Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 227

It was already ten o’clock when they were done. Samuel was the one who lost the most money.

As for Sophia, she won three hundred thousand and was delighted.

Alexander parked the car outside the mansion and turned to look at her. “Are you happy?”

With an eyebrow raised, Sophia said, “Of course I am. I won so much money.

As she spoke, she hesitated slightly before she stretched out her arm. “Your phone.”

Obediently, Alexander handed her his phone. “Why?”

Sophia tapped to open his payment code and transferred half the money she had won to him. “Your reward.”


“Thank you, Mr. Xenos, for accompanying me to play poker.”

When Alexander noticed her beaming face, his Adam’s apple bobbed. He put his phone aside and said, “Instead of this reward, I prefer something else—”

With that said, he raised his hand to clasp the back of her head to pull her closer. Then, he lowered his head and kissed her.

Sophia grunted in shock. His breath tasted fresh and minty from the candy he had been eating. Though it stimulated her senses, it also had her losing herself in the kiss.

After some time, Alexander let go of her while staring at her with a burning gaze. “Go on in.”

As he spoke, he stroked her hair.

Sophia’s face was flushed when she opened the door and got out of the car. The chilly night breeze served to clear her mind. “Good night, Alexander.”

“Good night.”

Sitting in his car, Alexander watched as Sophia walked into the mansion step by step. He kept watching until the lights on the third floor were turned on. Only then did he lower his head and chuckle before driving off.

It was already eleven at night when Sophia saw Katherine’s texts. A smile spread across her face when she saw Katherine’s text that said: I knew it. You’re abandoning me now that you have that jerk! Without hesitation, she transferred five thousand two hundred to Katherine.

Early morning the next day, Katherine woke up to Jonice’s continuous calls. After she hung up the phone, she saw the money Sophia had transferred to her. She had long forgotten what she said last night and flattered Sophia again. Katherine messaged: Good morning, my dear! I knew I still had a place in your heart, Soph!

Sophia grinned the moment she saw Katherine’s text.

After putting her phone aside, she got out of bed to wash up.

It had been days since she went to Specter Entertainment. Today, she had to go back to attend a meeting.

Katherine was already at Specter Entertainment when Sophia arrived. As soon as Sophia entered the office, she was stopped. “I haven’t seen you in so long. Do you miss me, Soph?”

“What are you up to this time?” Sophia gave her a side-eye.

Katherine felt guilty under Sophia’s stare. “Is that how you see me?”

“I’m giving you three seconds. Spit it out. I haven’t got all day.” Flashing a half-smile, Sophia went on, “Three, two—”

Before she could continue counting, Katherine chickened out and admitted, “Fine. That’s the kind of person I am.”

She gave Sophia a shoulder massage as she asked, “Soph, is your yacht available?”

“Why? You want to borrow it again?” Sophia scoffed.

“Well, here’s the thing. Remember the variety show I mentioned last time? The first stop of the show is at the seaside. They want to film the opening on a yacht.”

Sophia pushed her hands away. “Can’t you just rent a yacht?”

“Well… You own the most luxurious yacht in Jadeborough. I mean, of course, Samuel owns one too. Could you ask him to lend it to me?”

Raising a brow, Sophia retorted, “You forced me to join this show with you, and now you’re borrowing my yacht. Kathy, don’t you think you should tell me what you have to do with this show?”

“There’s nothing special, to be honest. I’m just one of the sponsors. Hehe!”

A snort escaped from Sophia’s mouth on that note. “That’s amazing. You even know how to make investments now.”

Katherine felt Sophia had a hidden meaning in her words. From her past experiences, she concluded that it was nothing good. Thus, she decided to ignore it. “I learned it from you.”

“This is not how I taught you to invest,” Sophia said.

After a moment of silence, she added, “Contact Xavier yourself.”

The keys weren’t with Sophia since the yacht was managed by Xavier.

It took a while for Katherine to understand her. After she came to her senses, Katherine pulled Sophia into a tight embrace and gave the latter a peck on her cheek. “Gosh, I love you so much!”

Sophia wiped the drool off her face in disdain and huffed. “Don’t leave your saliva on my face.”

Katherine was dumbfounded after she heard that.

Isn’t my kiss the main point? Why is her focus on the saliva?

At that moment, Jonice pushed open the door and came in to remind the two to attend the meeting.

After the meeting, Sophia had lunch with Katherine under the latter’s demand.

As soon as Sophia returned to the mansion, she received a call from Yvonne.

Sophia raised her brows. After pouring herself a glass of water, she answered the call while sitting on the couch. “Yes, Ms. Leighton?”

“Ms. Yarrow, someone has been looking into you lately.”


Many people were investigating her, but this person must be someone special for Yvonne to call her personally.

“It’s Mr. Lane.”

Oh. It’s Felix.

“Let him.” Sophia smiled.

After all, it would be up to his capabilities whether he found anything.

Indeed, Felix couldn’t find any information on the relationship between Suny and Sophia. However, he discovered something strange. It seemed that Sophia and Suny had never made an appearance together before. Even for a crucial appointment, they had never appeared together.

A bold idea suddenly came to Felix. He brought the information he had gathered to Alexander again. “Mr. Xenos, I haven’t found any relationship between Suny and Ms. Yarrow. If I have to pinpoint anything, I can only tell you that Suny and Ms. Yarrow both graduated from the same major at Jadeborough University.”

So they were from the same university department?

Alexander looked through the information, and there was no difference from what Felix had discovered previously.

However, Suny was a strange person. Seven years ago, a person named Suny appeared out of nowhere in the investment scene. Up until now, nobody knew who this person was.

Suny had never shown up in public and remained mysterious while occasionally attending a few meetings. So many years had passed, and even the best private investigators couldn’t figure out the real identity of Suny.

Alexander also noticed something strange. He heard that Suny had attended every meeting of Sunshine Group in the past two years. It was no longer like before when they only attended crucial meetings.

Yet, Samuel didn’t see Suny in person when he went to Sunshine Group previously. He only saw Sophia and Yvonne.

Recently, Sophia had been attending many appointments in place of Suny. It was evident that Suny thought highly of her.

Besides that, Yvonne’s attitude toward Sophia didn’t just seem friendly but similar to the relationship between him and Felix.

“What else did you find out?”

With a pounding heart, Felix looked at Alexander. “Mr. Xenos, I have a bold speculation.”

“What is it?”

“Based on my investigations, I discovered that Ms. Yarrow and Suny have never appeared together in public before. Ms. Yarrow is Suny’s assistant, while Ms. Leighton is Suny’s secretary. The two should be by Suny’s side. However, whenever I see Ms. Leighton, she is always beside Ms. Yarrow.” Thus, he made his bold guess. “I think it’s likely that Ms. Yarrow is the same person as Suny.”

Raising a brow, Alexander lifted his head to look at Felix. It was rare for Felix to share the same sentiment as him.

“You can halt the investigation now.”

Alexander wasn’t sure why Sophia wanted to conceal her identity. However, since she didn’t want to make it public, he wished to help keep her secret.

If Sophia were Suny, everyone at Jadeborough would be dumbstruck when the truth was revealed.

Thinking of the people that cursed Sophia in the past, Alexander was looking forward to that day.

How mischievous you are, my Sophia.

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