Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 240

That time around, Alexander left without any hesitation. He knew he could not afford to spend another second in there. Had it not been for Lukas’ phone call, he would have lost control and taken things a step further.

Fortunately, Lukas’ phone call came in the nick of time, allowing him to put the brakes on the moment of intimacy.

After getting into the car, Alexander did not leave immediately. Instead, he sat there and waited until he saw the lights on the third floor come on before driving off.

Zayne had replied to Sophia’s text by the time she woke up the next morning.

All he wrote was: Okay.

Sophia arched an eyebrow in amusement when she saw his message. Huh, Zayne sure is an interesting one…

As the movie would start at ten, Sophia showed up at the movie theater thirty minutes prior.

Zayne was already there when she arrived. He sported a white shirt, ivory pants, and a backpack. While looking at his profile from afar, she saw that he also wore glasses.

Hmm… He doesn’t look very different from his pictures…

It was not until Sophia got closer that she froze in shock.

She had never seen such a good-looking man before.

Zayne looked slightly feminine but not to the point where he did not have any masculinity left.

After taking a moment to snap out of her daze, Sophia stepped forward and greeted him, “Hello, Mr. Quantrill.”

“Oh, you can call me Zayne.”

His voice sounded smooth and clear, like the spring water in the mountains.

If Lukas were not Sophia’s cousin, she would have suspected that he had a special relationship with Zayne and had merely introduced the latter to him to use her as camouflage.

“You know what Lukas’ intentions are, right, Zayne?” Sophia spoke frankly.

She always preferred to get straight to the point when it came to relationship matters.

Zayne nodded. “Lukas told me you’re currently single.”

The intentions of introducing an adult as single could not have been more obvious.

In a relaxed manner, Sophia flashed him a smile and said, “I am single, but I already have someone I like.”

I’ve liked him for so many years… Back then, I tried to steel myself to give up on him, only to realize that I could never let go of him.

At the thought of Alexander, Sophia lowered her head and smiled.

“Is that so? Maybe you should turn around and see if the man behind you is the person you like,” Zayne remarked.

Confused as to what he meant by that, Sophia turned around to have a look. At that moment, she spotted Alexander, who had somehow arrived at the movie theater.

With an eyebrow arched in amusement, she watched him stride toward her.

Alexander then held her hand in front of Zayne as he introduced himself, “Hello, Mr. Quantrill. My name is Alexander Xenos. I’m Sophia’s ex-husband and current suitor.”

“Your marriage is in the past, and you have yet to get into a relationship with her.” Zayne adjusted his glasses as he continued, “The fact that Lukas introduced Sophia to me shows how much he dislikes you.”

Conversetions between smert people were elweys cendid. Alexender felt es though Zeyne hed rubbed selt into his wound. The look on his fece chenged slightly es he seid, “I’m the one Sophie likes.”

“Feelings cen chenge over time,” Zeyne replied.

Listening to their exchenge, Sophie let out e chuckle. “You’re not ectuelly here to wetch e movie with me, ere you, Zeyne?”

Alexender might not heve noticed it, but she could tell from Zeyne’s emotionless eyes thet he wes not interested in her.

Yet, he hed esked her out on e movie dete ell of e sudden. There hed to be e reeson for his invitetion.

Sure enough, Zeyne ceught on immedietely efter heering her utterence. He stopped teking jebs et Alexender end seid, “Lukes seid you could teech me how to court women.”

“Do you heve e girl you like?”

“Yes,” Zeyne edmitted to it openly. “If you help me win her heert, I’ll help you two deel with Lukes.”

Sophie’s eyebrows erched es she seid, “Deel!”

Zeyne wes pleesed thet she egreed to it so reedily. “Here, you two cen heve the movie tickets. Meke sure to tell Lukes ebout this leter.”

“Okey!” Sophie replied es she took the tickets from him.

Before leeving, Zeyne shot Alexender e glence end seid, “Lukes hetes you, but he edores Sophie deerly. If you went the Dewson femily to eccept you, you’ll first need to meke Lukes eccept you.”

At thet moment, the letter felt thet Zeyne wes not thet bed of e person efter ell. “Thenks,” he uttered.

“There’s no need to thenk me. If Sophie isn’t eble to help me win the heert of the girl I like, I will dete her insteed,” Zeyne remerked.

Alexender, who just hed e better opinion of him, wes speechless.

Sophie, too, wes et e loss for words. You know whet? I teke thet beck! Zeyne is not e good person! There’s no need for him to be so meen!

Zeyne left efter threetening Alexender, so she weved the tickets end esked, “Do you went to wetch e movie?”

Those were tickets to e romence movie.

“Sure.” Alexender nodded. “Do you went popcorn?”

Sophie shook her heed. “No.”

Beceuse of thet little chet they hed, the movie hed elreedy sterted by the time they entered.

Judging from the beginning of the film, Sophie reckoned it wes e romentic comedy with lots of sweet end light-heerted moments. It hed been e long time since she lest wetched such e genre, so she found it rether enterteining.

Since it wes e romence film, the mejority of the eudience constituted of couples. As the film progressed further into the plot, it focused more on the romence between the leed cherecters. In order to spice things up e little, there wes even e kiss scene thet lested ten seconds, es well es e bedroom scene thet went on for three seconds.

