Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 226

Send the address.”

Alexander had wanted to ignore Samuel, but he thought the latter was still somewhat helpful in light of the questions he had raised just now.

Since Sophia did not want to make their relationship public, he would deny all the accusations.

However, he had no control over what Charles and the others thought.

With that, he hung up the call and glanced at Sophia, who was by his side. “Let’s go over there together.”

Sophia harrumphed. “Why am I going too?”

Alexander played with her stray strands of hair. “Samuel knows we’re together right now. He will learn about our relationship if you don’t go. Do you want to make that public?”

Sophia pursed her lips. “Let’s go.”

I shouldn’t have been so rash!

“Sit tight, my future Mrs. Xenos.”

Sophia’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that.

She turned her head to look at Alexander. He was driving calmly as if there was nothing wrong with his statement.

Mrs. Xenos? As if I care. It’s not like I haven’t been one before.

Sophia withdrew her gaze as she experienced an unfathomable sense of ease. She felt as if her body was floating on a cloud.

All right, I’m looking forward to this a little.

Soon, the car came to a stop in front of a clubhouse. Although Sophia had been inside the clubhouse before, this was her first time entering with Alexander.

There was staff leading them respectfully along the way. Mr. Xenos’ name really works wonders!

“Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow, Mr. Schild, and Mr. Quail are inside the room.”

Justin owned this clubhouse, so Sophia was not worried that the staff would spread any gossip.

She nodded, while Alexander opened the door.

Then she followed him into the private room. After making a left turn from the entryway, she spotted the three men sitting on the couch.

“Sophia, what brought you here?” Samuel asked when he saw her. Then, he unwillingly took out his checkbook and wrote two checks for Justin and Charles.

Sophia arched her brow. “Haven’t you learned your lesson yet, Mr. Schild?”

It was a devastating blow to Samuel. He uttered, “You’re mean, Sophia.”

“It’s for your own good, or you will lose even more the next time.”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

He did not want to curse at a woman, so he looked at Alexander instead. “Can you keep her in her place?”


“Alex, you can’t be like this. You guys haven’t married yet. Where’s your courage?”

Sophia had just sat down when she heard Samuel’s words. She flushed slightly and stated, “There’s a misunderstanding, Mr. Schild. We didn’t get back together.”

Samuel tutted. “Then, are you guys choosing to stay as friends and forsaking the idea of a rekindled romance?”

Sophia froze before replying, “You can look at it that way too.”

After saying that, she smiled at Alexander.

Alexander could not stand it any longer and pulled Samuel. “You’re blocking the light.”

Samuel sat back in his spot and poked Charles. “What is Alex thinking? He wants to start by being friends.”

Charles cast a glance at him. “Ms. Yarrow is right. Why haven’t you learned your lesson?”

“You’re too much, Charles!”

“I’m simply speaking the truth.”

Samuel had the impression that the other three were dismissing him. “You people are so mean! I’m not going to be your friend any longer! I’ll treat you guys as strangers from the moment I step out of this room!”

As he spoke, he turned around and left. He noticed they were still chatting amiably when he reached the door.

Samuel turned the doorknob and yelled, “Don’t stop me! I’ll fight anyone who stops me!”

Justin arched a brow. “No one’s stopping you. You can go.”

“F*ck! I’m not leaving anymore!” Samuel returned and huffed. “If I leave after you guys ask me to leave, isn’t that embarrassing?”

Alexander looked at him with disdain. “Go ahead. What’s the juicy gossip?”

Samuel glanced at Sophia. “I don’t know if I should say it. Sophia is right here.”

Sophia smiled. “It’s okay. You can say it. If it’s untrue, I can clear the air too.”

Samuel was delighted. “I heard you are related to Lukas Dawson?”

Sophia took the fruit juice Alexander handed to her and took a sip. “Who did you hear it from?”

“A friend.”

“I didn’t know you have friends in the Dawson family,” Alexander piped up.

“No. Lukas let it slip accidentally. He said he has a younger sister, but I know he doesn’t. Then, Sophia has been rather close with the Dawson family recently, so I suddenly had a thought that perhaps Sophia might be Lukas’ sister from another mother.”

Sophia’s hands trembled slightly. “You must not be that intelligent, seeing that you came up with a thought like this.”

Samuel was slightly flustered. Charles and Justin must have sensed something, as they covered his mouth quickly. “That’s enough. Stop with your guesses. Let’s listen to what Ms. Yarrow has to say.”

Sophia smiled. “Actually, you somehow hit the mark. I’m related to Lukas, but I’m not his younger sister from another mother. I’m his cousin.”

Upon hearing that, Samuel pulled Justin’s hand away from his mouth and said, “I knew it! You’re related to him! I’m so smart!”

Sophia eyed the smug Samuel. Alexander and the rest must not have had an easy time with him over the past few years.

Charles glanced at Alexander and noticed the latter was calm. “Alex, you knew about this?”

Of course, he’s aware of it, or else he wouldn’t be so calm after the news of Lukas and Sophia became the trending topic on the internet. He would have called us out to drink.


Samuel was rendered speechless.

It was rare for the four of them to meet, so Charles actually had something to tell Alexander. However, he found it hard to say when Sophia was present.

Alexander noticed his gaze. “It’s all right. You can say it.”

Charles smiled. “Be careful of Darion. He’s been making a move recently.”

Darion Xenos was Alexander’s uncle. However, he was not a direct member of the Xenos family, as he was not the son of Alexander’s grandfather but the son of Alexander’s granduncle.

Alexander’s expression darkened. “Okay, I got it.”

Then, they started chatting about the current market situation.

Sophia simply listened and did not speak.

Samuel suggested playing poker around eight in the evening.

Alexander glanced at Sophia as the latter raised her brows. “Did Mr. Schild not lose enough the previous time?”

Samuel replied, “I was unlucky back then.”

It has nothing to do with intellect.

Sophia grinned. “Sure. Let’s play.”

She couldn’t ruin the mood by declining to play since she was already there.

Although there were five of them, Samuel forbade Alexander from playing because he would always lose the most money when the latter played.

It was not that Samuel was afraid of losing; he wanted the game to be more enjoyable.

Soon, an hour passed.

Samuel looked at his empty box of betting chips. “It’s getting late. Sophia, are you not going back for your beauty sleep?”

Sophia smiled. “It’s okay to sleep late every now and then.”

That rendered Samuel speechless.

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