Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 229

This incident created quite a huge commotion in Jadeborough. Within a short moment, everyone was unable to accept the fact that Sophia went from being an abandoned wife of a wealthy family to the biggest shareholder of a company.

After all, when Sophia married Alexander, everyone knew very well that she had only two friends and no family. In fact, there were not a lot of people present for her at the wedding. Hence, many people underestimated her even before she married Alexander.

News of her divorcing Alexander and leaving without a single penny caused quite a stir too.

Now that Sophia was able to spend over a billion on Expedite in one go, everyone felt suspicious.

Hence, criticisms emerged in parallel to praises about how impressive Sophia was.

Within two hours, one of the influencers even published a five-thousand-word essay speculating where Sophia got her money from.

The essay proposed two hypotheses. Firstly, Sophia did not actually leave without a single penny after divorcing Alexander—she merely did not seek any monetary compensation from him. However, she had demanded fixed assets such as property and cars. Otherwise, there was no way she could continue living in a mansion, driving a luxury car, and living life so freely.

The second hypothesis was that Sophia had borrowed the money from her fiancé, Lukas—in other words, from the Dawson family.

Both hypotheses seemed quite reliable and logical.

Naturally, the author was more inclined toward the first hypothesis. He believed that since the Dawson family had always kept a low profile and Sophia was merely Lukas’ fiancée, there was no way they would fork out the money even if it was not a huge sum to them.

After the post was published, many people started analyzing why Sophia was willing to use all of her assets to become the biggest shareholder of Expedite.

They mentioned Sophia’s relationship with Bethany and Alexander, thinking that Sophia just wanted to take revenge for what had happened.

Afterward, a lot of netizens mocked Sophia. Even if she was wealthy, her divorce from Alexander was an unchangeable fact.

When Katherine was surfing the Internet and came across these comments, she was furious. She logged into her alternate account and started arguing with those netizens.

However, she accidentally messed things up. Since she did not manage to switch between her primary and alternate accounts in time, her alternate account got exposed. After Sophia trended on the top searches, Katherine appeared right behind her. Within five minutes, she even surpassed Sophia and emerged at the top of the rankings.

When Jonice saw that, she almost fainted from anger. She dashed from the newbies’ training room to Katherine’s office. “Are you out of your mind, Katherine?”

Since Katherine had already been exposed, there was nothing else that she could lose. “I can’t bear to watch this, Jonice! Don’t stop me!”

Jonice’s face was already pale. “Give me your phone!”


Those b*stards can scold me but not Sophia!

After saying that, she quickly drafted a post on her main account. Yeah, it’s me! If you’re capable, argue with me here! Otherwise, shut up! Go ahead and scold me. However, if you dare to scold my bestie, I’ll wish death upon your family!

After Katherine posted that, Jonice’s phone buzzed. Since she had specifically followed Katherine on Twitter, she immediately saw a notification for the new post on her phone.

Jonice trembled in rage. “Do you still wish to stay in the entertainment industry, Katherine?”

On the other hand, Katherine was very calm. “Don’t panic, Jonice. See, many people are praising me for being brave! Now that things have become like this, why don’t you let me argue online for another two hours?”

Throughout her years of working as a manager, this was the moment Jonice felt like she would probably retire early due to Katherine.

News soon spread to Sophia. Yvonne briefly summarized what had happened to her. “Ms. Yarrow, about Ms. Quinn…”

Sophia chuckled. “No need to delete them. Tell Mark to draft a few legal complaints for me.”

Yvonne nodded. “Okay, I’ll inform him right away.”

“All right,” replied Sophia before whipping out her phone and logging into her account, which had been inactive for a long time.

She gained a lot of followers after she argued online during the awards ceremony. However, she had not logged into that account after that, which led to it appearing like a spam account.

However, that account had now come alive. Sophia casually took a screenshot of the remaining funds she had on her credit card and added a caption: The ignorant fools can never understand.

The funds on the credit card she had randomly taken a screenshot of were not that high—merely around three to four hundred million.

When Katherine, who had been lecturing the others online, saw Sophia had posted something, she thought that it would be a touching post about their sisterhood. Never had she expected to see Sophia blatantly bragging about her wealth.

It was not a great feeling to see the number of digits in that screenshot.

However, that did not stop Katherine from her mission to lecture the others online. Although she normally seemed quite aloof and cold, she decided to overturn that image after her alternate account was exposed. She spent the entire morning arguing with the other netizens. None of them could win her, and many simply went offline to protect themselves.

Soon, Sophia’s post where she bragged about her wealth appeared on the top searches. It was swiftly followed by the official legal complaint that Mark had posted online.

Felix kept himself updated with the news. Every time something happened, he would report it to Alexander.

Initially, Alexander wanted to instruct someone to delete all the top searches. However, it seemed like he had underestimated Sophia too much.

“Mr. Xenos, I discovered that the two influencers encouraging the rest to slander Ms. Yarrow received five hundred thousand in their accounts three hours ago.”

“Who did that?”

“The person who transferred the money is called Susan Dawson.”


Alexander frowned slightly. “Send the details to me.”

He wanted to claim credit from Sophia.

“Okay, Mr. Xenos. I’ll send them to you now.”

Soon, Alexander received the screenshotted details. “Continue following up on this matter.”

“Yes, Mr. Xenos.”

Even without Alexander’s commands, Felix would still update himself about it. It was his first time being so excited about keeping up with the drama. Ms. Yarrow really kept her true abilities hidden so well!

Felix was so excited that he could not help but send a question mark to Yvonne, whose number had been idly lying in his contacts for a few months.

When Yvonne received Felix’s message, she frowned and texted back: What’s up?

Felix replied: Nothing. I just want to ask how Ms. Yarrow’s planning to deal with the stuff online.

Thinking that he was asking on Alexander’s behalf, Yvonne did not suspect anything much. Since it was not something that could not be divulged to others, she told him briefly.

After reading the message, Felix felt excited for no reason.

Ms. Yarrow is truly my goddess! She managed to rebuke so many people without saying much!

At the same time, Sophia also received the screenshot that Alexander had sent to her.

When she saw Susan’s name, she had an inkling of what happened. Clicking her tongue softly, Sophia propped her chin on her hand and thought about it. In the end, she decided to deal with Susan much later to see what other tricks Susan had up her sleeve.

Perhaps because she still had not replied to him after a long time, Alexander messaged her again: Aren’t you going to thank me?

Sophia could not help but laugh before she answered with a voice message, “Thanks, Mr. Xenos.”

He replied quickly: Are you just going to express your gratitude verbally?

Sophia scoffed and texted: What else do you want, Mr. Xenos?

This time, Alexander sent a voice message instead of a text. “Can my progress bar increase a little, Sophia?”

When his deep and mellow voice sounded from the phone, Sophia blushed.

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