Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 14

Seeing more people begin to gather around, Sophia was concerned that Katherine might get lambasted by the netizens on social media the next day. She reached out and tugged at her friend’s arm. ”It’s nothing. Let’s go.”

Looking at Bethany, Katherine snorted at her before following Sophia out of the exhibition hall.

After being humiliated for the second time that evening, Thalia was fuming. “Katherine, do you know that the woman beside you is a scheming gold-digger? Everyone in Jadeborough knew that she married Alex for our family fortune!”

Katherine was on the verge of exploding the moment she heard that. Sophia gave her a knowing look, signaling her to stay quiet. “Wait for me here.”

With that, she turned around and walked in front of Thalia. “Let me ask you a question, Ms. Xenos.”

Looking at Sophia with contempt, Thalia snapped, “What a clumsy way to change the topic!”

Sophia raised her eyebrows and asked, “Do you have a good relationship with your brother?”

Thalia froze momentarily. Without waiting for her reply, Sophia continued nonchalantly, “Surely you would know that I didn’t ask for any money when I divorced him if you have a close relationship with him.”

The smile on Thalia’s face faded. Her dazzling eyes flashed with a cold glint. Even though Sophia’s voice was not loud, the people around them heard her crystal clear.

With that, Sophia turned around and left.

It was a well-known fact that both Thalia and Alexander were born to the same parents. Alexander was three years old when Kristen divorced her husband. Furthermore, she took the money the Xenos family had given her. However, she had an affair with her ex-husband and gave birth to Thalia and Leonard Xenos.

As a result, there was hardly any sibling bond between Alexander and Thalia.

With just a few sentences, not only did Sophia successfully defend herself against Thalia’s accusation, but she also got to criticize Thalia.

After mocking Thalia, she strode off with her head held high.

“Soph, you’re amazing!”

Looking at Sophia, who was making her way back, Katherine secretly gave her a thumbs-up while other people were not paying attention.

Katherine took Sophia to the open-air area. With no one around them, Katherine showered her friend with praises again.

Just when Katherine was about to say something, Jonice suddenly called her. The former said dejectedly, “Jonice’s calling me. It seems like my sponsor has arrived. It’s business time for me. Feel free to go back if you’re feeling bored here.”

Katherine’s purpose in bringing Sophia to the banquet was to embarrass Thalia. Since that goal had been accomplished, she was naturally reluctant to leave a beauty like Sophia alone.

Despite her capricious personality, Katherine did not dare to offend her sponsor. Therefore, she had to carry out her duties with utmost professionalism.

Waving her hand, she lifted the hem of her dress and walked back to the hall.

Sophia broke into a smile as she looked at Katherine’s retreating figure.

There were not many people in the open-air area. Still, drinks and snacks were available there. Looking at the sun lounger by the pool not far away, Sophia cocked an eyebrow and walked over.

She had been standing for nearly an hour while wearing a pair of strappy high heels. Unsurprisingly, her feet were beginning to hurt. Since hardly anyone comes out here, it’s a perfect place for me to take a break.

The lights on the other side of the window were shining brightly. Sophia sat down on the sun lounger to take a breather. Getting lost in thought, she stared at the shimmering water of the pool in front of her.

“Ms. Yarrow.”

Upon hearing the voice, Sophia looked up and saw Bethany, who had walked over at some point. Sophia stood up and inquired, “What can I do for you, Ms. White?”

“Ms. Yarrow, you’re truly something else. I thought you wouldn’t mind when I sent you those photos back then. I didn’t expect you to pull off such a move,” said Bethany.

Arching her eyebrows, Sophia mocked, “Ms. White, are you here to confront me?”

“Of course not. I wouldn’t dare to.”

As Bethany looked at Sophia in front of her, the former suddenly recalled the words from Alexander’s secretary that day. The smile on her face gradually faded.

“Okay. Since there’s nothing else, I’ll leave first,” Sophia said with a grin.

She turned around and prepared to head back to the hall.


Sophia looked down and found that her wrist had been caught by Bethany. Frowning, Sophia asked indifferently, “Is there something else you want to tell me?”

“Why don’t we make a bet, Sophia?” Bethany suggested.

“What shall we bet on?”

Bethany answered with a sly smile, “Let’s bet on who Alexander will rescue if both of us fell into the water. Will he save you or me first?”

Following Bethany’s gaze, Sophia realized that Alexander was watching them from the other side of the window.

“No. I’ve already divorced Alexander. Ms. White, you don’t need to treat me as an enemy from now on.”

From this angle, Alexander could not see Bethany’s expression. She sneered and tightened her hold on Sophia’s wrist, intending to pull the latter into the swimming pool. “It’s not up to you to decide, Sophia. I— Ahh!”

Before Bethany could finish speaking, Sophia had already lifted her leg and kicked Bethany.

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