Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 234

Looking at Kayla, Sophia smirked. “Ms. Fletcher, it’s a pity your hearing isn’t very good when you’re so young.”

At that point, she paused before adding, “Ms. Fletcher, you must listen closely this time. Lukas is my blood-related brother. Do you think we can have intimate behavior with each other?”

Sophia articulated each word clearly.

That time around, Kayla heard her, and very clearly at that.

She darted a glance at Sophia, then at Lukas, who was standing at the other side. It seemed as though something was caught in her throat, and she could not voice a response.

Instead, she stood there in complete shock. “H-How is that possible? Your surnames are different!”

“Can’t my cousin be my brother? Ms. Fletcher, I didn’t say he’s my biological brother.”

Sophia’s words left Kayla utterly speechless.

Standing there, Kayla wanted to leave, but Samuel blocked the door.

As she was unable to leave, she was exposed to Alexander’s and Lukas’ deadly gazes.

“I-I’m sorry. I misunderstood the situation,” she said in the end.

Kayla’s smugness and confidence from earlier had vanished. All she wanted to do was to get out of the stifling private room.

Sophia chuckled. “Ms. Fletcher, you have caused me a lot of trouble, yet you’re only offering me a simple apology.”

Her initial intention was to settle the score with Kayla sometime later. However, the latter had taken the initiative to trouble her that day. In that case, Sophia would seize the opportunity presented to her on a silver platter and settle everything once and for all.

Kayla had not returned to her senses from learning about the relationship between Sophia and Lukas. Hearing Sophia’s words, she was momentarily perplexed. “I was the only one who misunderstood today’s incident. No one else knows about this, so it won’t cause you any trouble.”

“Is that so?”

Sophia arched her brow and chuckled. “Ms. Fletcher, why don’t you try to recall what you did not too long ago?”

“I-I didn’t do anything!”

Just as those words fell from her lips, Kayla recollected the matter Sophia was referring to.

She looked at Sophia and averted her eyes as she said guiltily, “Ms. Yarrow, I barged in today merely because I couldn’t accept the fact that Alexander chose you. Since everything was a misunderstanding on my part, I won’t disturb your meal any longer.”

“Ms. Fletcher, you sent that anonymous letter, didn’t you?”

Sophia refused to allow Kayla to leave. Just as the latter turned around, she said frankly, “It must be incredibly hard for you to have Alexander’s and the Dawson family’s best interests at heart. But this issue kept my granddad from eating or sleeping well for days. Shouldn’t you provide me with an explanation, Ms. Fletcher?”

Kayla frowned, planning to deny all the accusations. “What are you talking about? I don’t know anything about a letter. I wasn’t in Jadeborough some time ago. Ms. Yarrow, you can check with my friends about this.”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to admit it, Ms. Fletcher. But you will have to think hard about whether or not you’ll regret your choice after you walk out of this door.”

After all, adults have to take responsibility for their own wrongdoings.

Kayla only wanted to get out of the private room. Since she had always looked down on Sophia and the latter had drawled out those threats, she was unperturbed by it all, apart from Sophia’s ghost of a smile.

Then, Kayla shot a glance at Alexander, only to find him frowning slightly. His well-defined face was as cold as ice.

Truth be told, she was more afraid of Alexander than Sophia.

“Ms. Yarrow, you’ve got the wrong person. That letter you mentioned has nothing to do with me.”

With that, Kayla pushed Samuel away and left the room.

The second she exited the private room, her friend walked over and inquired, “How did it go? I saw Alexander enter just now. Did he catch her in the act this time?”

Naturally, Kayla dared not say a word yet. She pulled her friend away and only spoke after they were far from the room. “Do you know what is the relationship between Lukas and Sophia?”

Her friend frowned. “Are they engaged? Didn’t they meet each other’s parents?”

“No! That would be fantastic if it were the case. Lukas is Sophia’s cousin!”

“What kind of nonsense is she spouting to you? Lukas is his father’s sole child. Lukas’ father is also an only child. How did Sophia become Lukas’ cousin?”

Kayla felt that she had awful luck. “How would I know? Lukas was present when Sophia said this, so wouldn’t he have exposed her if she was lying?”

The woman was not utterly foolish. Earlier on, I had merely exposed myself because I was in the heat of the moment. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have put up with the discomfort of wearing such unflattering work attire to enter the private room while posing as staff. Besides, Lukas did not refute Sophia when she said those words just now. Hence, Sophia must be telling the truth!

“Sophia is actually related to Lukas? Doesn’t it mean she and Alexander are a match made in heaven, given that their family statuses are equal now?”

Kayla’s expression quickly darkened when she heard her friend’s statement.

That’s right. They’re a match made in heaven now. I was dissatisfied with Bethany in the past, but at the very least, she’s part of the White family. On the contrary, both of Sophia’s parents have passed away, and her family isn’t prestigious, not to mention she’s poor and unsophisticated. Yet, just yesterday, Sophia became one of the founders of Technology Innovations and the largest stockholder of Expedite. I’m incomparable to the current Sophia.

“So what if they’re a match made in heaven? Didn’t you see how many boyfriends Sophia had one year after her divorce?” Kayla snarled.

Even if the matter with Lukas was a misunderstanding, Mason, Howard, and Horatius can’t all be Sophia’s relatives, can they?

Her friend had also caught on. “That’s right! No one else can be better than you, Kay!”

Kayla did not give her any response as she was deeply frustrated at the moment. Sophia’s last sentence had her feeling somewhat unsettled as it sounded as though there was some hidden insinuation to it. Moments ago, she was so eager to leave, yet she was still not at ease even after leaving.

At the same time, the atmosphere of the private room was a little awkward after Kayla’s departure.

Alexander had wanted to reveal himself by pretending to have a “chance encounter,” but he entered the private room right away because of Kayla.

Moreover, Lukas was staring at him with a hostile gaze.

Alexander took a glance at Sophia. “I won’t bother you anymore.”

When Alexander turned around, Lukas called out to him, “Mr. Xenos.”

“How may I help you, Mr. Dawson?” Alexander asked as he looked over his shoulder.

“Mr. Xenos, I still have some doubts about Ms. Fletcher’s earlier words, so I hope you can clarify them for me.”

Lukas had perfected the skill of controlling his expression after being in politics for many years. His countenance was friendly and casual, giving others the impression that he was merely curious.

However, Alexander had been in the business world for almost ten years, so it was only natural that he could sense Lukas’ hostility toward him.

“What are your doubts, Mr. Dawson?”

Lukas sat back down. “Mr. Xenos, I’m assuming you haven’t eaten. Let’s eat together then.”

Alexander took a glance at Sophia. “I shall graciously accept the offer, then.”

Perceiving the inexplicable tension in the room, Samuel did not know whether to stay back to watch the show or leave to save himself.

Before he could come up with a decision, Lukas asked, “Mr. Schild, why aren’t you taking a seat?”

Samuel, who was dragged into their conflict, explained, “Sorry, Mr. Dawson. I was distracted just now.”

As he spoke, he moved to sit next to Alexander.

There were four people seated in the private room meant for two. Somehow, the atmosphere was awkward.

Sophia wanted to speak to ease the tension in the air, but Lukas scooped a spoonful of food for her. “I’ll talk to Mr. Xenos. You can enjoy your meal.”

At that, she smiled in response. “Okay.”

It’s not like I don’t know how to enjoy a show.

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