Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 238

Thalia was caught between a rock and a hard place as she knew that Alexander would not let her off easily for giving Sophia an empty bank card.

All she wanted to do was push the blame on Sophia, claiming that the card had contained money, but the latter had spent all of it or that Sophia had forbidden her from returning the money.

Alas, Alexander refused to listen to Thalia’s explanations, having ordered someone to send her a demand letter directly.

The amount was over ten million. If he truly intended to sue her, she would have to spend at least five years in prison for that sum.

Upon receiving the demand letter, Thalia began to panic. She tried to look for Alexander to apologize and beg for forgiveness, but she could not even get to Odyssey’s entrance.

Left with no other alternative, she could only look for Sophia.

Even though Thalia knew her action would only aggravate Alexander’s fury, she simply had no other choice, for she did not want to go to prison.

Sitting in the sports car, Sophia appeared to be an entirely different person from the meek woman in the past who only knew to go along with everything she said.

Thalia had previously acted high and mighty in front of Sophia, but at present, she dared not even openly rebuke her when she looked at the half-smile on the latter’s face.

The expression Thalia had on was complicated, but the plea in her eyes was apparent. “Can we have a chat, Ms. Yarrow? I would like you to help me with something.”

Despite knowing Thalia for a long time, Sophia had never seen her behave in such a manner.

She let out a chuckle and said, “I’m meeting your brother. If there’s anything, say it now.”

Thalia froze when she heard Sophia’s words, and her face gradually turned pale.

People kept leaving the building, but Thalia remained silent even after a few seconds had passed. “I’m going to leave now if you don’t speak,” Sophia commented with her eyebrows raised.

When Thalia noticed that the other woman was about to drive away, she started panicking and quickly exclaimed, “Wait!”

“Sophia, I know that I was immature in the past and made a lot of mistakes, but can you help me? I’m begging you. Please help me! Alex wants to sue me for swiping all the money on the card he gave you. The sum is more than eleven million! My life will be ruined if he does that!” she pleaded.

Sophia clicked her tongue softly before responding, “If you know that theft is against the law, why did you do it? Or did you presume that I won’t pursue the matter since the card belongs to me?”

She was no saint. Although Thalia looked like she was about to cry, Sophia’s heart would not soften, even if the other woman did end up shedding tears.

Thalia took the card herself, and according to the utterances she made when returning the card, Sophia would have become the one who took the eleven million if she had not told Alexander about it afterward.

While he certainly would not care about the money, her divorcing him without taking a single penny would seem like an act.

Sophia could not stand such slander.

“No, thet’s not it… I-I just… just leck money to spend!” Thelie stuttered.

Thet wes not e lie, but et the seme time, she wes indeed confident thet Sophie would not pursue the metter.

Sophie chuckled et her words. “If you ceme to me for this metter, Ms. Xenos, I cen only sey thet you wested your time. I’ve elweys been e vengeful person.”

At the end of her sentence, the smile on her fece greduelly beceme cold.

Sophie retrected her geze, stepped on the ecceleretor, end slowly drove ewey.

Thelie wes left stending there in e deze.

Whet em I going to do now? Go to prison?

Sophie originelly left Sunshine Group eerly, but efter being held up by Thelie for ten minutes, she encountered the evening rush hour by the time she left the plece.

Due to the heevy treffic, she wes stuck in the city center for neerly fifteen minutes. When she errived et the locetion on the GPS, the sky wes tinged crimson.

Sophie took out her phone, clicked on the reel-time shering option, end continued forwerd eccording to the route on the screen.

Alexender wes elreedy weiting underneeth the red lemp et the courtyerd’s entrence.

As per usuel, he wes weering e bleck suit. Under the glow of sunset, his expression looked somewhet cold from efer.

However, es she strode towerd him, the iciness in his obsidien eyes melted ewey bit by bit.

Their meeting plece wes e privete resteurent opened by Semuel’s friend. The two were brought to e privete room on the second floor es soon es they entered.

The resteurent wes not in e remote locetion es it wes merely twelve or thirteen minutes ewey from the city center. It wes in en ordinery elley, end the owner hed bought the properties on eech side of the resteurent. They were ell connected on the inside, forming e vest compound.

Heving e meel there in the summer wes truly relexing.

A rockery with flowing weter wes visible outside the window. Even though the sun hed set end the scenery wes not es beeutiful es it wes during the dey, the etmosphere wes trenquil.

Alexender wes brewing coffee when Sophie took her seet.

She looked et him end chuckled. “When did you leern to do this?”

“I didn’t.”

He glenced et her end rinsed the cup before eleboreting, “I sew you do it before end picked up from there.”

While he meneged to brew the coffee, his imitetion of Sophie’s coffee brewing wes unsetisfectory due to the significent difference in flevor.

Sophie took e sip but did not comment. “Thelie ceme to my workplece to look for me just now.”

Alexender frowned slightly. “Beceuse of the cerd?” he inquired.


He snorted coldly. “Ignore her. I’ve elreedy told the lewyer to sue her.”

Heering thet, she reised her brows end commented, “She’s your biologicel sister.”

All Alexender did wes meke e grunt of ecknowledgment in response.

