Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 23

As Felix stood outside the office’s door, he raised his hand several times, then placed it back down again.

News about Sophia spread like wildfire online, and he was not sure if he should tell Alexander or not.

If this had happened in the past, Felix would not have hesitated. However, he had been unsure of Alexander’s mood these days since his divorce from Sophia several months ago.

Felix clenched his teeth and ultimately decided to push the door open to Alexander’s office.

Alexander asked, “What is it?”

He had just gotten off the phone. Currently, he was standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling window. Judging from his placid expression, Felix was not sure whether Alexander was in a good mood.

Felix felt his heart tremble when Alexander looked at him. “Mr. Xenos, there is a lot of negative news about Ms. Yarrow online today. Do you think—”

As he spoke, Alexander’s expression turned cold in an instant, and he said, “You seem to care about her a lot.”

Felix felt uncomfortable under Alexander’s intense scrutinization, so the former quickly replied, “No, I’m not. My apologies, Mr. Xenos. I will stop bothering you now.”

Alexander didn’t speak. He just had a gloomy expression.

Realizing that he had misjudged this time, Felix quickly left the office.

Once the door closed, Alexander was left alone in the gigantic office.

He stared in the direction of the door for a few more seconds. Then, with a long face, he went to his computer and opened a web page, wanting to see the news about Sophia that Felix mentioned. However, he remembered he had not used Twitter before.

He pushed the mouse aside, took out his phone, and searched Twitter.

After he saw the search content, his expression darkened even more.

How many boyfriends has Sophia changed over the past three months after our divorce?

The previous ones were still acceptable. They only held hands or hugged, but the current one was over the top. The man was taken straight to her house.

Does she like him that much? Eighteen years old? Her new boyfriend is only eighteen years old?

Alexander felt that something had pierced his heart when he thought that he was already thirty years old that year.

After he stopped looking at the news, he felt the frustration in his heart reach an unprecedented point, and he tossed this phone away.

However, there were still people who didn’t mind adding fuel to the fire as onlookers. Soon after Alexander put his phone away, Samuel gave the former a call.

Alexander didn’t want to pick up the call, as he already knew what Samuel was going to say.

However, Samuel was extremely patient when it came to making fun of him. His phone kept ringing non-stop. Alexander’s face was red from anger when he finally picked up the call and said, “Whatever this is, make it quick.”

Samuel uttered, “Alex, have you seen the trending news? Isn’t your ex-wife too awesome? It hasn’t even been that long since your divorce, and she has changed three boyfriends. Each boyfriend is getting younger and more energetic too. It seems that your old self is not even that competitive. No wonder she wants a divorce.”

Alexander sneered, “Are you very free? Did you manage to obtain the land you want?”

“Because I couldn’t get it, I’m so free to keep up with the gossip. But honestly, how are you feeling? It has been more than forty days since your divorce, and she keeps changing boyfriends. You, on the other hand, are cold and lonely every night. It is a little pitiful when you think about it.”

Alexander was speechless as he hung up the phone immediately. He felt extremely frustrated and wanted to call Sophia. However, he realized that her number wasn’t in his address book.

Annoyed, he pulled at his tie and dialed Felix’s landline phone number. Then, he said, “Send me Sophia’s phone number.”

Within two seconds, Alexander received the contact number sent by Felix.

He dialed the number immediately but didn’t expect to hear the cold and ruthless automated voice of a female on the other end of the phone that said, “Sorry, the number you have dialed is engaged. Please try again later.”

Alexander walked out of his office with a sullen face before striding toward Felix. “Give me your phone.”

Felix looked at Alexander’s sullen expression, and the former’s phone almost slipped from his hand because his hands trembled slightly.

Alexander dialed Sophia’s number from Felix’s phone. Within seven seconds, the call connected.

The female voice on the other end of the phone was suspicious as she answered the phone and asked, “Mr. Lane?”

Alexander ended the call immediately. He glanced coldly at Felix and warned, “Don’t tell her that I was the one who made the call.”

With that, he returned to the office with a long face.

Great, she has blocked my number.

Meanwhile, Sophia couldn’t help but frown as she stared at her phone. She had just finished reading the follow-up survey by the public relations department.

Upon seeing Sophia frowning, Katherine, who was happily ordering a meal opposite Sophia, asked, “Who called you?”

Sophia replied, “Alexander’s secretary.”

Upon hearing Alexander’s name, Katherine asked tentatively, “What does Alexander want this time?”

“The call ended as soon as it was connected.”

Katherine pursed her lips. “He may have dialed the wrong number.”

Sophia nodded and disregarded the phone call, but she needed to contact Felix once more.

After all, what happened this time was related to Alexander.

Just as she placed down her phone, Felix called back.

Sophia raised her eyebrows and answered once again, “Mr. Lane?”

Felix said, “My apologies, Ms. Yarrow. I was busy earlier and accidentally dialed your number.”

Felix had told many lies, but lying to Sophia, even if it was over the phone, caused him to feel an inexplicable sense of shame.

“Oh.” Sophia gestured to Katherine before getting up and walking to the open-air balcony of the restaurant. Then, she said, “But there is one thing I need to tell you, Mr. Lane.”

Felix had a bad feeling about it as he had a tight feeling in his chest. “What is it, Ms. Yarrow?”

“Did you see the trending topics online today?”

“Y-Yes, I have seen them.”

Sophia chuckled and said, “It’s easier for me to explain since you have seen them. I got someone to investigate this matter for me. Since four o’clock this morning, there are five articles that defame me published every two hours. All of them come from the same marketing company. I happen to have an acquaintance who knows the company well, and it turned out that Ms. Xenos was the one who asked them to release those articles.”

At this point, Sophia’s voice became colder as she continued, “Mr. Lane, please inform Alexander and Thalia that they will be receiving a legal letter from my lawyer soon.”

With that, she hung up the phone.

After ending the call, she returned to the restaurant as if nothing had happened.

Katherine had finished ordering their food and looked at Sophia eagerly as she said, “I’ve ordered our food, but I didn’t order a lot.”

Sophia glanced at the order but didn’t say anything. Then, she raised her hand to beckon the waiter and said, “Please place our order.”

Katherine asked, “What did you tell Alexander’s secretary?”

Sophia took a sip of her lemonade and answered, “Nothing much. I just told them to wait for my lawyer to deliver them a legal letter.”

“Yes, that’s right! Alexander and his family are terrible people. I’ve always wanted to teach them a lesson!”

Sophia rested her chin on her palm and raised her eyebrow as she looked at Katherine, chuckling. “How do you intend to teach them a lesson?”

Katherine snorted coldly. “I’m an A-list actress with many fans. I’ll just post something online to scold them!”

Amused by Katherine’s answer, Sophia laughed. “Before the gossip can reach them, Alexander would have gotten rid of you first.”

Katherine wailed, “Evil capitalist!”

After that, she remembered that the person sitting opposite her was also a capitalist, so she added, “But of course, our Soph is a beautiful, generous, kind, and unique capitalist!”

Sophia responded, “Yes, not bad. Your evaluation is very objective.”

They were two narcissistic people together. Fortunately, there was no third person around them. Otherwise, that person would burst into tears in anger.

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