Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 21

The Magic Sense team was still considered a steady player in the market. There were a lot of young entrepreneur teams recently aimed at their company’s financial matters only but not the long-term development.

Sophia was not very fond of these kinds of entrepreneurial teams. She was a businessperson that would definitely want to gain the most benefit from the investment. She would not wish to dump her coins into a pond that wouldn’t even splash.

Sophia had previously read their proposal when it was first presented. The one she was reading was about the same but with some modifications to the details.

She remained silent ever since she had the proposal. Robert felt a great sense of uneasiness. “Ms. Suny, I’m quite confident with my company’s product and also my team members. Moreover, the original intention of this software is to provide better preventive measures to society. There are more and more sexual assault incidents happening in these few years. I believe that this software will be like Paypal and become a staple in our daily life. Our team is the only and first company that has started developing the software. We are confident that we can dominate the market and be unrivaled.”

As soon as he finished his words, Robert realized that he was panicked.

The worst thing for negotiation was impatience.

However, he had no choice. The proposal had been sent out to most of the investment companies. Some of them contacted him, but that was it after the face-to-face discussion.

The software developer in the country was not the same as before. Plus, the online market placed a strong focus on speed and innovation. Similar ideas could be come across by the others along with them.

They had already developed the software. However, they needed capital to run the post-operation, maintenance, and even marketing expenses to enter the market.

In conclusion, it was difficult to do anything without capital. Suny was the last hope for Magic Sense. So, it was impossible for him to stay calm.

At last, Robert was desperate. He took a sip of the lemonade. “Ms. Suny, we can give you fifteen percent shares.”

Sophia kept the proposal away, raised a brow, and said, “Okay, deal. Half a million, fifteen percent shares, and veto power. So, Mr. Smith, if you have no other questions, I will hand this over to my secretary to complete the rest of the procedures with you.”

She paused for a second and added, “Another thing; that five hundred thousand is my personal investment in your company. It will not be under Sunshine Group.”

Robert frowned upon hearing her words. “I need to discuss with the rest of my shareholders.”

Though less than they had anticipated at five hundred thousand, it was still in an acceptable range. However, if the collaboration were not under Sunshine Group, that would be a huge difference for them.

Sophia had already expected that. She smiled. “Sure. Once you have made up your mind, you can contact my secretary, Ms. Leighton.”

“Okay. Thank you for dropping by, Ms. Suny.”

Sophia raised her brows slightly and smiled. “I have high hopes for you and your team. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together.”

“I’ll talk to our shareholders and consider about it seriously.”

Noticing that it was getting late, Robert suggested having dinner together.

However, Sophia rejected him politely as she thought of James being alone back at the house.

“Okay. I’ll take my leave now,” Robert said politely.

Sophia nodded in response. They parted ways in front of the coffee shop.

After bidding Robert farewell, Sophia drove to the mall and bought two sets of steak for dinner.

It was already late when she returned home.

Sophie parked the car in the garage. “Genie, help me boil the water. Thank you.”

Immediately after Sophia finished speaking, the systematic sound voiced, “Ms. Yarrow, the water is ready for you.”

Sophia was stunned for a moment and remembered that James was still in her house.

“Okay. I got it.”

Just as Sophia made her way up the stairs, she was greeted by the savory aroma of food. At that moment, her stomach growled.

She thought she was hallucinating because of the hunger.

“I’ve made some food,” James stated.

When she walked up to the second floor, she found out that she was not hallucinating.

James appeared to be in an apron and was holding a ladle. In the kitchen, there was a sizzling sound from the non-stick pan.

Sophia was surprised. “You can cook?”

“Mm.” James nodded in acknowledgment and went into the kitchen again.

Sophia looked at him as he walked away and giggled. “Tsk! He’s quite a good homemaker.”

She stood there for a few seconds, then turned and headed to the third floor. She changed into a loose T-shirt with baggy pants and walked downstairs.

James had the dishes ready and was serving the food at the dining table.

Sophia went to the kitchen to wash her hands. When she saw the four dishes and a bowl of soup, she glanced at the young man and said, “It seems like you’re a good cook.”

“Practice makes perfect.” There was not much talking from him, and she was not Katherine either. She smiled and did not say anything further.

She was right about James. After all, he had good cooking skills. Sophia was kind of envious of him as she was a terrible cook.

After filling up her tummy, she spoke to him like a caring elder sister, which was quite a rare sight. “You turned eighteen this year?”


“Aren’t you supposed to be attending school at your age?”

“Katherine asked to sign the contract first, and she will help me with school enrolment.”

“Okay,” Sophia replied. She took a sip of the soup and asked, “Your family is okay with that?”

The youngster’s expression darkened at that moment. Sophia shrugged her shoulders and finished the soup. “I’ll do the dishes.”

“Let me do that.” James stood up instantly. Sophia withdrew her hands and did not argue with him.

James went ahead and washed the dishes. Meanwhile, she cut the cantaloupe that she had just bought and went to the living room. She turned on the television and enjoyed some fruits.

Soon, James was done with the dishes and walked out. Sophia pointed at the cantaloupe on the table and said, “It’s sweet.”


Tsk. Such a tight-lipped young hunk. He’s acting like an old man.

She gave him a quick glance and said, “I’ll be upstairs. Call me if there’s anything.”


Okay again. Does he say anything else?

She raised a brow and did not expect to hear him say anything more. Then, she turned around and headed upstairs.

However, James did not come to look for her even until she fell asleep.

That was the end of a pleasant day. Before falling asleep, Sophia sat on the bed, upset as she thought about what Alexander had said that noon.

She got up and opened a bottle of wine. Then, she drank half of it, hoping to have a good night’s sleep.

Just like what she had wished for, she managed to enjoy a peaceful sleep that night.

Sophia was awakened by Katherine’s repeated phone calls early the next morning.

She clenched her phone and massaged her temples. “If I’m not wrong, it’s only quarter past seven.”

“I’m really sorry, Soph. I have a reason for this.”

Sophia frowned. “What happened?”

“Nothing much. It’s just that you’re trending once again. It is not very positive, though.”

Hearing that, she did not expect Katherine to explain further. “Okay. I get it. I’ll have a look by myself. Bye for now.”

“Give me a call right after that and tell me how to handle it. Something must be done. The trend does not seem to abate with time. However, it will not reflect well over time as well.”

Sophia snorted. “Okay.”

After saying that, she hung up the phone and clicked on the Twitter app.

After getting clear of the ins and outs of the situation, Sophia chuckled. She threw her phone on the bed and headed to the bathroom.

That’s not a big deal.

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