Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 231

The traffic light turned green, so instead of answering his question, Sophia urged, “The light has turned green.”

Alexander looked away and slowly sped up.

Silence ensued in the car. Sophia couldn’t help but feel guilty when she recalled Alexander’s “Really?” earlier.

Hmm. Should I be honest and tell him I’ve kept many things a secret from him? Forget it. I’ll leave that for later.

Around ten minutes later, the car came to a stop.

The sky was dark when they both got out of the car. Alexander led her across the street and into an alley.

It was only then that she saw the photo of a Jetroinian restaurant.

Sophia raised a brow. “How did you find this place?”

I don’t think it’s easy to find a restaurant this secluded.

“Samuel recommended it to me,” came Alexander’s reply.

Sophia chuckled. “Mr. Schild is good at having fun.”

Alexander lowered his head to glance at her. “Having fun is the only thing he does best.”

Sophia’s lips curved, but she said nothing.

The restaurant might be secluded, but good wine needs no bush. It was pretty crowded.

Alexander probably had a reservation, for they were brought to a private room when they arrived.

It had been some time since Sophia last had Jetroinian food. Jadeborough was getting hotter by the day, leading to her having less appetite, so it was nice to have Jetroinian food once in a while.

Sophia had never been here, but she knew the restaurant was something else based on its interior design.

When the bill came, Sophia took one look at it and confirmed that the restaurant was indeed something else.

“A charity gala will be held the day after tomorrow. Will you be attending it?”

Sophia handed a glass of water to Alexander and laughed. “Even if I were to attend it, I can’t be your partner, can I?”

She was reminding him that they had yet to go public with their relationship as of now.

Alexander took a sip of water and leaned into the couch lazily.

Finding his tie uncomfortable, he gave her a look before reaching up to loosen his tie. His movements were leisurely.

After loosening his tie, he undid the top two buttons of his shirt.

He then asked, “Sophia, what can I do to fully fill up the progress bar?”

He had forty-five percent to go but could not wait any longer.

Sophia tutted. “I’ve pushed your progress forward by five percent, haven’t I?”

Alexander stared at her without a word. To him, five percent of progress was too slow. If possible, he wanted to complete the progress.

Of course, he knew that wasn’t possible.

The man hung his head low, his white shirt making him look indifferent in the dark.

Alexander was handsome in an understated way. He carried an imperious nose well, and his angular cheekbones carved down toward a flinty jaw. Coupled with his sexy lips, he was a sight for sore eyes.

Sensing her stare, Alexander suddenly looked up and whipped his head around.

Sophia grabbed her mug and sipped on her water without looking at him. Her action merely gave her away.

“Let me hug you, Sophia,” Alexander requested.

He was getting bolder by the day. Previously, he was tactful enough to ask her to come to him, but now, he was straightforward enough to demand a hug.

Sophia felt her cheeks burning as she glared at him. “No.”

Seeing the smile in her eyes, Alexander felt his heart skip a beat. Without warning, he reached out and pulled her into his arms.

The temperature was increasing in Jadeborough as May arrived. Sophia wore a black pencil skirt with a chiffon top tucked into it. Her outfit might be simple, but it accentuated her curves.

When Alexander wrapped his arms around her, his palm accidentally grazed across her thigh, causing them both to freeze.

Sophia’s skirt was tight, so she dared not move in Alexander’s arms. She was afraid her skirt would split if she struggled.

Alas, they were in an intimate position that could escalate into something else if they were in another place.

In actual fact, Alexander wanted to do more than just hug her.

Humans were greedy, after all.

His gaze turning dark, Alexander rasped, “Sophia.”

Sophia went weak under his gaze. When their eyes met, she felt as though she was about to lose herself in his dark orbs.

His warm lips coupled with his unique scent pressed to hers. Sophia parted her lips, allowing him to take over as her heart raced.

Alexander’s arms locked her in his embrace like shackles. Slowly, he tightened his arms and deepened the kiss.

Silence descended in the living room, save for their heavy breathing and amorous sounds.

Five minutes passed before Alexander finally released her.

His hand that was placed behind her head slipped to the back of her neck. He applied a little force and trapped her in his arms.

Sophia squinted and gazed at her own hands, which were gripping his shirt. All she could hear was her racing heart.

She instinctively tried to ease away from him.

The moment she moved, Alexander gave a muffled grunt. “Sophia, don’t move.”

His words sounded like an order, but he said it in a pleading tone.

Sophia stopped dead. She swallowed hard when her gaze landed on Alexander’s Adam’s apple.

An urge to bite it surged within Sophie.

However, Sophia was rational enough to tamp down her urge. A while later, she said, “I want to drink some water.”

With that said, she shot Alexander a look.

She saw that his eyes were dark with desire before he could hide his emotions.

Sophia’s mind went blank.

After snapping back to her senses, she pretended nothing had happened and slipped out of his arms to sit beside him. Grabbing her cup, she started drinking the water that was now cold.

Her mind cleared when the cool water trickled down her throat. She turned to look at Alexander. “It’s almost ten.”

Alexander patted her head. “I should get going.”

Despite wanting nothing more than to stay, he knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself if he were to do that.

After regaining her composure, Sophia was her usual calm self. She acted as though the kiss didn’t happen.

“I’ll walk you downstairs.”

Alexander didn’t reject her offer, and they both went downstairs to the garage.

At the door, Alexander gave her a quick hug. “Go back home.”

Sophia stood rooted to her spot as she watched him get into the car and drive out of the garage. She only spun on her heels to head upstairs when the garage door swung shut.

When the car drove out of the mansion, Alexander looked out of the window and noticed that the second floor was dark. Soon, the light on the third floor was switched on.

He looked at the bulge between his legs as something flickered in his gaze. If I propose now, what’s the probability of Sophia saying yes? The answer is obviously zero.

Pursing his lips, Alexander floored the accelerator and sped away.

Not long after he left the mansion, his phone rang.

It was Sophia, informing him that he had left his work phone at her house. She wanted to know if he would return to retrieve it now or tomorrow.

Alexander didn’t even have to think twice and chose to return now. After driving ahead for around five hundred meters, he made a U-turn and returned to Sophia’s place.

After making the call, Sophia stood on the balcony. She spotted Alexander’s car when it turned into the path heading to her mansion and went downstairs with his phone.

Alexander got out of his car when she came out.

Opening the door, Sophia gave his phone back to him. “Did you do this on purpose?”

“If I said the answer was no, would you believe me?”

Sophia harrumphed. “Mr. Xenos, I didn’t know you liked playing tricks. When did this hobby of yours begin?”

The summer breeze was cooling, and Sophia’s features looked even more charming under the night light.

Alexander gazed at her as reluctance rose in his heart. He couldn’t bear to leave her.

After taking his phone, he wrapped his arms around her and buried his head into her shoulder. “Sophia, can I stay tonight?”

His voice was muffled and sounded pitiful.

Sophia arched a brow. His short hair fluttered in the wind, brushing across her chin and tickling her.

Reaching out to ruffle his hair, she chuckled and asked, “Do you want to see a magic trick?”

Alexander cast her a confused look. “What magic trick?”

Sophia’s lips curved as a smile nudged her lips. “Your progress will be reset to zero.”

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