Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 228

As the previous chairman, Tobias naturally had to attend Expedite’s new board of directors’ meeting and hand things over.

When Sophia and Yvonne arrived, they coincidentally bumped into Tobias and his secretary.

Tobias’ expression soured when he spotted Sophia. He shot an unhappy glance at his secretary and asked, “Why is she here?”

The secretary did not know either. “I’m not sure too, Mr. White.”

As Sophia had a significant role to play in Expedite’s current situation, Tobias hated her guts.

With a grim expression on his face, he whispered into his secretary’s ear, “Tell the receptionist to stop her.”

Nodding, the secretary immediately informed the receptionist to stop Sophia.

When Sophia and Yvonne reached the receptionist’s desk, they were barred from walking forward. “Sorry, but there’s an important meeting in the office today. Irrelevant people are not allowed to enter.”

“Irrelevant people?” Sophia could not help but laugh. “Do you know who your current chairman is?”

The receptionist was stunned for a while. Looking at the smile on Sophia’s face, she replied timidly, “It’s Mr. Lewis.”

Very well. At least she still recognizes Joshua.

“Who instructed you to stop me?”

The receptionist gazed at Sophia. Although she did not know who Sophia was, the latter’s collected demeanor revealed that she had quite a high status.

Feeling timid due to Sophia’s stare, the receptionist buckled after two seconds. “I-It was Mr. White.”

“Tobias, huh?”


Instead of becoming angry, Sophia chuckled. “You probably know that your company has been acquired, right? In that case, does Tobias still hold much weight in Expedite?”

“N-Not anymore.”

The receptionist had never met someone who could render her speechless with just a few words like Sophia, and all with such a harmless smile.

With just a few sentences from Sophia, the receptionist let her proceed.

Sophia clicked her tongue. This Tobias is still acting like his doomsday hasn’t arrived.

Joshua and Robin entered just as she stepped into the lift.

Sophia glanced at Joshua and smiled. “Morning, Joshua.”

He nodded. “Did the receptionist stop you?”

“Yeah,” she replied calmly, her expression revealing no hints of anger.

Since they had known each other for years, Joshua understood Sophia’s personality well. Having engraved this incident in her mind, she would definitely repay the favor to Tobias when the opportunity arose.

The elevator rose and stopped on the eighth floor.

Expedite’s higher-ups were already waiting inside. The entire meeting would be live-streamed online, which was also a form of publicity.

When Tobias saw Sophia and Joshua enter, his expression immediately turned foul. “Mr. Lewis, isn’t it inappropriate for Ms. Yarrow to be here today?”

Joshua glanced at Tobias. “It’s much more appropriate for Ms. Yarrow to be here than you.”

“What do you mean?”

Tobias had been the chairman for so many years, yet Joshua showed a distinct lack of respect for his status. It felt extremely suffocating to not be able to vent his frustration.

“I meant whatever I said.”

Not wanting to say anything else, Joshua sat down. “Let’s start. Your confusion will be resolved later, Mr. White.”

Falling silent, Tobias slumped on his chair furiously and glared at Sophia.

Sophia met his gaze and shot him a slight smile.

Soon, the meeting reached the most important stage—formally introducing the new chairman. The insiders in the business industry had already known that Expedite’s new chairman would be Joshua.

However, a few words later, Joshua dropped a bomb on everyone. “It’s all thanks to Ms. Yarrow’s trust that I have the honor of becoming Expedite’s chairman. Actually, Technology Innovations only contributed forty percent of the funds used in this acquisition. The rest was contributed by Ms. Yarrow privately, making her the biggest shareholder of Expedite.”

Tobias was dumbfounded when he heard that. “Mr. Lewis, are you joking? When I discussed it with you, it was Technology Innovations…”

Joshua glanced at Tobias. “Did you set a condition stating that Technology Innovations must fork out all of the funds for the acquisition, Mr. White?”

Tobias paled and sat back down, his face completely ashen. “N-No.”

When he glanced at Sophia, he saw her sitting there with the usual smile hanging on her face. She even chuckled upon sensing his gaze. “Did that come as a shock to you, Mr. White?”

Tobias’ gaze flitted between Joshua and Sophia. “So you joined forces and have been toying with me all along?”

“You must be kidding, Mr. White. Who’d joke around with billions?”

Tobias was rendered speechless by Sophia’s casual remark. He was so angry that his expression darkened, yet it was pointless for him to say anything else now that everything had been decided.

Furthermore, even if he knew that Sophia was involved in this, he did not dare to keep clinging to the company, given Expedite’s current situation.

Tobias was so overwhelmed with rage that he jumped to his feet and stormed away. With a raised eyebrow, Sophia cast her gaze downward and smirked.

She had already said that she was a vengeful person.

Soon, the live stream of Expedite’s meeting spread across the Internet like wildfire.

It was evident that Tobias had been played to the point of no return.

However, the grudge between the White family and Sophia was much more complicated.

Soon, someone placed the spotlight on Bethany, following which Alexander was dragged into the discussion.

Someone speculated that Sophia had planned this for a very long time and spent over a billion because she was still hung over how Bethany had snatched Alexander away back then.

However, more people were focused on how Sophia could fork out over a billion so easily when even Joshua could barely do it.

This discussion became heated quickly, but Yvonne suppressed it within half an hour.

Sophia still had to make a trip to Sunshine Group after leaving Expedite.

Tobias headed home immediately after departing Expedite. So furious that his blood pressure soared, he sat on the couch and fumed.

Bethany just found out about what had happened earlier. When she returned and saw Tobias sitting there with his expression as black as thunder, her hatred for Sophia soared again.

“Don’t be angry, Dad. Take care of your health.”

Tobias’ eyes flitted open after he heard Bethany’s voice. “Sophia isn’t someone to be trifled with. Don’t provoke her again in the future. You can’t beat her!”

Bethany nodded. “I know, Dad. I’m not opposing her much now.” “Don’t be scared. We’ve still got Cameron in the White family,” Tobias added with a sigh.

“I know that too, Dad.”

Cameron was indeed an impressive man. Despite his young age, he had accomplished much overseas.

However, no matter how impressive he might be, losing Expedite caused the White family to fall to rock bottom after enjoying over twenty years of glory.

Tobias was so infuriated by Sophia’s antics that he could not even eat, causing his wife to secretly curse at Sophia.

Still, since everything had already been set in stone, there was nothing they could do.

News of this incident spread across Jadeborough within half an hour. When Samuel saw it, he thought that he was mistaken. He called Alexander and asked, “Alex, I didn’t see it wrongly, right? Did Sophia spend over a billion to acquire Expedite with Joshua?”

Did Sophia do something that even Charles doesn’t have the guts to do?

Alexander snorted disdainfully. “No, you’re mistaken. Tobias gave Expedite to Sophia and Joshua willingly.”

“What the f*ck? Sophia’s so impressive!”

Alexander scoffed. “I’m hanging up.”

He’s reacting so dramatically over such a minor incident. If he finds out that Sophia’s actually Suny, he’d be shocked to his core.

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