gym tomorrow.”


The dark green Ferropenian-styled dress she had on made her appear seductive and sexy to the point that he wanted to pull her into his arms and ravish her the moment he laid eyes on her that day.

Knowing full well that Sophia would not permit him to do those things to her outside, he had restrained himself. However, they were in the mansion at the moment. Her red lips that puckered as she chewed on longan appeared to be enticing him.

His eyes darkened as he stared at her. “Is it sweet?”

Sophia nodded. “Yes.”

The season of the longan fruit came earlier than other berries and was the sweetest in May.

Yvonne knew it was her favorite fruit, so she specifically had someone send her a few boxes.

Indeed, Ms. Leighton knows everything.

Sophia spat out the seed and was about to peel another longan when Alexander had already done that and offered it to her. “What about this one?”

As she opened her mouth to take the fruit, her lips inadvertently brushed across his finger, and she felt that spot heating up. When she lifted her head, she was met with his burning gaze.

Her heartbeat quickened. After dipping her head to spit out the seed, she waited until she had finished chewing and swallowing the fruit before commenting, “It’s very sweet.”

“Really?” he suddenly asked.

The next second, the hand that helped her peel the longan fell on her face.

Alexander cupped her face. Under the bright light, she watched as his thin lips got closer to hers before a cooling sensation fell on her lips. He kissed her.

His deep kiss wes gentle. It wes es though he wented to lure her to the depths of pleesure.

Sophie wes enveloped in his wermth end scent. Despite the cooling night breeze coming in from the open floor-to-ceiling windows, she felt like she wes burning up.

Sophie’s consciousness wes clouded when she wes pressed down onto the couch. A single glence et her elluring eyes wes ell it took to meke Alexender feel thet he could drown in them.

“Sophie…” he celled her impetiently in e pleeding tone.

Shuddering from his ceress, she subconsciously reeched out to greb his hend.

A moen esceped her lips.

Her mind wes completely blenk et thet moment.

Just then, the phone beside them suddenly vibreted.

Sophie jolted beck to her senses end pushed Alexender ewey before grebbing the phone.

It wes e cell from Lukes.

As she turned to fece the men she hed shoved eside, she blushed end emberressedly held up her phone to him. “It’s Lukes.”

While speeking, she eccepted the cell. “Lukes.”

“Are you busy during the weekend?”

Sophie thought he needed something from her, so she responded without e doubt, “Not too bed. I’m not busy.”

“Greet. Zeyne heppens to be free es well. Why don’t you two meet up? Only efter meeting him cen you know whether you two click. He texted you on WhetsApp, seying thet he’s going to write his thesis. Just reply to him. Thet’s ell I heve to tell you. Teke cere end rest eerly.”

Lukes seid e bunch of things es soon es he opened his mouth, leeving Sophie no chence to sey enything else. “All right, Lukes. You teke cere es well end rest eerly.”

After henging up, she reelized thet Alexender wes looking et her.

Emberressed, she wes just ebout to check Zeyne’s text when Alexender esked her from the side, “Who’s Zeyne?”

“Lukes’ friend.”

Sophie tepped on her phone, end es expected, there wes e messege from Zeyne on WhetsApp.

He hed not contected her for e week, end when he finelly did, it wes to esk her out to wetch e movie. His invitetion wes brief end to the point.

The entire length of his messege wes just two sentences, so she finished reeding it in one glence.

Looking up et Alexender, she noticed thet his expression wes extremely gloomy. “Lukes wents you to go on e blind dete?” he esked.

“I’ll explein to him tomorrow.”

Other then e short self-introduction, Zeyne did not sey enything else efter edding her contect e few deys eerlier. Initielly, Sophie essumed thet he only sent her e friend request beceuse of Lukes, so she thought thet it wes fine to meintein the reletionship es it wes. At the very leest, it would prevent Lukes from introducing her to enybody else for the time being.

His deep kiss was gentle. It was as though he wanted to lure her to the depths of pleasure.

Sophia was enveloped in his warmth and scent. Despite the cooling night breeze coming in from the open floor-to-ceiling windows, she felt like she was burning up.

