Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 176

She had just encountered Alexander having a meal with a pretty woman at noon, and on the next day, Sophia was hearing from the nosy Katherine that Alexander had taken the said pretty woman home.

However, Alexander had managed to protect that woman well. Almost all of the photos of her were just photos of her back. There was one photo where her side profile was taken, but Alexander’s shoulders had blocked most of the view.

The moment the gossip spread, the rumors of how Alexander had kicked his family out of the house because of Sophia had been dismissed at once.

As a matter of fact, the media outlets on the internet were even speculating if Alexander and the mysterious woman’s wedding would be held before or after Sophia and Lukas’ wedding.

Moreover, netizens were even saying that, no matter how impressive Sophia was, she could never make Alexander hers. They were even talking about how she had been too haughty when Alexander had regretted his decision and tried to win her back a while ago, but now Alexander had easily found someone else eligible to be his wife.

When Katherine surfed the web and saw the lengthy accusing posts, she turned absolutely livid. If not for Jonice stopping her, she would have used her main account to start cursing at those netizens.

Jonice did stop her, so Katherine had no choice but to use her alternate account to fight against those netizens online.

Those people lost in the fight against Katherine, and in the end, they even deleted the comments posted by Katherine using her alternate account.

Katherine then took a screenshot of the content and sent it to Sophia. After a glance at the picture, Sophia laughed and texted Katherine: You seem so free. What about Joshua?

Katherine, who had been exhausted by the night before and just woke up, turned speechless at that.

Ugh, no… I can’t afford to piss him off.

For a few days, Alexander and his new girlfriend trended on the internet. Since Sophia was Alexander’s ex-wife, it was natural that Sophia had been involved in the discussions too.

Even Perrin called to ask about the matter. After Sophia consoled him, she then asked Yvonne to keep a lid on the spread of the news.

She did not mind it at all, but it was not the same for Perrin.

Sophia encountered Bethany after eating with Yvonne and exiting the restaurant.

Sophia was still feeling regretful about not having witnessed the moment when Bethany had not had enough money to buy her bag. Hence, when she encountered Bethany, her eyes instantly flitted toward the bag in Bethany’s hand.

Tsk. It’s actually that bag from that day.

Sophia then arched a brow and shifted her gaze to Bethany instead. “Ms. White.”

Noticing Sophia’s gaze, Bethany deliberately passed her bag to a different hand. “Ms. Yarrow, it’s been a while.”

Sophia smiled. “Nice bag.”

“Thank you.”

Bethany could tell what Sophia was implying, and her expression stiffened for a second.

Her friend by her side did not know about the bag. She only knew that Bethany and Sophia were not on good terms.

When she recalled that Alexander had a new girlfriend, Bethany’s friend scoffed, “You’re pretty, Ms. Yarrow, but what a pity your good looks are for naught. Mr. Xenos still ended up picking someone else over you.”

Upon hearing that, Sophia burst out laughing. “I’m not an item. Why do I need to be picked by others?”

That rendered Bethany’s friend speechless for a moment. The woman paled before gritting her teeth and saying, “Why do you see the need to lie to yourself, Ms. Yarrow? Still, I have to say that your situation is quite pitiful. After all, Bethany is Mr. Xenos’ first crush. Regardless of everything, she’s the first woman he loved, and he’ll never forget about her. On the other hand, you married him for three years, and not only did you not get any money, but you also failed to get the man. I couldn’t help feeling pity for you when I think of that.”


It was then Bethany called out to her friend to stop her from saying anything more. “Things between me and Mr. Xenos are all in the past.”

Only Bethany and Alexander themselves knew what had been going on between them.

Bethany had already embarrassed herself far too many times around Sophia; she did not want to lose her last shred of dignity.

Sophia glanced at Bethany before commenting, “Birds of a feather flock together. Ms. White, it seems that your friend really clicks with you.”

Sophia paused for a few seconds before shifting her gaze to Bethany. She then said, “I heard that Mr. White had been desperately looking for investors lately. Initially, I thought that Mr. White would need our company’s help, but Ms. White, you seem to have no trouble buying a bag that costs one hundred twenty thousand. Therefore, it’s safe for me to assume that the White family isn’t facing any shortage of money. It looks like I’ve been worried for nothing.”

Sophia’s words were like a dagger that stabbed right into Bethany’s weak point. The White family had been having an extremely hard time for the past few months, for Expedite had been losing money continuously for the past few months because of the liquidity crisis.

Bethany used to have a supplementary card with a monthly limit of five million, but the card had been suspended since the previous month. Moreover, her monthly pocket money had been cut off as well.

It was not an easy feat to maintain one’s grace in the upper-class social circle. Although one did not need to own every piece of the latest released clothes and accessories, one still had to show up in new clothes when meeting up with upper-class friends.

If Bethany were to wear outdated clothes every day, the others would instantly know that she was strapped for cash.

A bag that cost a hundred and twenty thousand was not considered expensive. In the past, Bethany would buy a few bags in that price range every month.

However, things had changed then. She even had to ask that man for the money to buy the bag.

Therefore, when Sophia said those words, the colors drained from Bethany’s face.

Tobias had once warned her that Sophia was no one to be trifled with, for the latter was associated with Suny of Sunshine Group.

“Ms. Yarrow, thank you for your concern. I’ll inform my father about this.”

Bethany could not reject her; she could only force herself to smile and be nice to Sophia.

Sophia lifted a brow. “There’s no need to do that. I’m the one who has made a fool of myself, Ms. White.”

With that said, Sophia turned to look at Yvonne, who seemed ready to join the verbal fight, and said, “Ms. Leighton, let’s go.”

“Sure, Ms. Yarrow.”

At that, Bethany parted her lips, intending to say something and go after Sophia, but her friend who was standing by her side stopped her. “Are you dumb? There’s no way she’s planning to help your family. She was merely making fun of you. Don’t worry. I’ve asked my brother to contact Mr. Lewis of Magic Sense.”

After Magic Sense became a listed company, Magic Sense’s market price had doubled within a mere half a year’s time. Joshua’s net worth had also exceeded three billion.

Even before Magic Sense became a listed company, it was doing well for itself. Moreover, Alexander had met with almost all the leaders of major businesses in Jadeborough. Those who were capable and willing to invest in the White family’s business did not wish to cross Alexander, and those who dared to cross Alexander were not powerful enough to take down Expedite.

Hence, the matter dragged on until now, and Expedite essentially turned into a hot potato.

That was why Tobias had targeted Joshua and wanted to sell Expedite to the latter while keeping some of the shares for himself. That way, at least he would not go bankrupt.

Only after hearing her friend’s words did Bethany not run after Sophia.

It was set since the beginning as to who would emerge as the winner in the pointless argument.

Dorothy Campbell knew what the situation was in the White family. Although Sophia’s words were harsh, they were nothing but the truth.

Dorothy then looked at Bethany’s bag and said, “Speaking of which, Bethany, who bought this bag for you?”

Dorothy knew well that Bethany could not afford the bag.

Thus, Bethany’s expression froze after she heard Dorothy’s words. A beat later, she quickly recovered and replied, “A friend.”

“A male friend, right? Not bad. He’s quite generous with his money, and it seems that he treats you quite well.”

Not wanting to continue that topic, Bethany hastily steered the conversation to something else.

If he was my boyfriend, I wouldn’t have lost to Sophia.

There was no way Bethany would dare to tell her friend that she was nothing but the third wheel.

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