Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 174

That same night, the banishment of Kristen, Thalia, and Leonard became the talk of the town.

All this while, many people held objective views of Kristen and her twin children.

It was no doubt that Kristen was Alexander’s mother. However, it was common knowledge that Kristen had abandoned Alexander for the sake of her lover many years ago. Although nobody dared to bring up that issue publicly in the past twenty years or so, it did not mean that no one knew of this incident.

Thus, Alexander’s action was understandable, albeit shocking.

Yet, it had been about seven or eight years since Zachary’s death. Over the years, Alexander had not seemed to hold any grudges against Kristen, and he had not kicked Kristen and the twins out of the mansion. However, he decided to do so now. Indeed, what Alexander did seemed rather perplexing.

Not long after the latest gossip had spread, an “insider” mentioned that the banishment of Kristen and the twins was seemingly related to Sophia. It was because Kristen had gone to Sophia’s place five days ago that Alexander decided to chase Kristen out.

That reason sounded absurd. Alexander did not look like the type of man who would lose his temper for a woman. Still, upon further scrutiny, it was understandable for him to react in that manner.

As soon as Katherine was aware of that speculation, she texted Sophia at once. In fact, she, too, believed that Alexander had made that move because of Sophia.

Sophia only saw the text message after coming back from a walk with Perrin. Yvonne had already phoned her and talked to her about that matter the previous night. Moreover, she had asked Sophia whether she was required to take care of the issue if a public uproar occurred.

In the past, Sophia would often choose to ignore such matters, and Yvonne was aware of that too. However, it was different this time around. Penelope had just passed away the previous day, and her death saddened Sophia. If news about the incident concerning Kristen and the twins kept spreading like wildfire across the internet, it would take an even bigger toll on Sophia.

Sophia had never imagined that Alexander would kick Kristen out of the Xenos residence. In the three years she was married to Alexander, she knew that the mother and son did not have a good relationship, but it was not that terrible.

Therefore, Sophia did not believe she was the reason for Alexander’s harsh decision.

Furthermore, she barely had the mood to bother with such matters. At any rate, she had been down in the dumps for the past two days because of Penelope’s death.

Ever since she was a child, Sophia had no paternal grandparents but only maternal ones. Therefore, whenever she went to the Sharp residence with Rachel to visit Delilah, she often longed for the latter to caress her face like any other doting grandmother and eye her with love.

Unfortunately, all Sophia got was Delilah’s disdainful stare. In addition, the old woman always schemed against her. She would come up with schemes to either seize Sophia’s pocket money or the snacks she brought from the city so that Rupert could have them all.

From the moment Penelope wanted to hold her hands, Sophia realized her craving for grandmotherly affection, which she had not experienced for more than twenty years, had been satisfied instantly.

It was a bizarre experience. Sophia unwittingly started behaving like a childish and spoiled child when an elderly woman showed affection for her.

Penelope had not been able to have a verbal conversation with Sophia before her death. In spite of that, Sophia had already sensed the old woman’s love.

Penelope’s illness had tormented her for five years, and it was all over now. In some way, it was actually an event to rejoice over.

The members of the Dawson family seemed to take Penelope’s death rather well. On the contrary, Sophia had just experienced grandmotherly love and warmth for the first time. As such, Penelope’s death saddened her greatly, and it caused a greater impact on her than on Perrin and the rest of the family.

“Sophia, why don’t we organize a homecoming banquet?” Perrin’s voice sounded abruptly, causing Sophia to regain her senses.

She placed her phone on the table and smiled. “All right, whatever you say.”

“Wonderful! I’ll let your brother take care of this matter!”

Sophia was a descendent of the Dawson family, and Perrin thought that the news had to be made public.

The residents of Doveston knew that the Dawson family had lost a child thirty years ago. Rachel could never return, but Sophia could.

The moment Lukas confirmed that Sophia was Rachel’s daughter, he had ordered someone to find out more about what Sophia had gone through over the years.

No doubt, one of the most heartbreaking details of Sophia’s life story was her marriage to Alexander.