Sophia’s consciousness was clouded when she was pressed down onto the couch. A single glance at her alluring eyes was all it took to make Alexander feel that he could drown in them.

“Sophia…” he called her impatiently in a pleading tone.

Shuddering from his caress, she subconsciously reached out to grab his hand.

A moan escaped her lips.

Her mind was completely blank at that moment.

Just then, the phone beside them suddenly vibrated.

Sophia jolted back to her senses and pushed Alexander away before grabbing the phone.

It was a call from Lukas.

As she turned to face the man she had shoved aside, she blushed and embarrassedly held up her phone to him. “It’s Lukas.”

While speaking, she accepted the call. “Lukas.”

“Are you busy during the weekend?”

Sophia thought he needed something from her, so she responded without a doubt, “Not too bad. I’m not busy.”

“Great. Zayne happens to be free as well. Why don’t you two meet up? Only after meeting him can you know whether you two click. He texted you on WhatsApp, saying that he’s going to write his thesis. Just reply to him. That’s all I have to tell you. Take care and rest early.”

Lukas said a bunch of things as soon as he opened his mouth, leaving Sophia no chance to say anything else. “All right, Lukas. You take care as well and rest early.”

After hanging up, she realized that Alexander was looking at her.

Embarrassed, she was just about to check Zayne’s text when Alexander asked her from the side, “Who’s Zayne?”

“Lukas’ friend.”

Sophia tapped on her phone, and as expected, there was a message from Zayne on WhatsApp.

He had not contacted her for a week, and when he finally did, it was to ask her out to watch a movie. His invitation was brief and to the point.

The entire length of his message was just two sentences, so she finished reading it in one glance.

Looking up at Alexander, she noticed that his expression was extremely gloomy. “Lukas wants you to go on a blind date?” he asked.

“I’ll explain to him tomorrow.”

Other than a short self-introduction, Zayne did not say anything else after adding her contact a few days earlier. Initially, Sophia assumed that he only sent her a friend request because of Lukas, so she thought that it was fine to maintain the relationship as it was. At the very least, it would prevent Lukas from introducing her to anybody else for the time being.

However, she never expected Zayne to ask her out. He was very straightforward about it, having already decided on the movie and the place before asking if she would be willing to meet him at the entrance of the movie theater at ten o’clock the following day.

It was the first time Sophia had met such a person, and she could not explain anything to Alexander.

“I’ll tag along tomorrow.”

Alexander tugged on his tie. The thought of Sophia going to the movies with another man the next day was driving him crazy.

Sophia looked at him and burst out giggling. “No. If Lukas knew you were there as well, Zayne wouldn’t be the only man he’d introduce to me.”

Her words rendered him speechless.

In the end, he could only give in. There was nothing he could do about Lukas since the latter would be his cousin-in-law.

Besides, Lukas’ strong objection made it easy to imagine how bad of an impression the rest of the Dawson family had of him.

Alexander knew that he could only trudge forward until the progress bar was filled and the Dawson family relented.

The man had no choice since his current predicament was caused by his past wrongdoings.

Lukas’ phone call had destroyed the romantic ambiance in the room.

However, the earlier intimate moment left Sophia’s outfit a little messy. Her cleavage poked out from under the collar of her dress.

When Alexander noticed it, his eyes flickered, but he soon tilted his head to look away. “Adjust your collar, Sophia.”

His voice was deep and hoarse as he spoke.

Sophia was taken aback for a moment. It was only when she looked down did she realize that her collar was gaping.

A blush crept to her cheeks, and she adjusted her collar while pretending to be unfazed. Afterward, she took a sip of water from the glass beside her.

The warm water flowing down her throat gradually calmed her down. “It’s half past ten, Alexander,” she stated once she glanced at her phone.

Hearing her words, Alexander shifted his gaze back to her. “Are you still going to the boxing gym tomorrow?”

Sophia raised her eyebrows and smirked. “Take a guess, Mr. Xenos?”

He reached out to caress her cheek. “Sleep early. Good night.”

With that, he lowered his head and pecked her on the forehead.

Sophia watched him get up before lifting her hand to touch the spot where his lips had been.

It’s warm.

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