Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 20

A strange feeling rose in Alexander’s heart as he watched Sophia gradually approaching him. At first, he thought she was going to do something to him. To his surprise, she stopped in her tracks when she was about a few steps away from him.

She merely fixed her eyes on him without saying anything.

When Alexander saw someone entering the restaurant from the outside, he frowned and took a step backward. “You can’t seduce me. I was never interested in you.”

Sophia, too, stepped back and looked at him, smirking. “I guess I wasn’t wrong when I said you live in a dream. Did you know what I was doing just now?”

Alexander knew her next sentence would be displeasing to the ear, but he still asked out of curiosity, “What?”

“I was trying to see if the word ‘shameless’ is written on your face. Otherwise, why is your behavior so disgusting today?” When she finished, she scoffed, “Alexander, it’s time you understand this. The fact that I loved you three years ago doesn’t mean I’ll still love you three years later. Sure, I was the one who asked for marriage three years ago, but I was also the one who asked for a divorce three years later. So, you have to understand that my feelings for you vanished the moment I asked for a divorce. I said this long ago. Once we’re divorced, we’re just strangers. In fact, we can just ignore each other if no interaction is necessary. I believe I’ve been doing a great job so far. You, on the other hand, were throwing narcissistic and baseless accusations. It makes me wonder if you’ve suddenly realized you actually have feelings for me.”

Alexander’s face stiffened. When he was about to say something, Sophia turned around and returned to Mirage.

Alexander turned to watch her leave, his expression turning darker.

Immediately after that, he walked away as well.

As soon as he entered the car, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

The call was instantly answered by Felix. “Yes, Mr. Xenos?”

“There’s no need to discuss the collaboration with Expedite anymore.” With that, Alexander ended the call.

Felix lowered his head and stared at the words displayed on his phone: Call ended. He could not wrap his head around the situation. Did the people from Expedite offend him? They only had a meal, and the collaboration is canceled?

In the meantime, Sophia marched back into the hall. Her anger made her expression appear cold, preventing anyone from approaching her.

By the time she returned to the table, her anger had almost dissipated. Glancing at Katherine, she asked, “Are you done eating?”

Sensing her friend’s anger, Katherine answered, “Yeah.” She clapped her hands and turned sideways. “Why are you angry? What did Alexander want to talk to you about?”

Sophia was not in the mood to talk about it. Shaking her head, she answered, “Nothing.”

Katherine made a sensible decision to stop questioning. “Calm down. Bethany left with a tense look on her face as well. Looks like their discussion also didn’t go well.”

Truth was, Sophia was angered by Alexander. Thus, she merely grunted in response, feeling uninterested when Katherine talked about Bethany.

Sophia then cast James a glance. “Are you done eating?”


Sophia had no intentions of staying there anymore. Taking her bag, she uttered, “I’ll send both of you home, then.”

Noticing Sophia was in a bad mood, Katherine took a sip of coffee and gazed at the unfinished dishes on the table, looking reluctant to leave the restaurant. Even so, she still grabbed her bag and got up, getting ready to leave.

After stepping out of Mirage, they stumbled into Joshua. Sophia raised a brow and turned around slightly to glance at Katherine, who was hiccuping beside her. Smiling, Sophia said, “All right. Looks like I don’t have to send you home this time.”

Upon seeing Joshua, Katherine threw herself onto the former and hugged him, throwing aside her usual cold and arrogant attitude.

Joshua wrapped an arm around her while taking Katherine’s bag with the other. He then nodded toward Sophia as a form of greeting.

Sophia smiled. “I’ll hand her to you, then. Her luggage is still in my trunk.”

Joshua hummed in response before suddenly asking, “Are you free next month?”

Sophia raised a brow, recalling the matter about Technology Innovations’ launch. “I’m not going. You can go ahead.”


All three of them—Sophia, Katherine, and Joshua—had known each other for over twenty years. He knew if Sophia was being polite or serious by just listening to her words. Thus, Joshua did not insist any further.

He could not help but feel slightly helpless to have such a major shareholder who preferred having a low profile and not being in charge.

Joshua took Katherine’s luggage from James, while Katherine, who was already seated in the car, waved her hand. “Take good care of James, Soph! Love you!”

With that, she gave Sophia a flying kiss.

The latter side-eyed her and warned, “Watch out for paparazzi.”

Upon hearing that, Katherine quickly wound up the car windows.

If she was really captured by the paparazzi, it would take a fortune to suppress the news.

Soon, Katherine was taken away by Joshua, leaving James with Sophia.

Fastening her seat belt, Sophia queried, “Did Katherine arrange a dorm for you?”

James shook his head. “No.”

Sophia scratched the back of her head, finding the situation troublesome. “Do you mind staying at my house for now?” she offered.

Sitting in the passenger seat, James straightened his body subconsciously. “I don’t.”

He looked calm and indifferent on the outside, but his ears had turned red.


Smiling, Sophia started the engine, driving away from Mirage.

It was already past three o’clock in the afternoon by the time they arrived at the mansion. She arranged a guest room for him and taught him how to use Genie. By four o’clock, she drove out again.

Last month, her company talked to five start-up companies. After the first stage of evaluation, they decided to only invest in a company that developed online shopping apps. However, Sophia personally preferred the company that developed the app called With Evil—Magic Sense.

Sophia rarely showed up in the company. Since her preferred company did not pass the evaluation, she did not want to miss investing in it. Thus, she told her secretary to give her the contact details of Magic Sense’s founder. She was going to personally talk to the person.

The agreed time was half-past four; it was already four thirty-five by the time Sophia arrived.

As soon as she stepped into the cafe, she spotted a man dressed in a suit and sitting in the window seat.

The man was around twenty-five to twenty-six years old. He was also more good-looking in real life than in the picture.

Sophia liked good-looking people, which already gave her a good impression.

Striding over, she sat in front of the man, who seemed to be rather shocked. “I’m sorry, Miss. I’m waiting for someone.”

She smiled. “If you’re Robert Smith, then I guess I’m the one you’re waiting for.”

Robert gazed at the beautiful young woman before him in disbelief. “Suny?”

“That’s me. Did I give you a shock?”

When Robert saw the smile on her face, he felt less anxious. “I just wasn’t expecting the legendary Suny to be so young and beautiful.”

Raising her brows, Sophia responded, “Well, thank you for the praise.”

As she said that, she cast a gaze upon the proposal in front of him. “Mind if I take a look?”

“Of course not. I purposely prepared it for you,” Robert answered.

The investors he had been seeing recently were middle-aged men who were in their forties or fifties. It was his first time meeting such a young and beautiful investor like Sophia. Thus, he felt more confident with his words.

Sophia took the proposal from his hand. “Hold on. Let me take a look.”

In truth, she had already seen the proposal. She only wanted to see it again to check if there were any changes and see how sincere the other party was.

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