Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 236

Sophia had just driven into the path to her house when Alexander’s car came into her sight.

With an eyebrow raised, she slowed down her car and drove toward him.

The man stood by his car as though he had been waiting for her for some time. At the sight of her return, he straightened his back and asked, “Can I go in and have a glass of water, Sophia?”

Poor man. In response, Sophia took out the remote control and opened the gate for him before she drove to the garage.

Then, she got out of the car, entered the house, and headed for the main door to let him in.

Right after she opened the door from the inside, Alexander pressed her against the wall and kissed her fiercely.

Sophia let out a snort. The man pinned her hands above her head and kissed her dominantly and passionately. Soon, she could not take it anymore. Her body went weak, and her legs almost gave away. By the time he let her go, she had to lean on him for support.

Both of them were a little short of breath. The wind blowing in from outside sobered her a little. Looking into Alexander’s eyes, she asked, “Did you smoke?”

“Only one cigarette.”

He reached out to trace her lips as his Adam’s apple bobbed. That showed how hard he was trying to restrain himself. “Do you not like it?”

“Not really.”

“I’ll quit smoking, then.”

Sophia stared at him and suddenly smiled. “Didn’t you say it’s hard to quit smoking?”

Alexander leaned forward and pressed his whole body against hers. “It’s way easier to quit smoking than ending my addiction to you.”

Feeling her cheeks burning, she raised her arms to push him away, only to feel a sudden itch on her cheek.

It was Alexander.

He was rubbing his cheek against hers.

Such a gesture reminded Sophia of a puppy she brought home many years ago. Every time the puppy made a mistake, it would nuzzle against her, making it difficult to harden her heart to punish it.

However, someone stole the puppy in the middle of the night. By the time it returned home, it was seriously wounded and on the verge of death. In less than three days, the puppy died.

Since then, Sophia never raised another pet, as it was hard for her to accept their death.

Even though Alexander was the one nuzzling against her then, it still made her heart soften.

She withdrew her hands and looked down at the top of his head.

“Alexander, you have a double crown hair.”

Someone once said that people with more hair whorls tended to be smarter.

Alexander moved a little before he lifted his hand and stroked her face. “Yeah. Our future child will be very smart.”

That rendered her speechless.

Initially, she was worried that Lukas’ words would crush him, but it seemed she had been overthinking.

He doesn’t look dejected at all, seeing that he even has the mood to think about his future child.

It was then Alexander looked at her and added, “And also beautiful.”

After all, he and Sophia were very prepossessing.

Sophia could not take it anymore, so she changed the subject by asking, “Didn’t you ask for a glass of water?”

As she spoke, she pushed him aside and headed upstairs.

Seeing that, Alexander closed the door and followed her upstairs.

Sophia waited for the water to boil in the kitchen before pouring two glasses. Holding one in her hand, she handed the other glass to him.

Alexander seemed to be very thirsty. As soon as he took the glass from her, he gulped a large portion of the water and put the glass on the table. While loosening his tie, he asked, “Are you still holding a grudge against Kayla?”

Sophia snorted and flashed him a smile. “Of course. I’m very petty.”

“Mmh. I like the petty Sophia.”

His remark caused her to almost choke on the water she was drinking.

After swallowing the mouthful of water, she took a tissue to wipe the corner of her lips. “Did you come over on purpose tonight?” she asked. There was the ghost of a smile on her face.

Alexander looked up at her and only parted his lips after a moment of silence. “The progress is advancing too slowly, Sophia.”

Apparently, he could not wait any longer.

Lukas’ attitude made him feel even more unsettled. He knew nothing about him, and neither was he familiar with the Dawsons.

However, he could more or less tell that the Dawson family treated Sophia well since she was willing to go to Doveston often.

Although it was a good thing, it also implied that he would face more hurdles in remarrying Sophia.

His previous marriage with her was not terrible, but it was undeniable that she suffered many grievances during their three years of marriage.

