Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 232

Alexander’s trick didn’t work, so he had no choice but to leave.

Sophia stood outside and watched as his car disappeared from sight. Then, she lowered her head and chuckled lowly.

What a shameless man!

When Sophia received Lukas’ call, she was walking out of the conference room after having finished a meeting at Sunshine Group.

Lukas told her he would be at Jadeborough today and wanted to have a meal with her.

The last time she was at Doveston, Lukas had already informed her in advance that he would be coming to Jadeborough a few days later.

After the call ended, Sophia thought over it and decided to text Alexander.

Lukas had come to Jadeborough for work, but his schedule was confidential. Thus, not many people knew he was here.

At noon, Sophia told Yvonne to reserve a private room at Mirage. She departed from Sunshine Group at six sharp and went straight to the restaurant.

It so happened that Sophia spotted Lukas getting out of his car after she parked hers.

“Lukas!” she called out and scurried over to him. “Lukas.”

Lukas observed her for a while. “You did gain some weight, huh? It wasn’t a lie.”

Sophia stuck her tongue out sheepishly. “How long will you be in Jadeborough?”

The first time they met before knowing each other, Lukas was polite but exuded an aura that repelled anyone who came close.

Not long after, they reunited as siblings. After Penelope died, Sophia was perpetually in a bad mood. It was Lukas who kept her company in the living room every night silently.

He didn’t say anything but did everything a brother was supposed to do, and he had done a pretty good job too.

Sophia felt close to him as they were related by blood. When they were together, she couldn’t stop herself from talking more than usual.

“Two days.” Lukas paused before adding, “I’ll visit you again next time on my off day.”

“Okay!” Sophia beamed. Feeling shy, she told him, “I’ll return to Doveston after my business is done here.”

“Mm,” Lukas grunted in acknowledgment as they entered Mirage.

After ordering their food, Sophia noticed Lukas was looking at her and guessed it was about what happened a few days ago. “Lukas, does Granddad know everything?”

Lukas sipped on his coffee. “I haven’t told him anything yet. You should be the one telling him as it concerns you.”

Sophia pursed her lips. “Will I give him a shock?”

Lukas recalled how Perrin and Kylie were talking about Sophia’s past wistfully yesterday after he got home. He told her, “I don’t think so.”

Their imagination might go even wilder, though.

Sophia agreed with him. Perrin had seen a lot, so he should be fine with having a rich granddaughter.

Lukas’ purpose wasn’t just to visit Sophia. He also wanted to talk about her relationship with Alexander. “Did you get back together with Alexander?”

Sophia froze. “Yes,” she finally replied.

“A friend of mine saw you both together.”

Sophia wasn’t about to hide the truth from him. Besides, she had already informed Perrin about this previously. “But I don’t want to go public for now.”

“That’s a good idea. After all, you might not end up marrying him.”

He didn’t forget that they had already gotten a divorce once.

Knowing Lukas didn’t like Alexander, Sophia couldn’t say anything to dissuade him and promptly changed the topic. “Lukas, the commotion online was deliberately started by someone. That someone is targeting me.”

Lukas was smart enough to guess, “Is it someone from the Dawson family?”

Sophia gave a curt nod. “It was Susan.”

Hearing that, Lukas remained unfazed as though it was a known fact to him.

Right then, the door was pushed open to reveal the server, who came in with a trolley full of food.

Lukas looked up and remained silent.

After the dishes were served, the server left. Lukas broke the silence to say, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll handle her when I get back home.”

Sophia giggled. “I can handle her on my own, actually.”

She then told him what happened when she went shopping previously.

Lukas gave her a piece of fish with a fork before getting a new one for himself. “Her plan didn’t go unnoticed. However, we hadn’t found you at the time. Grandpa and Grandma are also no longer young, so that’s why Mom allowed her to come to our house.”

They talked inside the private room, unaware of the commotion outside.

Recently, rumors had been going around saying that Alexander and Sophia were back together. However, she was seen eating and chattering happily with Lukas tonight. It was pretty obvious they were close to each other despite the lack of intimate interactions.

A few days ago, Kayla had spotted Sophia and Alexander holding hands. They were, without a doubt, back together.

Thus, she came over to the restaurant hastily after receiving her friend’s call.

When she arrived, Sophia and Lukas were already in their private room.

Kayla stood outside the private room with her jaw clenched indignantly.

Her friend suggested, “Why don’t we order a dish? You can put on the server’s jacket and enter the private room to take the photo you need.”

Yes, Kayla wanted to snap a photo to show Alexander how promiscuous Sophia was.

Her friend’s suggestion was great, but Kayla took one look at the server’s uniform and frowned. “This is too ugly and filthy!”

The server’s expression stiffened. “Ms. Fletcher, I have a new one in my locker.”

Kayla might be bad-tempered, but she was a generous tip-giver.

The server only offered her a new uniform in hopes that Kayla would tip her more later.

Kayla’s friend tugged at her. “Kay, stop hesitating. The dishes were served a while ago. If you keep hesitating, it will soon be time for them to leave! Besides, they are the only ones in the private room. No one knows what they are doing inside! If you don’t like the uniform, why don’t you ask the server to enter the private room again?”

Kayla grew agitated at her friend’s words.

That won’t do! I must enter the room myself and take a photo of Lukas and Sophia together so I can send it to Alexander. Besides sending it to Alexander, I will also post it online!

With that thought in mind, Kayla decided to go all out. She glared at the server standing beside her. “Why are you still standing here? Hurry, go get me your uniform!”

“Okay, Ms. Fletcher!”

After putting on the jacket, Kayla began recording on her phone and entered the private room with the trolley. “Ms. Yarrow, this is… Sophia Yarrow! I finally caught you in the act. I knew something was going on between you two!”

The moment Kayla stepped into the room, she saw Lukas bending down to kiss Sophia. At once, she didn’t bother putting up an act and grabbed her phone to record Lukas and Sophia.

Sophia looked at the back of her hand before glancing at Kayla, who was clad in the server’s uniform. Offering a smile, she said, “Long time no see, Ms. Fletcher. Is the Fletcher family in need of money? Why are you working as a server here?”

Kayla stiffened when she heard Sophia’s sarcastic remark. Nevertheless, she quickly regained her senses and sneered, “Look how calm you are. I’ve already recorded what you did earlier. Let’s see if you can continue two-timing Alexander after I send the video to him!”

Sophia was tickled pink by Kayla’s threat. Calmly, she took a sip of her soup and drawled, “Go ahead and send the video to Alexander then, Ms. Fletcher.”

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