Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 18

That was the first time Katherine witnessed Sophia losing her temper. After she managed to catch up to Sophia, she trailed behind her friend meekly, not daring to say a word.

The two of them went straight to the underground parking lot. Only then did Sophia stop to look back at Katherine. “I’m going back first.”

Her expression was calm. Even Katherine was unable to discern if she was truly upset.

“Soph, surely you don’t miss that jerk, Alexander, anymore, right?”

Sophia had just opened the car door to get in when she heard that, and it made her snort in exasperation. “Do I look like I’m someone who’d get back together with my ex?”

“No! You don’t!”

Katherine shook her head fervently, but it made Sophia frown. “What do you mean with that expression of yours?”

“U-Um… Soph, care to look behind you?”

Sophia raised her eyebrows before turning around to look back. For once, she was actually stunned.

Nonetheless, she quickly pulled herself together. “I’m going now.”

She looked away and hopped into the car right away.

Alexander was standing some distance away from them, emanating an air that clearly implied people to stay away from him. Felix followed behind him, but the former stopped when he was half a meter from his employer, for he did not want to get caught in the crossfire.

Alexander had just been told off by Sophia earlier, so his mood was already bad. He didn’t expect to hear what she said the moment he just got to the parking lot. At the moment, his mood had gotten even worse.

Knowing that she had caused some unnecessary trouble, Katherine was trying to look for a way to escape. When she saw that Sophia had gotten into her own car, Katherine also hurried back to her own car to get away from the scene.

The red Ferrari gradually drove away and finally vanished in the distance. Only then did Alexander raise his hand to tug at his necktie.

“Mr. Lane!”

Felix walked up to him, feeling all jittery when his name was called. “Mr. Xenos?”

“Get a divorce announcement ready and post it online. There’s no need to inform me about it if something like this happens again in the future.”

With that, he glanced at Felix coldly.

Felix felt his scalp tingle. It wasn’t his fault that the incident happened. Furthermore, Sophia was innocent as well. Indeed, she had never coveted the Xenos family’s wealth for once throughout their three-year marriage. Now that she was divorced, she still had to endure other people’s doubts and humiliation. If Felix were to be in her shoes, he probably would have lost his temper at Alexander as well.

However, if this really happened to him, he doubted that he would be as brave as Sophia.

He had to admit that after this incident, he gained a certain level of respect for Sophia.

After Sophia got back home, she saw the divorce announcement Alexander had just issued. Compared to Katherine’s excitement, she felt nothing much. She merely took a rough look at it before exiting the webpage.

Alexander had declared that they were now officially divorced, and Sophia had left the marriage without taking any property from him.

Once the announcement was out, it caused quite a stir.

The people that were the most shocked were those of the Xenos family. They didn’t dare to call Alexander directly, so they called Thalia and Kristen instead.

When Kristen received the calls, she was truly furious, but she did not dare to direct her anger at Alexander. In the end, she simply cursed at Sophia every time she ended the call.

Bethany was in a similar situation as Kristen. The moment Alexander made that announcement, all her besties, including the fake ones, called her to interrogate her on the matter.

What happened? How should I know what happened?

In spite of the magnitude of the uproar caused by the announcement, Sophia made no response at all, so the incident gradually died down.

Soon, it was October, and Jadeborough was finally at the end of the scorching summer. The breeze was getting cooler in the city.

The moment Sophia arrived at the airport, she received a call from Katherine.

She turned off the engine of her car and took the phone to answer the call. “I just arrived.”

“Soph, I’m at Exit A11!”

“Got it,” she replied nonchalantly. Then, she took the car key and got out of the parking lot.

There were a lot of people at the international airport. Even after waiting for some time and seeing a few batches of people getting out of Exit A11, Sophia still couldn’t see the familiar face she was looking for.

Just when she had taken her phone out to call Katherine, the latter appeared from among the crowd and rushed toward her.

Since Jonice was not by Katherine’s side, she seemed like a bird out of a cage at the moment.

“Soph!” Katherine hugged Sophia tightly. “It had been more than a month since we last met! Do you miss me?”

Sophia glanced at her before turning her attention to the guy who was chasing after Katherine. “Is this the new artist you just signed a contract with?”

Katherine exclaimed in a lowered voice, “Yes, yes! Look at him! He’s eighteen years old! He’s such a fine young man, isn’t he? Let me tell you this though. Don’t underestimate him just because he’s young, because man, he sure has a temper! If it weren’t because I offered him a high salary, he probably wouldn’t have come with me!”

Sophia raised her hand to push Katherine away from her. “All right. That’s enough now. Do at least try to maintain a proper image before your new artist even though you never have one, to begin with.”

Her words seemed to have an effect though, for Katherine immediately reverted to her frosty and uncaring image as she watched the handsome young man approaching them. “Jae, this is Sophia. She’s my bestie. Give her a greeting.” However, Katherine couldn’t manage to keep that demeanor of hers for long, for she immediately reverted to her normal self before Sophia. “Soph, this is my new artist, James Farrell.”

After saying that, Katherine signaled at Sophia with her eyes.

The latter merely cracked a smile and greeted him nonchalantly. “Hello.”

However, James was even more stand-offish than she was. “Hello.”

Sophia thought that the young man was quite interesting, so she raised her eyebrows and said, “I’ve booked a restaurant to welcome you guys. Let’s go.”

“Oh, Soph, you’re the best!”

If it weren’t for the fact that they were currently surrounded by a crowd, Katherine would have hugged and kissed Sophia to show her gratitude.

With a half-smile on her lips, Sophia looked at her. “Jonice told me that you need to go to a show next week, but you’re slightly overweight now. You need a diet.”

“Oh, come on, Soph. You don’t have to be so blunt!”

Sophia took a look at her phone. “Or would you rather appear on the show with a bulging belly?”

As she spoke, she sneaked a meaningful glance at Katherine’s abdomen.

“I know I’m in the wrong now, Soph. I’ll get back to eating greens only.”

Sophia smiled in satisfaction. “Good girl.”

Since they had one extra person with them, Sophia didn’t come to the airport with her Ferrari. Instead, she drove the Mercedes-Benz in her garage.

She had just purchased that car the previous week, and she bought it so that she could drive it to business meetings. It wouldn’t be quite appropriate for her to drive a sports car to talk business with someone else, so she bought this new one instead.

Katherine tsked. “Soph, when did you get a new car?”

“Last week.” Sophia opened the door and walked to the trunk. “I’m sorry you have to do all the heavy lifting.”

James had three suitcases in his hands. If she weren’t mistaken, two of them probably belonged to Katherine.

The eighteen-year-old boy still looked pretty much like a teenager, but he sure had a frosty attitude. “Not at all.”

Sophia wasn’t one to chatter as well, so she simply nodded and went to the driver’s seat.

Meanwhile, Katherine was worried that she would get caught by the paparazzi, so she was already seated in the car with her seat belt on.

When she saw that Sophia had gotten into the car and James was still out there, Katherine made a face at Sophia and asked, “What do you think? He has such a boyish face, but he’s totally an iceberg, isn’t he? Don’t you think the contrast makes him totally attractive?”

Sophia gave her the side-eye. “You’d better control yourself. Joshua is coming back tomorrow.”

When Katherine heard Joshua’s name, she immediately shut up.

Soon, James got into the car as well, and Sophia started the car to get out of the parking lot and head to the city center.

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