Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 17

“You’re very bold, Ms. Quinn! Believe it or not, I can make you get kicked out of the entertainment industry tomorrow at once if I let my son speak to your boss.”

Upon hearing Kristen’s threat, Katherine laughed. “Old hag, do as you please. If I do meet my end in the entertainment industry tomorrow, I’ll go to the Xenos residence and bow down to you!”

Kristen was so enraged that her face turned bright red. “Y-You! You’re ill-mannered!”

“It’ll depend on whom I’m talking to. I don’t have to be polite toward you since an old hag like you doesn’t deserve my respect.”

Over the years, Kristen had gotten used to belittling Sophia while Bethany had always tried to please her, so Kristen thought that everyone was afraid of her.

However, encountering a troublemaker like Katherine had led her to the end of her naive thoughts. Kristen had a drastic change in her expression due to grief and anger.

She was aware that she could not win Katherine in the argument. Back then, Sophia would go against me too, but she wasn’t as impudent as this indecent woman.

Hence, Kristen changed her target to Sophia, who was sitting on the couch. “Is she your so-called friend? She’s an uneducated, ill-mannered woman who attains her objectives by using men. No wonder you guys become friends. It’s because both of you are the same kind of people.”

Sophia’s face instantly turned frosty. She stood up and scoffed while staring at Kristen, “No matter how bad we are, we are still way better than you, Old Mrs. Xenos. You’re a woman who abandoned her husband and children back then.”

Everyone in Jadeborough knew that Kristen had stolen some money and tried to elope with her lover back then. Now that fewer people dared to mention it, Kristen deceived herself that it had passed.

Thus, the sudden mention of the event by Sophia angered and embarrassed her.

Kristen was not an ordinary one when she was young. As time passed, she had no choice but to cover her true nature as prominent families cared much about their pride.

When Sophia exposed her past, Kristen could not care less about maintaining her elegant look and threw the metallic clothes rack toward Sophia. “Shut up, you b*tch!”

The latter turned slightly and dodged her attack. Meanwhile, a shocked Katherine hurriedly protected Sophia. “How dare you lay your hands on her, you old hag!”

Raising her hand to pull Katherine aside, Sophia glanced at Bethany and sneered. She then fished out her phone and called Alexander’s secretary.

Felix, who had just walked out of the conference room, was surprised to receive the unexpected call.

Upon seeing the caller ID, he flinched and immediately answered the call. “Ms. Yarrow?”

“It’s me. Can you inform Alexander to come to the Arterius store on the fourth floor of Central Square and fetch his old hag and pretentious new girlfriend? Tell him to get over here within half an hour and don’t be late. Otherwise, don’t blame me if anything happens to them!”

“Ms. Yarrow, what do you—”

Sophia had hung up the phone before Felix managed to ask what had happened.

Shock overwhelmed him as he lowered his head, staring at the phone call that lasted less than ten seconds.

It was the first time he learned about another side of Sophia. His impression of the latter was a woman who was always gentle and generous. As Alexander’s secretary, he had never seen Sophia getting angry over the three years of her marriage.

Who else could the old hag be if not Alexander’s mother, Kristen? As for the pretentious new girlfriend, it must be Bethany White, the woman recently rumored to be the most suitable marriage candidate for Alexander.

Felix immediately collected his thoughts and knocked on Alexander’s office door.

“Mr. Xenos.”


Felix gritted his teeth when he saw Alexander signing documents with a cold expression. “Ms. Yarrow has just called me.”

Alexander suddenly stopped flipping through the documents and lifted his head to look at Felix. “Okay. What did she say?”

Could it be that she regretted having a divorce? Hmph! It’s too late for that. I’ll never remarry a woman like her!

Having no idea what was on Alexander’s mind, Felix, who was aware that he could never convey Sophia’s words directly, changed his way of expressing it. “Mrs. Xenos went shopping with Ms. White today. It appears that they’ve bumped into Ms. Yarrow and her friend. There’s a conflict between them. Would you like to go there and check on them?”

A buzz sounded in Alexander’s head when he heard that. He felt as though he had been slapped by Sophia.

The slap was invisible yet humiliating.

Alexander’s face darkened when he glanced at Felix coldly. “What’s there to see?”

The latter froze and felt a chill run down his spine upon receiving Alexander’s sharp glare.

Recalling the seriousness in Sophia’s tone, Felix could tell that she was not joking.

Having heard many rumors about Sophia lately, he then realized that she was slightly different from the way she would be in his imagination.

“Ms. Yarrow sounded very angry, Mr. Xenos. Y-You should go and take a look.”

Alexander put his pen down. “How did she say it?”

Felix shivered. “I-I don’t dare to say it.”

“Tell me!”

“Ms. Yarrow said, and I quote, ‘Can you inform Alexander to come to the Arterius store on the fourth floor of Central Square and fetch his old hag and pretentious new girlfriend? Tell him to get over here within half an hour and don’t be late. Otherwise, don’t blame me if anything happens to them!”‘

Undeniably, Felix aced as a secretary since he could repeat what Sophia said in her tone accurately without leaving any single word behind or feeling awkward.

However, as soon as Alexander heard him finish his last sentence, the former’s expression became even frostier than ever.

He felt his temples throb and a heartache. It was as though Sophia’s words were thorns pricking him.

Alexander, who had never been interested in meddling in women’s affairs, could not hold back. “Get the car ready.”

“Yes, Mr. Xenos.”

Felix breathed a sigh of relief. He then swiftly left the office and ordered someone to prepare the car, afraid of Alexander regretting his decision.

In the meantime, after Sophia calmed Katherine down, she looked at Bethany. “It seems like you have too much free time, Ms. White. Since you like to cause trouble that much, I’ll do as you please then.”

She paused for a while before she continued, “I’ve informed Alexander’s secretary to bring Alexander over here. Old Mrs. Xenos, weren’t you suspecting that I’d taken the money that belonged to the family after the divorce? Well, let’s hear from your son then. He’ll tell you in person whether I’ve taken any money from your family! As for you, Ms. White, you lack the courage to look for Alexander. Instead, you came to look for me. I can help you to resolve that problem.”

Kristen was so mad that she lost her rationality. During her clash against Katherine, the latter had tossed a pile of clothes at her face. If Bethany had not stopped her, Kristen would have started another fight against Katherine.

Upon hearing Sophia mention Alexander, Kristen regained her composure and huffed while fixing her attire, “Great then! It’ll be better for us to make things clear!”

As both parties calmed down, the staff quickly separated and comforted them.

The mall was not far from Odyssey’s office building. Thus, Alexander reached there in no time.

Right after he entered the store, he instantly spotted Sophia, who was sitting next to Katherine.

Sophia was wearing a plain-colored dress with a waistband design. She looked slender and graceful even in a simple sitting posture.

Upon seeing Alexander, Sophia stood up and walked toward him with an icy gaze. “I know you’re a busy person, Mr. Xenos. However, you should explain the details of our divorce to your family. Don’t let your family pester me. I find them disgusting. And, make sure your people behave. If this happens again, I won’t let them off as easy as it is today.”

With that, Sophia turned around and glanced at Katherine. The latter quickly regained her senses from the brief shock, took her bag, and dashed toward her.

Meanwhile, Alexander remained standing there with a darkened expression.

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