Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 15

Bethany looked at her assailant with disbelief. In the blink of an eye, she fell into the pool with a loud splash.

Sophia glanced at Bethany, who had fallen into the pool. Raising her other hand, she patted her wrist where Bethany had grabbed onto earlier. Seeing that Alexander was looking back at her, Sophia quickly averted her gaze and walked toward the hall.

Thalia, who came to look for Bethany, saw the scene. She rushed over and blocked Sophia with her hand. “Stop right there!” “Someone! Please help her!” Blocking Sophia from leaving, Thalia screamed blue murder.

Naturally, her shriek attracted the attention of people inside the banquet hall. Many of them ran out to take a look. They began to imagine the dramatic scenes in their heads when they saw Bethany, who fell into the pool, and Sophia, the culprit who was prevented from fleeing the scene.

Bethany was eventually pulled up from the swimming pool by her friend in a miserable state. She glared at Sophia, who was held back by Thalia. Just as Bethany was about to say something, she saw Alexander walk over.

Pursing her lips, Bethany remained silent. Soaked to the core, she approached Sophia and looked at her with an aggrieved face. “Ms. Yarrow, I’ve never done anything wrong to you. Why are you doing this to me?” she inquired while coughing.

Sophia looked at Bethany, who got up from the pool in a wretched condition. With her crestfallen expression, Bethany looked more pitiful than humiliating at that moment.

When people started to point fingers, Thalia decided to act as a bastion of justice by backing up Bethany. “Don’t you dare try to deny it! I saw it with my eyes just now. It was you who pushed Bethany into the pool!” Thalia fumed.

Then, her gaze fell on Alexander. She thought of something and continued, ”That’s right! My brother was standing on this side of the window, not far from me. He must have seen it too!”

Upon hearing Thalia’s words, many people subconsciously turned their attention to Alexander.

Indeed, he had witnessed the whole scene crystal clear.

Nevertheless, he had no intention to get involved in this trivial matter. He felt somewhat displeased after being pointed out by Thalia in front of the crowd. His expression turned cold at once.

“Alex…” Bethany, who was being held by a friend, suddenly spoke up.

She sounded as if she had finally met someone who would support her whenever she was suffering.

“You also saw it, didn’t you? I really didn’t do anything to Ms. Yarrow,” she continued.

As soon as Bethany said that, tears instantly streamed down her cheeks.

With her pitiful look, the people who had gathered around concluded that in the confrontation between the love rivals, Sophia, the ex-wife, still could not let go of the past. That was why she lost her cool and decided to take revenge on Alexander’s new lover.

Bethany gazed affectionately at Alexander with a pitiful expression. Sophia could not help admiring Bethany’s acting skills at that moment.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t see anything,” Alexander said coldly.

He glanced at Bethany before turning his gaze to Sophia, who remained silent all this while.

Bethany’s face stiffened at once. Due to his heartless and icy tone, the atmosphere suddenly turned awkward.

Still, Thalia refused to give up without a fight. “Bethany, I saw it! It was this vicious woman who kicked you into the pool!”

She pointed at Sophia with indignation.

Having seen enough drama, Sophia did not want to waste her time anymore. Raising her eyebrows, she chuckled lightly. “Yes. I was the one who kicked her.”

Sophia was smiling when she confessed to what she did to Bethany earlier without a hint of guilt on her face.

However, no one was appalled by Sophia’s brazen attitude due to her good looks.

Tilting her head to the side, she glanced at Bethany and added, “Ms. White, do you want to know why I did that?”

Bethany was bewildered by Sophia’s reaction.

Shouldn’t she try to deny it or defend herself? Why did she admit that she was the one who kicked me just like that?

Apart from Bethany, Thalia was also taken aback by Sophia’s admission of guilt.

Sophia observed the crowd’s shocked expressions with satisfaction for a while. Then, she leaned down next to Bethany’s ear and continued, “That’s because I despise pesky bugs buzzing around me the most. As I’ve said before, I’ve divorced Alexander. We have nothing to do with each other now. Your target is him, not me. However, you insisted on messing with the wrong person. Don’t blame me for being rough then.”

Snorting, Sophia straightened her body. The smile on her face faltered, masked by an expressionless face.

Even though her voice was not loud, everyone else heard her warning.

After speaking, Sophia turned around and left without sparing a glance at Alexander.

Thalia wanted to stop her from leaving. However, she became frightened after seeing Sophia’s fierce expression. For the first time, Thalia did not dare to speak up against an opponent who exuded an intimidating aura.

Alexander’s frown deepened as he watched Sophia’s delicate figure walking away.

She isn’t the same Sophia from what I’ve imagined. I thought she loved me very much. How is she able to draw a line so calmly between us after our divorce three months ago? Perhaps her so-called love for me in the past was just an act. Had she lied to me?

Samuel clicked his tongue. After looking at Bethany, he could not help glancing meaningfully at Alexander. He teased, ”Alex, I suddenly feel that your ex-wife is quite an interesting person.”

Alexander’s face darkened. “What is it? Are you trying to snatch her away from that young celebrity?”

Stroking his chin, Samuel replied, “I have an outstanding family background. Furthermore, I’m a good-looking guy with a nice figure. Who knows if I might stand a chance with her?”

Alexander’s face contorted into a scowl when he heard Samuel’s taunting remark.

Samuel let out a snicker. He stopped laughing and bumped Alexander in the shoulder. ”What’s wrong? Are you regretting the divorce?”

“I regret knowing someone like you.” Alexander glared at him coldly.

All he spouts is nonsense.

With that, he also turned around and left.

Bethany looked at Alexander. She wanted to say something to him, but she did not have any excuse to make him stay.

When Alexander said he did not witness the altercation earlier, the crowd was already laughing at Bethany. To make matters worse, Sophia humiliated her later.

The atmosphere had already turned so awkward. If Alexander refused to stay with her, Bethany would undoubtedly become a laughing stock for everyone present in this exhibition.

“I’m feeling a bit cold. I have to go in and change my clothes now!” Bethany smiled as if nothing had happened.

She bowed her head in embarrassment before leaving with her friend.

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