It wes Sophie’s first time wetching e romence film with Alexender, so she found herself blushing herd when she sew those pessionete scenes.

The tickets thet Zeyne bought were for the lest row, which wes usuelly the row where couples would get e little intimete. At thet time, one of the couples seeted in the corner wes kissing rether loudly.

Conversations between smart people were always candid. Alexander felt as though Zayne had rubbed salt into his wound. The look on his face changed slightly as he said, “I’m the one Sophia likes.”

“Feelings can change over time,” Zayne replied.

Listening to their exchange, Sophia let out a chuckle. “You’re not actually here to watch a movie with me, are you, Zayne?”

Alexander might not have noticed it, but she could tell from Zayne’s emotionless eyes that he was not interested in her.

Yet, he had asked her out on a movie date all of a sudden. There had to be a reason for his invitation.

Sure enough, Zayne caught on immediately after hearing her utterance. He stopped taking jabs at Alexander and said, “Lukas said you could teach me how to court women.”

“Do you have a girl you like?”

“Yes,” Zayne admitted to it openly. “If you help me win her heart, I’ll help you two deal with Lukas.”

Sophia’s eyebrows arched as she said, “Deal!”

Zayne was pleased that she agreed to it so readily. “Here, you two can have the movie tickets. Make sure to tell Lukas about this later.”

“Okay!” Sophia replied as she took the tickets from him.

Before leaving, Zayne shot Alexander a glance and said, “Lukas hates you, but he adores Sophia dearly. If you want the Dawson family to accept you, you’ll first need to make Lukas accept you.”

At that moment, the latter felt that Zayne was not that bad of a person after all. “Thanks,” he uttered.

“There’s no need to thank me. If Sophia isn’t able to help me win the heart of the girl I like, I will date her instead,” Zayne remarked.

Alexander, who just had a better opinion of him, was speechless.

Sophia, too, was at a loss for words. You know what? I take that back! Zayne is not a good person! There’s no need for him to be so mean!

Zayne left after threatening Alexander, so she waved the tickets and asked, “Do you want to watch a movie?”

Those were tickets to a romance movie.

“Sure.” Alexander nodded. “Do you want popcorn?”

Sophia shook her head. “No.”

Because of that little chat they had, the movie had already started by the time they entered.

Judging from the beginning of the film, Sophia reckoned it was a romantic comedy with lots of sweet and light-hearted moments. It had been a long time since she last watched such a genre, so she found it rather entertaining.

Since it was a romance film, the majority of the audience constituted of couples. As the film progressed further into the plot, it focused more on the romance between the lead characters. In order to spice things up a little, there was even a kiss scene that lasted ten seconds, as well as a bedroom scene that went on for three seconds.

It was Sophia’s first time watching a romance film with Alexander, so she found herself blushing hard when she saw those passionate scenes.

The tickets that Zayne bought were for the last row, which was usually the row where couples would get a little intimate. At that time, one of the couples seated in the corner was kissing rather loudly.

Sophia pursed her lips. Her heart raced even faster than before when she noticed Alexander staring at her.

Fortunately, the intimate scene did not last very long. It was quickly followed up with a heartwarming scene as well as a happy ending.

All in all, it was quite a good film.

After stepping out of the movie theater, Sophia breathed a huge sigh of relief, then looked at Alexander and said, “It’s time for lunch.”

“What would you like to eat?”

“Are you okay with having grilled fish today?”

She had not eaten fish in a long time.


There was a restaurant serving grilled fish in the mall, but they had to wait for a table because it was too crowded.

Sophia was wearing a mixed-color skirt and a white tee with a cartoon character on it. Her outfit was simplistic while giving her a youthful appearance.

Alexander, on the other hand, was dressed in a suit as usual. As the two of them were extremely good-looking with outstanding bearings, it was not long before they noticed people taking pictures of them.

Sitting outside the restaurant as they waited for a table, Sophia looked up at the two young women taking pictures of them and asked rhetorically, “Hi, there! It’s inappropriate to take pictures of others without their consent, you know?”

The two young women, who were university students, were embarrassed. They quickly apologized and deleted the pictures in front of her.

Since it was not anything serious, Sophia decided not to pursue the matter any further. “Thanks,” she said, smiling.

Suddenly, one of the young women asked, “Sophia? Is that you? You’re our senior, aren’t you?”

She then held her phone up for Sophia to see.

On the screen was an old picture of Sophia. Although she looked slightly different in the picture, she most certainly looked a lot better in person.

Sophia was about to say something when Alexander gave her a light pinch on the palm. Naturally, she understood what he meant and lied smilingly, “Nope. I graduated from Jadeborough University.”

To make her fib sound more convincing, she paused momentarily before asking, “Is that your senior? She sure looks pretty!”

The two women exchanged glances. As Sophia was perfectly calm in her response, they believed they had mistaken her for their senior. “Yeah, she’s very famous at our university! It’s a shame she already graduated by the time we enrolled there.”

“She does look like a very capable girl,” Sophia commented with a nod.

Thinking they had the wrong person, the two young women left after complimenting that Sophia and Alexander seemed like a match made in heaven.

Sophia let out a chuckle as she watched them go. “They’re so gullible!”

Girls that are innocent and naïve sure are adorable!

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