All that talk about Sophia and Alexander coming from two different worlds and Sophia’s desire to go from rags to riches was nonsense!

Perrin was extremely mad when he learned about that. If it were not for the fact that Sophia and Alexander had divorced more than a year, he would have personally paid the Xenos family a visit and questioned them as to how Sophia was not good enough for them.

Perrin was a decisive and efficient man. As soon as he got Sophia’s approval, he contacted Lukas straight away.

When Perrin was at the funeral the day before, he had noticed the looks given to Sophia by his grandnieces. That made him very uncomfortable.

Sophia is my granddaughter. I won’t allow anyone to belittle or judge her.

“Let’s get this event ready as soon as possible. It’ll be held a week after your grandmother’s death,” Perrin told Lukas over the phone.

Sophia heard that and felt touched. Indeed, the Dawson family cared a lot about her and would never let her suffer any grievances.

After Perrin ended the call, she said, “Actually, Granddad, you don’t have to rush it. Granny’s just passed away, so it isn’t appropriate to hold a banquet now.”

After all, it was awkward to organize a banquet after someone’s death. By doing so, outsiders were bound to criticize the Dawson family.

Perrin scoffed, “What’s there for the others to gossip about? Your grandmother had been looking forward to your return for so many years. Had it not been for her frail physique, she would have been overjoyed to welcome you home with open arms before her death!”

Of course, Sophia believed him. Still, gossips were a terrifying thing. “Granddad, isn’t your birthday in August? There will be more guests during your birthday celebration. Perhaps it’s best to organize the banquet around that time.”

Perrin gave it a thought and agreed with her opinion. “Yes, you’ve got a point.”

Sophia grinned. “I’ve made it through the past years. I’m contented as long as you, my uncle, and Lukas know what kind of person I am. I don’t care about anything else.”

Listening to Sophia’s remark resulted in a wave of sadness in Perrin. “Don’t worry. Nobody will bully you as long as I’m around!”

Sophia did not know what to say. Truth be told, hardly anyone could bully her over the years.

Nonetheless, she would not reject an old man’s love and protection. “Of course, nobody can bully me with you around.”

Penelope’s death was a form of liberation for her. She had passed away with a smile on her face, and she probably headed to the afterlife with no regrets.

The living still had to carry on with their lives. Perrin had seemed to come to terms with the situation. His wife had suffered for years and was finally laid to rest. It was far better than seeing her waste away on her sickbed.

After Penelope’s death, Sophia spent three days at the Dawson residence before going back to Jadeborough.

On the day of her departure, Lukas sent her to the airport. As soon as Sophia boarded the plane, numerous headlines began to populate the tabloids.

Somehow, the irrepressible paparazzi managed to scoop out some details about the Dawson family’s plan to organize a celebratory event. Those who heard about that piece of news automatically assumed that Sophia was about to marry Lukas.

Even Katherine succumbed to her own curiosity and asked Sophia about that rumor.

Sophia saw Katherine’s message as soon as she disembarked from the plane. She laughed in exasperation.

As a result of her one-week trip to Doveston on short notice, many work-related tasks had piled up for Sophia.

Right after she got into the car, Yvonne asked, “Ms. Yarrow, Travel Easy contacted us again. Mr. Penley wants to see you one more time.”

Sophia raised her eyebrows. “Weren’t they discussing with Prosperity Enterprise last week?”

Yvonne nodded. “I heard Prosperity Enterprise was unwilling to invest so much money.”

At once, Sophia understood what was going on. Apparently, Finn regarded Sunshine Group as his backup plan.

If it happened at any other time, Sophia would not get angry. At most, she would just pressure Finn. However, she had not been in the best of moods lately. “I won’t see him.”

“All right, Ms. Yarrow,” Yvonne replied.

She also knew the real reason behind Sophia’s visit to the Dawson residence. Penelope had passed away a few days ago, and it was natural that Sophia was in a foul mood.

Yvonne stopped talking, and it was very quiet in the car. Sophia shut her eyes and had forty winks.

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