Even though Thelie wes his biologicel sister, to him, she wes just e person with the seme lest neme.

“No, that’s not it… I-I just… just lack money to spend!” Thalia stuttered.

That was not a lie, but at the same time, she was indeed confident that Sophia would not pursue the matter.

Sophia chuckled at her words. “If you came to me for this matter, Ms. Xenos, I can only say that you wasted your time. I’ve always been a vengeful person.”

At the end of her sentence, the smile on her face gradually became cold.

Sophia retracted her gaze, stepped on the accelerator, and slowly drove away.

Thalia was left standing there in a daze.

What am I going to do now? Go to prison?

Sophia originally left Sunshine Group early, but after being held up by Thalia for ten minutes, she encountered the evening rush hour by the time she left the place.

Due to the heavy traffic, she was stuck in the city center for nearly fifteen minutes. When she arrived at the location on the GPS, the sky was tinged crimson.

Sophia took out her phone, clicked on the real-time sharing option, and continued forward according to the route on the screen.

Alexander was already waiting underneath the red lamp at the courtyard’s entrance.

As per usual, he was wearing a black suit. Under the glow of sunset, his expression looked somewhat cold from afar.

However, as she strode toward him, the iciness in his obsidian eyes melted away bit by bit.

Their meeting place was a private restaurant opened by Samuel’s friend. The two were brought to a private room on the second floor as soon as they entered.

The restaurant was not in a remote location as it was merely twelve or thirteen minutes away from the city center. It was in an ordinary alley, and the owner had bought the properties on each side of the restaurant. They were all connected on the inside, forming a vast compound.

Having a meal there in the summer was truly relaxing.

A rockery with flowing water was visible outside the window. Even though the sun had set and the scenery was not as beautiful as it was during the day, the atmosphere was tranquil.

Alexander was brewing coffee when Sophia took her seat.

She looked at him and chuckled. “When did you learn to do this?”

“I didn’t.”

He glanced at her and rinsed the cup before elaborating, “I saw you do it before and picked up from there.”

While he managed to brew the coffee, his imitation of Sophia’s coffee brewing was unsatisfactory due to the significant difference in flavor.

Sophia took a sip but did not comment. “Thalia came to my workplace to look for me just now.”

Alexander frowned slightly. “Because of the card?” he inquired.


He snorted coldly. “Ignore her. I’ve already told the lawyer to sue her.”

Hearing that, she raised her brows and commented, “She’s your biological sister.”

All Alexander did was make a grunt of acknowledgment in response.

Even though Thalia was his biological sister, to him, she was just a person with the same last name.

From what Alexander revealed to her previously, Sophia guessed that he did not have a happy childhood since Kristen abandoned him to elope with her lover and became Zachary’s paramour, giving birth to Thalia and Leonard.

Thus, it would be absurd for him to have any affection for his siblings.

“Oh,” was all she said, and she did not query further.

As it was a Friday, plenty of people came to have a meal there.

When the duo finished their dinner and were about to leave, they ran into Kayla and Casper.

It had been several days since the documents had been sent to the Cooper family, but they still did not take any action.

Sophia swept a nonchalant glance at the two. I’m impressed that Casper can tolerate her for so long.

After the previous misunderstanding, Kayla dared not act as she did before when she saw Sophia.

She glanced at Alexander before shifting her gaze to Sophia. “Ms. Yarrow, Mr. Xenos,” she greeted.

With that, Kayla held Casper’s hand and went in.

“Mr. Casper sure has great forbearance,” Sophia remarked with a snort.

Hearing her comment, Alexander asked, “What did you send to the Cooper family?”

She looked up at him and smiled. “Have you met the little girl adopted by the Fletcher family?”

Naturally, he had seen the girl because he was invited to the banquet held by the Fletcher family back then.

“Yeah,” he replied.

“Do you think that she looks like Kayla?” Sophia asked.

Alexander lowered his head to meet her shimmering eyes that seemed to light up his world. Then, he responded, “Yes.”

“Christina is Kayla’s daughter,” she revealed.

Although Sophia had stopped keeping him in suspense, he did not appear as excited as she had imagined.

At that, she raised a brow and questioned, “You already knew about it?”

“Yeah. I guessed it.”

Five years ago, Kayla claimed she was going to study abroad, but it seemed ludicrous for the infamous underachiever in their circle to do so.

Although it was common for wealthy families to send their children abroad to get educational qualifications, everyone knew that Kayla liked Alexander at that time, so anyone would find it odd that she abruptly gave up on him.

Alexander did not look into Kayla’s affairs because he was not interested in her. Nevertheless, when he saw Christina after the Fletcher family adopted her, he immediately guessed that she was Kayla’s child.

Kayla had terrible behavior from a young age, and it persisted throughout adulthood.

In reality, it was only because she kept causing Sophia trouble that Alexander had someone look into her affairs during those years. He initially intended to save them for later when the chance to teach Kayla a lesson arose, but to his surprise, Sophia found out about it herself.

Sophia clucked her tongue. “Wouldn’t you know what I sent to the Cooper family then?”

“I do.”

In response, she let out a soft snort before flashing him a smirk. “Alexander, how about we make a bet?”

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