Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 175

It was past five in the evening when the car finally stopped at the mansion. Yvonne woke Sophia up. The latter looked at the downpour outside the window with a slight frown. “It’s raining again?”

Yvonne nodded. “Yes, Ms. Yarrow. It has been raining from time to time recently.”

The rainy weather has carried on for more than a month.

At that thought, Sophia retracted her gaze. “Arrange the schedule for me. Also, make the arrangements for Magic Sense’s anniversary event.”

After all, she had witnessed the growth of the company. Now that it was celebrating its third anniversary, and Robert had sincerely handed the invitation over to Yvonne in person, she felt that she had to spare some time to attend it.

Apart from making money, I also have to socialize occasionally.

“All right, Ms. Yarrow.”

Yvonne intended to get out of the car to hold the umbrella for Sophia, but the latter reached out to stop her. “Don’t bother. Just give me the umbrella.”

Upon hearing that, Yvonne handed the umbrella over to her.

Sophia got out of the car and dragged her suitcase into the mansion with her umbrella in hand.

Two days ago, Yvonne had sent someone over to clean the house. Hence, despite being unoccupied for a week, it did not feel stuffy.

“Genie, I’m home.”

“Welcome home, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia smiled. Although she had lived well in the Dawson residence, she could not quite get used to the absence of Genie.

The day after she returned to Jadeborough, a few interesting things happened in the city, one of which was Alexander suddenly withdrawing his shares from the companies that were on good terms with Thalia in the past.

The withdrawal of shares was not a big deal, but for the Odyssey to abruptly withdraw from all the companies it had invested in made it intriguing.

Sophia was very busy that day. She had a morning meeting and still had two pending plans. Besides that, the results of the investigation in Fairlake were out. She also had to attend a meeting in the afternoon.

Hence, after hearing that early in the morning, she merely smiled and continued her day.

Ever since returning from Doveston, Sophia had been busy for five consecutive days before finally having time to rest.

The matters accumulated at Sunshine Group were finally resolved, and since she did not have much on her schedule for once, she drove straight to Specter Entertainment.

It had been more than half a month since she was last there.

Katherine had just finished filming a variety show two days ago, so it was one of the rare moments she was around.

Specter Entertainment was planning to debut two singers that year, so the new talent training camp was currently in the selection process. Katherine came over to take the opportunity to decide on the candidate. After learning that Sophia was free that day, she shamelessly pleaded for her to come over the night before.

When Sophia arrived, Katherine was already discussing the rookies with Jonice, and as soon as she heard the door open, Katherine quickly sat up on the couch. “Soph, I haven’t seen you for only around twenty days. How is it that you’ve become prettier?”

Sophia raised her hand and pushed her face away, staring at her with a half-smile. “You must be up to something.”

She did not need to elaborate as Katherine naturally understood what she meant.

The latter felt guilty as Sophia stared at her in silence. “I just missed you!”

Sophia snorted upon hearing that. “I doubt you even believe your own words.”

Since she had been exposed, Katherine decided to be honest. “I indeed missed you, but I also need your help with something.”

At that moment, Jonice walked over with a cup of coffee. “Ms. Yarrow,” she greeted.

Sophia took it from her and thanked her. She then took a sip of coffee before looking at Katherine. “Tell me about it.”

“I knew you wouldn’t let me down, Soph!”

Sophia raised her eyebrow as she took a seat beside her friend. “Don’t get ahead of yourself. There’s a possibility that I may reject you without a hint of hesitation.”

Katherine was rendered speechless.

Don’t be like this. We’re good friends, aren’t we?

Katherine’s request was not demanding, but not a simple one either.

She had agreed to appear in a reality show, a level-clearing program with a combination of intellectual and physical tests.

However, the program required each celebrity to team up with a non-celebrity friend to complete the levels.

Katherine handed the contract to Sophia, who briefly scanned it before replying curtly, “Count me out.”

“But if you don’t go, I can’t find anyone else! Are you truly going to let me compete on my own?” she whined.

Sophia arched her brow. “That’s right.”

Katherine felt that her friend was ridiculing her again. However, she had already signed the contract, so she would not give up until Sophia had agreed.

She continued whining, “Soph, please! Just treat it as my birthday wish this year, okay? If you don’t go, I’ll lose pretty badly.”

Sophia glanced at her. “Don’t worry. You are good-looking. You’ll still look pretty even if you lose.”

Seeing that her friend still refused to go, Katherine hugged her arm and started grumbling.

Sophia felt a headache coming hearing her whines. “All right, all right. Just this once.”

Katherine was ecstatic. She raised four fingers and vowed, “I swear!”

Sophia gave her an amused glance. “I would’ve believed you a little had you not swore on it.”

After settling this matter, Katherine started to engage Sophia in gossip about the Dawson family.

On the night she returned, Sophia had already given her a rough explanation, and Katherine had dramatically sighed for a long time on the phone.

Since they met up that day, the latter could not help but throw out the question again.

Sophia told her everything in brief. Just as she finished speaking, Katherine suddenly snorted. “I wonder if those people who thought that you and Alexander were from two different worlds would feel humiliated after learning about this?”

Sophia was stunned for a moment. She had never thought about that question before.

Katherine suddenly thought of something. “Alexander has been handling matters on a personal level recently. Do you know about his withdrawal of shares? I heard some rumors that it’s because of those people who had bullied you in the past.”

Sophia’s hand briefly froze as she held the cup. Her lips curled into a smile. “It’s just gossip.”

It’s not even real.

For once, Katherine was taking Alexander’s side. “I think Alexander seems to be turning over a new leaf.”

Sophia did not wish to discuss the matter any further. “Aren’t we selecting rookies?”

Katherine still wanted to gossip, but at the thought that they had important matters to attend to, she could only nod in agreement. “Let’s go to the recording studio and take a look!”

With a smile, Sophia followed Katherine out of the room.

The two friends settled on two candidates on the spot. By the time they came out of the recording studio, it was already noon. The two of them had not had lunch together for a long time. Since Katherine had nothing much to do for the next half month, she dragged Sophia to have a seafood feast.

After Sophia had bumped into Alexander in Doveston on the day of Penelope’s burial, she had not seen him for nearly a week.

It was also a coincidence that Sophia came out to have a meal with Katherine on this rare occasion. When the two were eating, the latter also eagerly asked her about Alexander’s blatant pursuit some time ago and why he had been silent recently.

Sophia directly ignored her friend’s question, but never did she expect that she would run into Alexander when she was leaving the restaurant after the meal.

He was not alone as there was an attractive woman beside him.

As the four walked past each other, Sophia heard the woman calling him Alex.


Sophia wryly smiled as she suddenly felt that she was a fool.

Alexander merely glanced at her before turning his attention elsewhere. Sophia smiled at that but also did not greet him.

There’s no need to greet a stranger.

Katherine, who was beside her, found it unbearable. “Alexander is such a jerk! What a sc*mbag!”

As she said that, she glanced at Sophia, and noticing that the latter was looking at her, she added, “Don’t be upset, Soph. That woman is not as good-looking as you. She has done plastic surgery all over her face, and only her figure is all right, but she still doesn’t have half your good looks. No, a quarter. That’s not right either. She doesn’t have one-tenth of your good looks!”

Sophia snorted. “Do I look upset to you?”

Katherine scrutinized her before replying, “Seems like you’re not.”

I’ve underestimated her!

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