He had never thought of escaping from those matters, and there was no way he could do so, anyway.

Lukas’ attitude on that day was a clear indication that the Dawson family knew about Sophia’s sufferings in the past. It seemed that Perrin also disliked him.

Alexander had lived for over thirty years, yet it was his first time experiencing the emotions of anxiousness and restlessness.

In fact, he had even thought of impregnating Sophie first.

However, it was merely a fleeting thought. Since the beginning, he was the one who mistreated her, and he did not wish to wrong her anymore.

In his opinion, Sophia had the right to choose who she wanted to marry. Even if he did not end up being selected by her, though he might not be able to give her his blessings, he would never disturb her life anymore.

It was something Alexander had never thought of before. That day, however, during the sixty-odd minutes of wait in front of Sophia’s mansion, he suddenly felt that her happiness was more important than his.

Perhaps that was love, something he had finally come to learn about.

Being gazed at by Alexander intensely made Sophia’s cheeks burn.

“It’s only been a week, and the progress is already more than fifty-five percent. I wonder how much faster are you expecting, Mr. Xenos?” She propped her chin in the palm of her hand and looked at him with a smile touching her lips.

As Alexander looked into her bright eyes, his index finger moved slightly. Casting his eyes downward, he suppressed the urge raging within him. “I want the progress bar to be full at once.”

“In your dreams!” Sophia snorted.

“Dreaming of you every day is indeed a beautiful thing.” The man quirked his lips.

Secondhand embarrassment washed over her. Flirting comes easy to Alexander now.

Swiveling her eyes, she diverted the topic of the conversation. “Would it be too mean of me to give Kayla a taste of her own medicine?”

“Wasn’t she the one who started it?” Alexander replied rhetorically.

In fact, he found it a bit too simple.

Sophia raised an eyebrow. “I’ll send Ms. Fletcher a huge present tomorrow, then.”

Word has it that the Fletcher family has recently been hoping to have a union with the Cooper family through marriage. Hmm, I wonder what will happen after the Coopers read the letter I sent.

“What present?” Alexander asked.

“I’ll tell you tomorrow,” she replied.

With that, he did not press on the matter. Since she wanted to keep him in suspense, he would allow her to do so.

As a matter of fact, he knew all about Kayla’s deeds.

Originally, he wanted to make a move but held himself back when he recalled the previous incidents, thinking that Sophia would probably prefer to teach Kayla a lesson herself.

Meanwhile, Sophia glanced at the time. “Mr. Xenos, it’s already quarter past ten. Shouldn’t you go home now?” she voiced, crinkling her eyes in a smile.

“Can I not leave?”

“Do you want me to perform a magic trick?”

I’ll clear out your progress.

Alexander understood what she was trying to imply. While he did not want that to happen, he refused to head home either. Nevertheless, he was aware that he could not be greedy.

Before leaving, he pulled Sophia into his arms and said, “Let me hug you for five minutes.”

In that way, he could sleep better when he went home.

Sophia, resting her head on his chest, glanced at him and saw that his eyes were slightly closed. It seems he really only wants a hug. At that thought, she stopped moving and stayed in his arms quietly.

However, humans always greed for ease and comfort. Somehow, the embrace between the two people who liked each other seemed to have magical power.

When Alexander let go of Sophia, she was unwilling to part with him.

Still, her rationality prevailed over her emotion. She sent the man downstairs, stood by the door, and watched him walk out slowly. As his words from over half an hour ago flashed across her mind, she could not help but lower her head and chuckle.

A few moments later, the phone she left upstairs rang.

Momentarily stunned, Sophia suddenly recalled she had yet to inform Lukas that she had arrived home.

She quickly ran upstairs to look for her phone and answered the call. With her cheeks flushed and her heart racing, she lied, “I’m sorry, Lukas. I chatted with Katherine on the phone when I arrived home.”

“It’s fine as long as that person isn’t Alexander,” Lukas responded from the other end of the line.

His words rendered Sophia speechless.

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