Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 16

Sophia had reached home by the time Katherine knew about the incident.

“Soph, you’re amazing! Haha! It felt great to see the look on Bethany’s face. She looked as though she had just eaten poop. Hey, did you know someone took a short video? You looked cool when you were talking. Do you want me to spend some money to make it a trending topic for you?”

Katherine didn’t give Sophia a chance to answer. She continued, “Soph, you haven’t shown your face in a while. It’s about time you show them how happy you’ve been.”

Sophia massaged her temples. She could feel a headache coming as she replied, “Don’t do that for nothing.”

Her simple reply suppressed Katherine’s impulse. “Okay.”

“I’m a little tired, so I’ll take a shower first. I’m hanging up now.”

“Oh. Good night, darling.”

Sophia chuckled and said, “Goodnight.”

After the call ended, Sophia tossed her phone aside. The blackened screen suddenly lit up with a ding.

She raised her brow and picked up her phone. After that, she realized Katherine had sent her the short clip someone had filmed that night.

Uninterested, Sophia was about to put down her phone when Katherine sent her another text. The latter texted: It wasn’t my imagination. I realized that jerk, Alexander, seemed to be staring at you.

Sophia was slightly stunned. Less than a second later, she threw her phone on the couch again.

It’s none of my business! I’m going to shower now!

At night, Alexander watched a video of Sophia on his phone. She was the same Sophia, but, for some reason, she didn’t seem like an eyesore anymore.

Sophia seemed like a completely different person after the divorce. She didn’t ask for money when she went to City Hall with him for a divorce. Afterward, she moved on swiftly as though she was the one who was never in love. Before their divorce, she couldn’t even look Kristen in the eye when Kristen berated her. Now that she had divorced him, she could admit in front of so many people that she pushed Bethany into the water.

Not only did she admit it, she was also arrogant.

Alexander put out the cigarette in his hand in frustration. He had no idea why he would sit there looking at his ex-wife on his phone instead of going to sleep.

Godd*mn it!

When the video began to spread around, the public had both positive and negative views of Sophia.

Some thought she did the right thing, while others thought she was too arrogant.

Obviously, the most angry person was Kristen.

She thought Sophia was not good enough for Alexander because Sophia had nothing going for her except for her looks. Besides, she didn’t have a good family background, nor was she capable.

She married into the Xenos family for three years, but nothing came of it. Everything would have been well if she had taken the money back then. Yet, she just had to labor under a delusion. If it were not for Sophia’s sudden intervention, Alexander and Bethany would have been married a long time ago. Bethany was from a good family. Moreover, she was on Kristen’s side, so Kristen thought that Alexander wouldn’t have moved out for so many years if Bethany had married him.

In Kristen’s eyes, Bethany was her ideal daughter-in-law. However, Sophia took her place.

Now that Sophia and Alexander are finally divorced, I didn’t expect Sophia would become more and more haughty. A few nights ago, my ideal daughter-in-law was pushed into the pool by Sophia. I was so angry that I couldn’t sleep for the whole night.

Coincidentally, the two parties met again just after a few days.

When they bumped into one another, Sophia flipped through a magazine on a couch in boredom as she waited for Katherine to try on some clothes.

Katherine was a shopaholic. Every time she went shopping, she would spend five to six hours. Sophia had already grown used to that, and so did the staff in the store. Therefore, they prepared magazines of Sophia’s preference to help her pass the time.

After all, Katherine was a celebrity with some social standing. Paparazzi followed her every day, so she would always go to the few branded stores she was familiar with.

When they entered the store, the staff would close the doors and put out a sign indicating they were having a break.

Usually, no one would enter. However, it couldn’t stop people from barging in.

Bethany could not do anything about Alexander, but she was unwilling to let go of the loss she suffered the other day. After some scouting, she found out that Katherine and Sophia were going shopping together that day. Bethany purposedly invited Kristen out, planning to use Kristen to embarrass Sophia.

Bethany purposely brought Kristen downstairs, then went upstairs and pretended to find Sophia there by accident.

As expected, Kristen was agitated by the sight of how relaxed Sophia was.

Kristen was Alexander’s mother. The staff recognized her and tried to stop her from entering, but she barged in. They didn’t dare to actually stop her.

Therefore, Sophia had just taken a sip of her coffee when she heard a harsh voice. “Sophia, you sure have the guts to splurge the Xenos family’s money here.”

Sophia furrowed her brows upon hearing Kristen’s voice. The former turned her hand and immediately saw Kristen walk toward her with a bag in her hand.

Next to Kristen was the person Sophia kicked into the pool a few days ago. Judging by the way they looked, Sophia could immediately guess what happened.

Sophia did not answer Kristen. She sarcastically smiled at Bethany and asked, “Did you get too much water into your head that night, Ms. White?”

She actually wanted to use Kristen to teach me a lesson?

Sophia was amused, and she did laugh.

Bethany almost lost the smile she had forced herself to put on when she saw the grin on Sophia’s face. “Mdm. Lambe is talking to you, Ms. Yarrow.”

“Really?” Sophia raised her brow. She shifted her gaze to Kristen, acting as though she had just noticed her presence. “Oh. Long time no see, Old Mrs. Xenos.”

Kristen was sixty-two years old that year. Thus, it was fine for her to be addressed that way, but she disliked it when other people called her that.

Yet, Sophia just had to call her “Old Mrs. Xenos” right off the bat. Kristen’s face stiffened. “You’ve grown ruder and ruder! No wonder Alex doesn’t want you anymore.”

Sophia chuckled and said, “Old Mrs. Xenos, it seems you’re confused. I was the one who asked for the divorce.”

Kristen didn’t believe her. She scoffed, “Haha. That’s just a lie you tell other people.”

“Look at this, Soph.” Just then, Katherine walked out of the fitting room.

She had just tried on a new dress. She didn’t expect to see that old hag, Kristen, when she came out of the fitting room.

Her facial expression changed as she paced toward Sophia. Katherine coldly glanced at the staff and asked, “Why are there other people here?”

“I’m truly sorry about this, Ms. Quinn. Mrs. Xenos wanted to come in, and we…”

With Katherine’s personality, she wouldn’t dare to stand up if she was the one being bullied. However, if the victim was Sophia, she would put up a fight even if it was a losing fight.

“I’ve booked the whole place. You guys can only serve me today. Get rid of all the outsiders.”

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