Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 230

After Sophia posted the screenshot of her bank savings on Twitter, public opinion began to change on the Internet. Nevertheless, that couldn’t directly prove that Sophia didn’t get the money from Alexander or the Dawson family.

Sophia’s tweet could only prove she was rich.

Of course, someone also mentioned that Sophia’s company made a few celebrities famous these few years. As one of the biggest shareholders, Sophia could easily afford a few billion.

Nevertheless, that was quickly overturned as another netizen found Specter Entertainment’s financial reports.

Aside from the past two years, Specter Entertainment barely made enough to survive previously.

Katherine was breathless with anger. The netizens are fools! My IQ will decrease if I talk to them!

After calming down, she was smart enough to give Joshua a call.

Thus, Technology Innovations’ official account tweeted shortly after: Sorry we forgot to introduce our second founder.

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Sophia. They didn’t forget to tag the trending topic: Where did Sophia’s money come from?

The tweet came as a shock to everyone. After all, everyone knew Technology Innovations’ share prices shot upward like a rocket after it got listed.

Technology Innovations was only worth around one billion when it was first listed. Six months later, it was now worth above three billion. Besides, Technology Innovations was the first technology company in the country that focused on AI research and development. Clearly, it had a bright future ahead.

As science and technology advanced at a rapid pace, AI was now an emerging trend. Many tertiary education institutions had set up AI majors for their students.

Now, Technology Innovations’ official Twitter account had just revealed that Sophia was one of their directors.

Before Technology Innovations was listed, there were only two shareholders. One was Joshua Lewis, and the other was…

Of course, no one paid attention to Sophia in the past or bothered to investigate her background. Now that it had been mentioned, the netizens soon discovered that the official account wasn’t hacked. Sophia was indeed the other biggest shareholder in Technology Innovations.

After the revelation, many netizens stopped making outrageous comments about where Sophia’s money came from.

However, that didn’t mark the end of the incident. Horatius Swain from Onyx Builders was pretty active on Twitter, too. After Technology Innovations revealed its founder on Twitter, he also tweeted a sarcastic tweet: Just because you all can’t earn that much money doesn’t mean you have the right to suspect someone else’s income! Let me reintroduce someone—this is the godsister my father got for me! Oh, I forgot to mention that Sophia hasn’t agreed to it yet.

Horatius’s tweet rendered the other stubborn netizens speechless.

Sophia’s name remained on Twitter’s trending list since the board of directors meeting this morning.

Even Perrin, who rarely went online, learned about the incident. Of course, Kylie got to know about it earlier than him.

She even called Lukas to talk about the matter.

Lukas was stumped, for Sophia had asked for his help to keep her identity a secret. Hence, he could only tell his mother, “All I can say is that Sophia has been doing well the past few years.”

To be honest, Lukas was pretty shocked to discover all the investments Sophia had done over the years.

Penelope would be proud to know her granddaughter is just as smart and capable as her.

Kylie wasn’t a fool, and Lukas was her son. His answer might be ambiguous, but she could guess that Sophia must’ve kept a huge surprise hidden from them.

After learning about the commotion online, Perrin could barely hide his surprise. He felt bad for Sophia and kept imagining how hard her life must have been after her parents died.

Kylie wanted to say something but was at a loss for words.

What else could she say?

Lukas was being vague, so she couldn’t really reveal anything to Perrin either.

In the end, Kylie’s eyes turned red along with him. “Yes, Sophia must’ve led a tough life.”

Lukas had just gotten back home from work when he overheard his mother’s words. He was speechless.

Susan was about to explode with rage when she learned about the turn of events. Anger swept over her as she broke her favorite cup at home.

What has Sophia done to deserve this?

The discussion caused by Expedite’s board of directors meeting went on for some time before dying down. Everyone who had access to the Internet in Jadeborough knew about the matter.

When Kristen and Thalia saw the trending headline, their first reaction was that Sophia didn’t leave Alexander without getting anything in return.

Sophia was able to fork out a few billion with three hundred million left in her account. That was a lot of money, so they assumed she got the money from the Xenos family.

Thalia’s cheeks burned with anger. “Mom! This is our family’s money!”

Kristen felt the same way. “I know, but your brother is obsessed with her nowadays.”

Thalia was certain Sophia had gotten the money from Alexander. In total, Sophia had at least two billion in her account. Thalia had never seen so much money in her life. Furious and resentful overwhelmed her entire being as she made up her mind to get the money back.

The matter resulted in a chain of events.

Despite being the person involved, Sophia stopped paying attention to the matter after she posted that tweet on Twitter. After all, it was more important to earn money.

Katherine, as usual, was well-updated on the gossip, so she reported the subsequent happenings to Sophia in detail.

After finishing work, Sophia read her comment and understood what happened.

Horatius is getting involved, too? What a lively situation.

Sophia’s lips curled into a grin. Right then, Alexander sent her a text: Have you gotten off work?

Sophia replied: Yes. I just finished work.

Alexander: I’m downstairs.

Arching a brow, Sophia took her bag and left her office.

The moment she stepped out of the building, she saw Alexander’s car.

It was May in Jadeborough, and summer was here. The evening sun glowed brilliantly in the sky.

Five meters away, Alexander was sitting in the driver’s seat, staring at Sophia intently. The rays shone on his face, and his dark eyes seemed to glow.

Sophia felt her heart skip a beat.

After she entered the car, Alexander turned around to ask, “Can I ask about my progress?”

Sophia looked at him as her eyes twinkled. “It increased five percent.”

There is still forty-five percent to go.

Alexander gazed at her eyes which were crinkled up in delight. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he replied, “Okay. What do you want for dinner?”

“I haven’t decided yet.”

Alexander pondered over it. “What about tuna roll?”


It had been a while since she last ate a tuna roll.

Sophia’s phone vibrated upon receiving a text. It was a voice message from Katherine.

Without thinking much, Sophia played the voice message. “Soph, how did Alexander react when he realized you’re rich and capable? Was he surprised? Haha! I want to see his reaction. He used to think you were after his money, right?” A burst of laughter followed.

Sophia had played the voice message assuming that Katherine wouldn’t say much. As a result, Alexander heard Katherine’s words clearly.

That was the first time Sophia felt that awkward. The car rolled to a stop at the red light, and Alexander turned to look at her.

Embarrassed, Sophia was about to part her lips to explain when Alexander spoke. “I’m shocked but even more ashamed at the same time.”

He was frustrated and ashamed at how he misunderstood her previously.

Sophia glanced at him. “You don’t have to feel guilty. It was easy for you to get things wrong after what I did.”

After all, no one would ask for a reward of ten million, followed by one hundred million, then ask him to marry her.

I was really asking for a lot.

As he remained silent, Sophia thought about it and told him, “I didn’t mean to hide things from you.”

“I know.”

I remember she told me many times that she had something important to tell me, but I didn’t bother paying any attention to her.

Alexander bowed his head. A while later, he raised it to look at her. “I don’t mind if you hide things from me.”

Guilt rose in Sophia’s heart when she met his gaze. She ran her fingers through her hair and replied, “There’s nothing to hide.”

Alexander’s brows twitched. “Really?”

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