Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 19

Half an hour later, the car pulled up in front of Mirage.

Sophia had made a reservation before leaving her house. Hence, she was brought to a window seat right after announcing her name.

However, what happened next was like a drama scene that had turned into reality. Before the trio even took their seats, they spotted Alexander and Bethany sitting at a table behind them in a distance.

The incident from a month ago was still fresh in their minds. The thought of Bethany bringing the old hag to cause Sophia trouble made Katherine roll up her sleeves immediately, getting ready to start a new fight.

Before Katherine could say anything, Sophia raised her arm to stop the former. “Do you not want to have your meal?”

Sophia cast Katherine a brief glance. The latter opened her mouth to say something, but she gave in and sat down obediently.

Forget it. I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that shameless couple.

As soon as Katherine looked at the menu, she already forgot who was even sitting behind her. Putting on a pitiful look, she gazed at Sophia. “Soph, surely you won’t be that heartless and will only let me have blanched vegetables, right?”

Sophia took a sip of her coffee. “Order what you want, but don’t tell Jonice that it’s on me.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t betray you!”

Sophia said nothing else and handed the menu to James, who was sitting on the opposite end. “Don’t be shy. Order whatever you like.”

Katherine had the ability to talk to anyone she met. James was a person with few words, but with Sophia around, Katherine talked non-stop about the many incidents that happened during the advertisement shootings. The atmosphere at their table was jolly.

On the other hand, the atmosphere between Alexander and Bethany was cold as compared to the other side.

“Alex?” Bethany called out.

From the moment they sat down, Alexander never smiled at Bethany. When she saw Sophia and the others, she thought she had won.

However, Alexander only glanced at her coldly. His expression was indifferent, and there were hints of impatience in his dark eyes. “Where’s Mr. White?”

Bethany’s expression stiffened. “My dad encountered some delays on his way here. He’ll arrive soon.”

Hearing that, Alexander stood up right away. “Then, we’ll have the discussion next time when Mr. White is free.”

Bethany was at a loss. “Alex—”

The man who took two steps forward stopped in his tracks. Bethany’s eyes lit up, but she never expected to hear his heartless words of warning in the next second. “We’re not on close terms. Next time, please address me as Mr. Xenos.”


Katherine could not help but burst out in laughter.

Sophia threw her a glare, warning her not to be so arrogant. After all, provoking Alexander was not as simple as provoking Bethany. It was better to watch the drama in silence.

Noticing Sophia’s warning gaze, Katherine withdrew her smile and remained in her seat with a serious look.

Sophia picked up her fork and was about to take a piece of prawn from one of the dishes when another fork beat her to it.

Taken aback, she lifted her head and stared at James with a look of puzzlement.

“Let me,” James said in a deadpan manner. After releasing the piece of prawn onto her plate, he retracted his arm, as if he only wanted to serve her the prawn.

Sophia could not help but smile at his straightforwardness. “Thank you.”

Alexander, who was walking past their table, witnessed the scene, causing him to frown. However, he continued marching away, not bothering to stop in his tracks.

A few steps later, he turned back with a cold expression. “Come out with me for a while.”

The trio was stunned to hear the male’s cold voice all of a sudden.

Katherine looked at Sophia and then at Alexander before finally cowering in her seat, not daring to move.

Sophia’s hands were sticky from peeling the prawn’s shell. Taking a piece of wet tissue by the side of the table, she wiped her hands while asking, “Is something the matter, Mr. Xenos?”

As she wiped her hands, she frowned, looking rather puzzled. Yet, she looked as if she had no intentions of following him out to talk in private.

Alexander’s face darkened further. “Yeah.”

In the past, there was no need for him to make such requests. Instead, Sophia would approach him immediately as soon as she noticed him. However, he now had to repeat his request a few times before she was willing to follow him out.

Giving Sophia a final glance, Alexander turned around and walked out of the restaurant.

He was not accustomed to the change and was even feeling frustrated by it.

As soon as he left, Katherine’s courage returned, and she grabbed Sophia’s hand as the latter was getting ready to stand up. “Don’t go. It’ll be embarrassing for you to go over and talk to him just because he said so.”

Sophia pushed her hand away. “Stop messing around.”

Right then, James, who had been staying silent throughout the meal, suddenly got to his feet. “Do you want me to go with you?”


With a surprised look, Katherine stared at James, who was already on his feet.

Sophia raised her brow and glanced at James, flashing a halfhearted smile. “Did you give me the prawn on purpose?”

James said nothing, but his ears were slightly red.

When Sophia saw his reaction, she finally understood the situation. “It’s okay. He won’t do anything to me.”

With that, she followed in the direction where Alexander had walked to.

Katherine did not come back to her senses until Sophia had walked away. “James, don’t tell me you’ve fallen for Sophia?”

James returned to his indifferent self as he looked at Katherine. “I saw the news.”

Odyssey was one of the best companies in the country. As Alexander was the heir of the company, his marriage naturally captured the public’s attention. Even a divorce had caused Sophia to be scolded by the public countless times. Of course, James knew all about it.

Katherine clicked her tongue. “You’re indeed a smart one.”

Pursing his lips, James asked, “Does Alexander really not like Sophia?”

The mention of Alexander, the jerk who bullied Sophia, immediately triggered Katherine. “Of course! Have you ever come across a man not uttering a single word toward a woman he loved after marrying her for three years? He even let that old lady in his house bully Sophia all the time. Alexander’s mom is not the only one bullying her. Even the insignificant servants at the Xenos residence dared to order her around. If it wasn’t for Alexander’s tacit permission, who would dare to treat her like that?”

James furrowed his brows as he eyed Katherine, who was fuming with rage. In the end, he swallowed the words he wanted to say.

But I felt Alexander’s jealousy earlier.

Of course, James was in no position to give comments since he did not know the full story.

The moment Sophia stepped out of Mirage’s hall, she spotted Alexander, who was standing beside a potted plant.

Raising her brow, she strode over. “What’s the matter, Mr. Xenos?”

Although they had been divorced for three months, Sophia could not deny that Alexander was still as handsome as before.

Yet, after seeing many handsome men in her life, she realized her heart was as calm as still water when she saw him, which was rare.

Just as Sophia had returned to her senses, she suddenly heard his annoyed and resentful voice. “You don’t have to use such tricks to get my attention. It’s useless on me.”

Startled, she laughed out of frustration. “Alexander, are you living in a dream?”

Alexander stared at the woman in front of him. Her brows were furrowed, and her gorgeous face had a smirk as she glared at him, trying her best to contain her anger.

He was never treated with such mockery in his life. His eyes narrowed, and his gaze turned cold. “If you’re not trying to get my attention, then don’t play such childish tricks. I won’t be the slightest bit bothered, even if your friend gets a thousand or a million famous male celebrities to take turns being on the trending search with you.”

Every word that left his mouth was words of accusation and insult. Right then, it was as if Sophia’s patience had vanished in an instant. “Alexander Xenos,” she called out, narrowing her pretty eyes as she suddenly took a step toward him.

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