Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 177

Sophia did not bother with Bethany at all, for she knew that the White family could barely keep their boat afloat.

On the other hand, Yvonne was irked. Upon getting into the car, she uttered, “Ms. Yarrow.”


Sophia arched her eyebrows before turning to look at Yvonne, waiting for the latter to continue.

“It seems like Expedite has been planning to contact Mr. Lewis recently.”

“Joshua Lewis?”

Yvonne nodded. “Expedite has been losing money since last year. I’m guessing that Tobias wants someone to take over Expedite’s debts and so he is selling off most of his shares.”

Sophia could not help but laugh at that. “He must be dreaming.”

Considering Expedite’s current situation, Charles would not spend any more money on Expedite anymore, and it was the same for her. Yet, Tobias still refused to let go of the company.

Does he think of Joshua as a fool?

Yvonne pursed her lips. “Indeed, it seems that he’s too idealistic.”

Sophia let out another laugh upon hearing that. “Not bad, Ms. Leighton.”

You even know how to mock others now.

Yvonne felt awkward and changed the topic. “I’ll send you back to the mansion.”

Sophia’s car had been sent for maintenance, so Sophia was not driving that day.


The car then slowly drove out of the parking lot.

It was a clear, fine day that day. Sophia looked out of the window as she mulled over Yvonne’s earlier words. After lifting her brows, she then took out her phone and called Joshua.

Katherine was resting, so it was highly likely that Joshua would be working from home.

Indeed, not long after Sophia made the call, Katherine answered the call.

“Wait a moment, Soph. He’s frying the fish!”

Sophia chuckled. “Tell Joshua to give me a call when he’s free. I have some things to talk to him about.”

“Sure thing, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia huffed. “Bye.”

Not long after Sophia returned to the mansion, Joshua called her back.


Sophia filled a glass of water before sitting down on the couch. “Have Tobias’ men been contacting you?”

“Yes, his secretary contacted Robin the day before yesterday. Tobias wanted to talk to me about Expedite.”

Sophia clicked her tongue in response. “How much does he want?”

“One and a half billion for eighty percent of his shares.”

Although Joshua’s net worth had increased, he still could not fork up one and a half billion that easily.

It seemed that Tobias was at his wits’ end, for he even had the courage to make such an absurd proposal.

If it were half a year ago, perhaps forty percent of Expedite’s shares would be worth one and a half billion, but now, they might not even be worth a billion.

Sophia raised her eyebrows and said, “He came to me last year. Three hundred million for five percent of the shares.”

Joshua furrowed his brows. “He’s too naïve.”

Sophia laughed. “Now that Prosperity Enterprise and I have rejected him, he has no choice but to target you. Two billion. If Tobias is going to let you take over Expedite, help me acquire it at two billion.”

Sophia had offered two and a half billion for Expedite the year before, but Tobias had told her that she was pushing her luck. Now, she was going to offer two billion and see if Tobias was going to stick to his principles as he did the year before.

By then, Joshua knew what Sophia meant. “Okay.”

“I won’t disturb you anymore. Bye.”

After the call ended, Sophia stared at the dimmed screen as a wave of anticipation washed over her. She wondered if Tobias would get a heart attack from the fury he would soon feel.

Expedite had been going downhill over the years. Their financial loss was nothing recent. If Tobias was still reluctant to part with the company, he would eventually have to declare bankruptcy. Moreover, by the time he was done clearing the company’s debts, he would not even get to secure one and a half billion.

Tsk. How pitiful.

Jadeborough got quite a lot of rain in April. Katherine finally got to take a break, so she still dragged Sophia out shopping despite it being a rainy day.

Over three hours into the shopping trip, Katherine had already spent hundreds of thousands on clothes. If not for the fact that it was time for lunch, she would have continued with her shopping spree.

Sophia had gotten used to Katherine’s way of sweeping products off their shelves. However, when she heard that her friend planned to head to another mall after lunch, she lifted a brow and asked, “Not planning to save money anymore?”

“It’s been such a long time since I did some shopping!”

“So you’re planning to go on a shopping spree so you don’t have to do it for the rest of the year?”

Not only did Katherine show no signs of embarrassment at that, but she even grinned proudly. “Is that a bad thing?”

Sophia was not obsessed with shopping, so she could not share Katherine’s sentiment.

Nevertheless, she smiled and said, “Forget it. You can do anything you want.”

Just as the two entered the restaurant, Sophia noticed a familiar face in a booth that was a short distance away from them.

It was Kayla, and the other woman in the booth was the pretty woman Sophia had seen standing beside Alexander the other day.

Katherine was still upset about how Kayla had cursed at Sophia previously. Thus, the moment Katherine saw Kayla, she rolled up her sleeves, ready to start a fight.

She only took two steps when she noticed Sophia standing behind her with a half-smile. Immediately, Katherine frowned and mumbled, “I’m telling you now that I’m going to teach Kayla a lesson today. Don’t you dare stop me! I’m going to be utterly mad!”

Sophia folded her arms and glanced at her before nodding. “Go ahead. I’m not going to stop you.”

A moment of silence later, Katherine said, “Forget it. We’re here to enjoy ourselves, so I won’t settle the score with her today.”

Amused, Sophia snorted. “All right. Drop the act. I’m hungry.”

At that, Katherine quickly went along with Sophia’s words and replied, “Okay. It’s fine if I’m hungry, but I can’t let you starve!”

Afraid that Sophia would continue the previous topic, Katherine hastily sat down.

Sophia smiled in response and walked over to her.

Just as she took her seat, Kayla, who was eating, suddenly raised her head to look at her.

Sophia’s brow twitched, and she lifted her head to meet Kayla’s gaze before smiling at the latter.

At that, Kayla gleefully arched a brow and moved her lips to mouth a sentence in Sophia’s direction. Nevertheless, Sophia did not manage to make out what Kayla had said.

“What did she say?” asked Katherine, who noticed the interaction. She frowned as she stared at Kayla.

Sophia looked away. “I don’t know.”

“What a crazy lady.”

Sophia raised her brows but said nothing to that. “Take a look at the menu and see what you’d like to eat.”

Coincidentally, when the two paid their bill and were about to leave the restaurant, Kayla was about to leave as well.

The four of them ended up meeting one another in the doorway. Subconsciously, Katherine took a step forward to shield Sophia from the other two.

The beautiful woman by Kayla’s side then began studying Sophia. Right as the tension in the air turned intense, she suddenly smiled and said, “Ms. Yarrow, I’ve heard of you. I’m Clara Lambe.”

Clara’s tone was friendly as she said, “You look prettier in person.”

Sophia hummed softly and glanced at Kayla before responding, “Thank you. You’re very pretty yourself.”

Kayla had a gloomy look on her face. “Clara, don’t you need to meet someone in the afternoon?”

Clara then peeked at Kayla before saying to Sophia, “Let’s have a meal together next time.”

At that, Sophia replied flatly, “Sure.”

After taking one last glance at Sophia, Clara left with Kayla.

As Katherine watched the two leave, she spat. “Who in the world is Clara Lambe? Everyone knows you’re pretty.”

Hearing that, Sophia lowered her head to glance at Katherine. “She’s Alexander’s new girlfriend.”

Katherine stiffened. “A meeting between his current lover and his former lover… But, Soph, how could you be so calm?”

Sophia’s eyes flicked toward her friend. “How else was I supposed to act?”

Clara seemed amicable, so it would be inappropriate of Sophia if she were to just ignore her or give her a hard time.

That would make Sophia seem petty.

Katherine did not know how to respond to that. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “It seems that you’ve really moved on from Alexander.”

Sophia only smiled in silence.

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