Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 22

Sophia went downstairs after washing up. James had already prepared breakfast. She went straight to the dining table, sat down, and asked, “Have you checked the trending news today?”


In fact, soon after he woke up, Katherine called him.

Photos of him following Sophia back to her house had been secretly photographed. There were even photos of them having dinner. At the present moment, the entire internet was exploding with news claiming that Sophia was his sugar mommy and he had been staying together with her in her house.

Of course, they were both adults. Even though James was young, since they were both single, it was nothing wrong for Sophia to date a young hunk.

However, the matter went viral not only because Sophia was dubbed as his sugar mommy but also because of Mason and Howard, who had some scandals with her a few months ago.

Mason had risked the stress of a mass exodus of his top fans from his fanbase a few months before by publicly declaring his affection for Sophia. Most of his fans had assumed that they were a couple.

As for Sophia, she had been exposed to the internet when she married Alexander back then. Her mansion and car, which were more than millions, were naturally understood as gifts from Mason.

However, seeing how Sophia became a sugar mommy using Mason’s money, of course, the crowd was infuriated.

It was not the end of the trending news. Some of the so-called insiders revealed that Sophia broke up with Mason instantly after making a fortune from him. She then turned to Howard and was the mysterious lady who was photographed together with Howard at the airport.

According to how fast Sophia was at changing her partners, many speculated that she had broken up with Howard already.

Those who were sympathetic toward Sophia were objective and impartial in commenting on her as they could understand that after three years of painful and unrequited love with Alexander, it was only natural that she gave up on love after the divorce.

They would even compliment her courage to divorce with no further strings attached and how charming and alluring she was.

Once the news went viral, Sophia not only faced reprimands from Mason’s fans but also assaults from Howard’s. Even from James’ even though the youngster had not made his debut and was merely a cover model.

The entire situation escalated to the point when Katherine gave Sophia a call; many people advised Mason to file a police report, claiming that Sophia had duped him.

Noticing that James was lacking in response, Sophia raised her brow. “You’re not worried that you’ll be ruined because of me?”

“Have I been popular?” The youngster lifted his head and looked at her with a faint smile.

Sophia was stunned for a second. “You’re quite optimistic.”

After having breakfast, Sophia left the house for Specter Entertainment with James.

She had been there a few times, so the receptionist recognized her. Sophia then led James to Katherine’s office.

“Soph, if you’re not here any sooner, I will personally go online and fight them!”

Upon seeing her, Katherine got to her feet from the couch instantly and gave her a huge hug.

Sophia willed all her strength and broke free from Katherine, chuckling. “What’s the rush?”

She then turned and cast James a glance. “You are the one who brought him over, but why isn’t there any provision made for him?”

Katherine felt slightly guilty. “This is unexpected. I didn’t know Joshua would come back all of a sudden.”

Sophia snorted. “You brought him here, so you can’t leave him without a care. I think you should let Jonice be his manager.”

Katherine didn’t dare to argue. Hence, she nodded and said, “I’ll let Jonice make the necessary arrangement.”

After that, she gave Jonice a call.

In actuality, Jonice already knew that Katherine got a young hunk. However, she was still shocked for a moment once she met James.

What a handsome face! It will be a waste if he does not become an actor.

Jonice delightfully took James away and left Sophia with Katherine in the office.

Katherine handed Sophia a tablet. “My dear Soph, the netizens are still raging with fiery discussions. There is someone who takes control of the news. I have requested Public Relations Department to trace it. Soph, what should I do? It’s hard to clarify things now.”

Sophia glared at her. “So you do know it’s hard to clarify things, huh? Back then, weren’t you the one who wanted me to make use of Macon’s and Howard’s exposure, to make an announcement to those who looked down on me that I could actually have a good life after divorce?”

Katherine pursed her lips. “I was wrong!”

Sophia was not in a mood to joke around with her. She scrolled through the tablet, clicked on some comments, and heaved a sigh. “It seems like I can no longer have a low profile.”

Katherine’s spirit was lifted upon hearing her words. “Soph, you finally want to reveal that you’re actually a billionaire?”

“Get lost!” Sophia cast her a glance. “Find out who is in control of the news first. Wait for the situation to become more heated, then let Mason and Howard post a status on Twitter tonight.”

“What should they post?”

“What else can they post about? Aren’t the netizens claiming that I had duped them both? If they know that I am the largest shareholder behind Specter Entertainment, what else can they say?”

Katherine finally understood. “That’s brilliant! Soph, you’re the best.”

The moment she thought of a bunch of people being proven wrong and humiliated, Katherine couldn’t contain her excitement.

Sophia tilted her head and smiled. “Isn’t that what you said before? It’s delightful to prove others wrong and watch them be humiliated.”

“That’s right! I told you to reveal your identity back then. Since you’ve always maintained a low profile, those people genuinely believe that you married Alexander, that jerk, because of his wealth.”

Hearing Katherine mention Alexander, Sophia retracted her smile and responded, “I don’t want them to vie for my money.”

Katherine was speechless. That’s make sense.

Just then, Sophia’s phone rang. She took a glance. “Ms. Leighton?”

“Ms. Yarrow, Mr. Smith from Magic Sense contacted me. He says he is willing to accept your conditions. I will take care of the contract and send it to your mansion. Is that all right?”

This is a good news!

Sophia smiled. “Yes, of course. Thanks for your hard work, Ms. Leighton.”

“It’s my responsibility.”

Yvonne pursed her lips and hesitated for a second. “Ms. Yarrow, do you want me to take care of the matter on the internet?”

“No, it’s fine. Katherine will handle it.”

Knowing how close Katherine and Sophia were, Yvonne was pretty reassured. “Okay. That’s all for now. Goodbye.”

Katherine rushed toward Sophia once she hung up the phone. “You seem happy, Soph. What kind of big project you’ve got?”

“Nothing big. I just invested in a new company.”

Katherine clicked her tongue. “Which company you’ve invested in isn’t reaping a huge reward?”

It was undeniable that Sophia was talented in investment. She had earned loads for the past few years.

Honestly, Alexander was rich. However, if one were to compare both of their wealth, it would be quite difficult to determine who was wealthier.

Sophia was in a good mood. “Let’s go. I’ll treat you to a meal.”

“I want to eat Ferropenian cuisine! Three Michelin stars restaurant!”

“Let’s go!”

Katherine packed her stuff and followed Sophia out. In the meanwhile, the internet was flooded with angry comments toward Sophia.

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