Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 233

“H-How thick-skinned can you be!”

Sophia scoffed. “I’m afraid you’re sorely mistaken, Ms. Fletcher. Unlike you, my face has not undergone any procedures and is still priceless.”

Pausing, she went on, “Although, I can’t help wondering how you managed to barge into my private room while I’m having my meal. I believe you and Mirage both owe me an explanation.”

“What drivel! Is your guilty conscience acting up? You wouldn’t have anything to fear if all you were doing was eating! I came all the way here to catch both of you red-handed and show the world what a fickle woman you are behind your mask of pretentiousness!”

Alexander and Samuel noticed that the entrance to the private room was packed as they made their way over. Samuel was delighted. “Oh my, is Sophia aware that this coincidental encounter is all part of your plan?”

Alexander glared at him. He was about to inquire about the situation with the restaurant staff when he heard Kayla’s voice from inside the private room.

Her voice was so loud that even with a shut door, it could be heard distinctly outside.

Kayla’s friend had initially planned to enter the private room as well but refrained from doing so because of Lukas’ complicated identity.

However, Alexander had no such reservations. Kayla had been relentlessly badgering Sophia, so he assumed today was no exception.

His expression darkened as he strode forward and pushed open the door. “Mask of pretentiousness, you say?”

Sophia froze at Alexander’s appearance before turning to eye Lukas. To no one’s surprise, not a trace of his earlier benign disposition was to be found.

Kayla was also stunned at Alexander’s surprise entrance. She enthused animatedly as if she’d just won the jackpot, “Alexander! Good timing! I’m aware that Sophia has always been on your mind. You’re still pursuing her, aren’t you? Trust me when I say that she’s not worth it! You made the right decision by divorcing her! She’s cheating on you with Lukas while toying with your feelings! What a promiscuous two-timer!”

Then, as if she had recalled something, she leveled her gaze on Lukas. “Mr. Dawson, I advise you to see through her farce! Don’t be deceived by her meek and gentle demeanor! Based on what I’d heard, she got together with the renowned celebrity Mason only three months after her divorce from Alexander. Two months after that, she dated a man called Stephen and even met his parents. That’s not all. She broke things off with him shortly and got into a relationship with Horatius!

“I’m sure you’ve heard of him. He’s Mr. Horatius Swain of Onyx Builders! I can’t help but laud her for managing to impress Mr. Swain at his birthday celebration. She even became his goddaughter after failing to become his daughter-in-law! Perhaps she still had a thing going on with Mr. Horatius while she was dating you! I can’t believe you don’t mind her dalliance with her ex-husband Alexander while claiming to be in a relationship with you!”

Kayla was so engrossed with her spiel that Sophia didn’t have the heart to cut her off.

Lukas and Alexander both wore thunderous expressions once Kayla was done with her tirade.

Kayla remained oblivious as she was too pleased with herself for exposing Sophia’s true colors to both men.

Kayla replayed the video footage on her phone to appear more convincing to Alexander. “Take a look yourself, Alexander. It’s clear as day that Lukas was kissing her! It makes me wonder what kind of platonic relationship between a man and woman could exist that involves such intimate behavior!”

“Are you done?”

Alexander didn’t spare the phone a glance before snatching it and hurling it to the ground. “If so, get the h*ll out!”

At that point, he couldn’t stand it any longer.

Kayla was like an annoying fly that kept buzzing around him. Besides, her claims were all baseless, with no substantial evidence.

Samuel had been holding in his laughter beside him all this while. If not for Lukas’ presence, he would have burst into howling laughter.

Does Kayla have a screw loose?

It’s a waste that she isn’t a screenwriter with her flare for making up stories.

Kayla was taken aback as she stared at Alexander in disbelief. “Are you out of your mind? There are countless women in the world! Even if I don’t suit your fancy, there are still others who might pique your interest. What’s so special about this wretch?”

“I don’t hit women.”

Alexander pinned her with a stormy gaze.

Kayla felt her goosebumps rising and was inexplicably overcome with fear.

Her initial excitement and glee had vanished into thin air, and in its place was a foreboding sense of terror.

“W-Well, suit yourself!”

Alexander’s death glare was so malicious that she felt as if she would end up in the same state as she smashed the phone in the next second.

Kayla’s indignation at Alexander’s response took a backseat to her survival.

She stammered out a brief sentence before forcibly turning to leave.

Before she could escape, Sophia, who had not had the chance to speak, called out, “Hold on!”

Samuel reacted quickly to Sophia’s statement by swiftly shutting the door once again.

Kayla glowered at Samuel, and he responded with a grin. “Ms. Fletcher, I’m afraid I’m not the target of your anger. Your rightful victim should be him instead.” With that, he pointed at Alexander.

Kayla stiffened. She didn’t even dare meet Alexander’s eyes, let alone vent her anger at him.

On top of that, Lukas did not seem too pleased either as he stood near Sophia.

Kayla mused that there must be something wrong with the men present for siding with such a trollop like Sophia and not herself, an innocent.

Sophia smiled slightly at Samuel. “Thank you, Mr. Schild.”

“You’re welcome.”

Samuel cocked his eyebrows. His thrilled expression was at odds with his words.

Sophia took two steps forward. “I don’t have much to say about your zealous speech earlier, but there’s something I would like to seek clarification on. What did you mean when you said you saw Mr. Dawson and me kissing?”

“So you’re going to continue denying it! I saw everything when I entered just now! Both of you were nearly locked in an embrace, and he was right in front of you!”

Sophia arched her brows and extended her left hand, which appeared a little red. “I accidentally scalded myself with some hot soup. Mr. Dawson was merely tending to my wound. Is that an issue?”

“Then why were both of you leaning in so close to one another?”

“Was he supposed to have used a pole to see to my burn while standing several meters away?” Sophia retorted. After a brief pause, she continued, “Ms. Yarrow, do you even know what my relationship with Mr. Dawson is?”

“So what if he’s your fiancé? You still haven’t broken it off with Alexander—”

“Ms. Fletcher, he’s my blood-related brother.”

“Come again?”

Kayla couldn’t believe her own ears at the revelation that Sophia and Lukas were actually blood-related!

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