Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 237

Early the next morning, Sophia had no sooner arrived at Sunshine Group than Yvonne came up to her and informed her that she had sent the documents to the Cooper family through the local courier.

“Thank you, Ms. Leighton,” she said to the latter while arching a brow.

Yvonne smiled. “It’s my pleasure, Ms. Yarrow.”

Kayla had made things difficult for Sophia time after time, and Yvonne had had enough of her for a long time. Since Sophia finally decided to make a move, the secretary wished she could send all of Kayla’s dirt to the Cooper family.

However, Sophia only picked out one case, and Yvonne could only comply.

“If you have time, please help me keep an eye on the Cooper family,” Sophia instructed.

“No problem, Ms. Yarrow.”

Yvonne was also curious to see how would the Fletcher family cover up their lie that time around.

Around half an hour later, the Cooper family received a parcel from the local courier. There was only the recipient’s information on the shipping label. The sender’s detail was nowhere to be found.

The parcel was designated to Casper Cooper, the second son of the Cooper family. However, he had already gone to work more than half an hour ago. Thus, the parcel was handed over to his mother, Rosalind, after the butler received it.

Despite her curiosity, Rosalind did not open the parcel.

It was close to nine in the evening by the time Casper returned home. Just as he walked into the house, his mother brought him the parcel.

Puzzled, he raised his brows and asked, “Mom, what is this?”

“I don’t know. It was delivered by the courier at around nine this morning. It’s for you, so I didn’t open it.”


Casper felt strange. While opening the parcel, he wondered which friend of his would be so bored as to send him things through the local carrier.

Soon, he tore the envelope open. A stack of papers fell to the floor. Rosalind frowned and bent down to pick them up. “What are these?”

Her face hardened at the sight of the maternity test report in her hand. “When did Kayla give birth?”

At that moment, Casper also got a clear look at the photocopies in his hand. On them were detailed records of Kayla’s activities in the three years during which she claimed she was abroad. It turned out that she gave birth to a daughter at Alenvista. The information was very detailed. Even Kayla’s obstetric examination and hospitalization logs were included.

Of course, Kayla’s real name was not on those records. The sender was probably worried that the Cooper family would not believe the validity of the documents, considering that they also attached a maternity test report that verified Kayla’s identity as the girl’s biological mother. The girl was adopted by Kayla’s elder brother, Warren Fletcher.

The girl, whose name was Christina Fletcher, was adopted by Warren from the orphanage a year ago. That incident caused quite a sensation at the time. Word had it that his wife was no longer fertile after giving birth to a boy six years ago. Finding Christina to be very cute and smart, they adopted her.

At that time, the Fletcher family hosted a banquet celebrating Christina’s adoption. Their philanthropic act left a good impression in the circle. People even started to look past the Fletcher family’s history. Thus, when the Fletcher family suddenly proposed a marriage of convenience to the Cooper family half a year ago, the latter agreed to it after slight consideration. It was because they felt that Kayla was a good match since she was pretty and had a good educational background, not to mention that she even founded a studio by herself.

Never had they expected that Christina was actually Kayla’s daughter.

Although the Cooper family was not as prominent as the Xenos family or the Schmidt family, they were still one of the respectable families in Jadeborough.

There was no way a woman like Kayla, who had an illegitimate daughter, could marry into the Cooper family.

Rosalind flew into a rage when she saw the maternity test report.

Likewise, Casper did not take in the news well. It was unbelievable that he was kept in the dark about the fact that his fiancée had a daughter.

“The Fletcher family has gone too far!” Rosalind practically spat out those words through gritted teeth.

As she only had two dearest sons, she was very particular about her younger son’s future wife. Never in her wildest dream did she expect Kayla, a woman she felt would be a good daughter-in-law, to have a daughter out of wedlock.

Moreover, Christina was already articulate enough to go around and greet everyone.

The two families even had dinner together a few days ago to discuss the marriage. They planned to hold the engagement party that year and the wedding ceremony the following year.

The Fletcher family is obviously taking us for fools! Rosalind was on the verge of fuming.

Right then, Jared Cooper arrived home. At the sight of his wife’s sullen expression, he asked with a frown, “What’s going on? Who upset you?”

Rosalind glanced at him and handed him the maternity test report in her hand. “Look at this! The Fletcher family is unforgivable!”

Jared was utterly befuddled. After reading the maternity test report, he was astonished. “Where did this come from? Is it fake?”

“How could it be fake? Kayla said that she was studying abroad five years ago. Look at the timeline! It matches! Besides, the Fletcher family isn’t philanthropic, to begin with. It doesn’t make sense for them to adopt an orphan for no reason! They even threw a banquet. It was like they wanted the whole world to know that Christina was adopted by their family! Over the years, I’ve seen how they treated Christina. That girl lives a better life than Warren’s own son! How do you explain these photos if she isn’t Kayla’s daughter? Isn’t the person who just came out of the delivery room Kayla?”

Rosalind almost went berserk. “I can’t accept this! I have to clarify things with the Fletcher family! Does the Cooper family look like nincompoops to them? They are obviously treating us as fools!” she snarled, wanting nothing more than to go to the Fletcher residence to settle the score immediately.

Hearing her words, Casper reached out to stop her. “Mom! The Fletcher family will never admit it if you go to them so rashly. I will take care of this matter. Don’t worry!”

He would not spare Kayla since she had taken him for a fool.

It was not like he had any feelings for her, anyway. Their marriage of convenience was meant to secure benefits for their families. He made do with Kayla as he thought her qualities were acceptable. Yet, she deceived him as if he was a fool, and he would certainly not drop the matter easily.

Rosalind glanced at Casper. “Casper, what are your thoughts on this matter?”

“You will learn about it later,” he replied.

Not wanting to say another word, he turned around and went upstairs with those materials.

Nothing major happened in Jadeborough in the past few days.

Yvonne failed to get any news, so she started to doubt whether those materials were successfully delivered to the Cooper family.

Right after her superior came out of the meeting, she asked, “Ms. Yarrow, the Cooper family hasn’t shown any reaction.”

Sophia raised her brows. “Is that so?”

Then, she chuckled and added, “Let’s wait for a little longer.”

In her opinion, there was no way the Cooper family would let the matter slide.

If it weren’t for her “gesture of kindness” of instructing Yvonne to send them the documents, Kayla would have had the Cooper family wrapped around her little finger.

Yvonne cast a glance at Sophia. When she noticed that the latter seemed calm, she stopped probing.

She believed in Sophia. Besides, the Cooper family was quite influential. They couldn’t tolerate such a humiliation.

“All right. It’s getting late. You can leave work earlier today,” Sophia said, smiling.

“Okay, Ms. Yarrow. Be careful on your way back.”

“Mm-hmm,” Sophia responded and entered the elevator.

The weather in Jadeborough had gotten increasingly hotter in the middle of May. That day, she sported a long skirt with a small coat on top, which made her look stylish and gorgeous.

The red sports car she drove was quite spectacular. However, Sophia was stopped by someone before she could take the road.

The person who stopped her was Thalia, whom she had not seen for quite some time. Well, to be exact, it had not been very long ago since the latter gave her an empty bank card two weeks ago.

Raising an eyebrow, Sophia laid her hand on the car door beside her. Then, she looked at the approaching Thalia and asked, “Ms. Xenos, how may I help you?”

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