Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 173

In fact, Alexander had not arrived in Doveston just recently. When Sophia and Lukas’ “intimate” photos had gone viral on the internet, he had rescheduled his appointments and headed over there.

After listening to Sophia’s words that morning, he spent a long time reflecting on his own actions. He also understood that his brash and stubborn behavior had brought a great deal of inconvenience to her life.

During the days when he reexamined his own ways, Alexander kept swinging between the desire to give up and the will to keep going on.

He refused to give up, but he could not find a way out either. Alexander knew he would only cause Sophia to hate him for eternity if he kept on behaving unreasonably.

He had been following Sophia around for the past few days. Although he felt somewhat despicable, there was nothing else he could do.

Alexander watched as she visited the Dawson residence and the hospital to accompany Penelope. On that day, he also watched as she attended Penelope’s funeral and departed with Lukas in the end.

When Sophia exited the cemetery, Alexander’s first instinct was to head over and talk to her.

Nowadays, the media was abuzz with rumors of Sophia and Lukas’ wedding.

Sophia had even given Penelope a proper send-off at her funeral. Evidently, things were serious between Sophia and Lukas.

That was neither Horatius nor Mason. Alexander stood about seven or eight meters away from Sophia and observed as she got into a car while being shielded by Lukas’ umbrella.

All of a sudden, Alexander realized he was about to lose her forever.

I’m going to lose her forever… Yes, forever.

That realization caused him to tremble. His entire body convulsed as if he had a spasm, and it resulted in immense pain.

Alexander loosened his grip around his umbrella, and it landed on the ground with a loud thud.

He stared at the car that slowly cruised away and sensed nothing but darkness in his world.

Everyone had to suffer the consequences of their mistakes.

Recently, news about Sophia and Lukas’ relationship was widely reported by the media. Being an influential family, the Dawson family was definitely aware of that matter even though they were not from Jadeborough.

As the sole heir of the Dawson family, Lukas had always been regarded as an eligible bachelor among socialites.

However, Lukas was already thirty-five years old, and he had been single for many years. Aside from a girl who was rumored to be his girlfriend in his youth, there was no other woman whom Lukas had an intimate relationship with.

At present, Lukas behaved affectionately toward Sophia and pampered her. If someone said that there was nothing going on between the two, no one would believe him.

Furthermore, Sophia had even attended Penelope’s funeral.

Nobody else but Lukas’ future wife would do all of this.

As word about Sophia and Lukas’ relationship spread all over the internet, Samuel had only managed to make Felix spill the beans the day before and learned that Alexander was not in Jadeborough, for he had gone to Doveston to look for his woman.

However, when Samuel was about to buy a plane ticket to visit Alexander and console him, the latter had already returned from Doveston.

As soon as he came back, Alexander visited the Xenos residence. He made sure Kristen moved out of the mansion with Thalia and Leonard.

Kristen had been fuming over what Alexander had said to her the other day. So, the following day, she had gone to look for Sophia. Unexpectedly, Alexander had learned of that matter and caught her red-handed. Before he left, Alexander had given her three days to move out of the mansion.

Lately, Kristen had been feeling anxious, but she was unwilling to move out. Deep down, she knew Alexander was the only member of the Xenos family who had a say in all major decisions. He was much more influential than other members of the family combined.

Kristen and her twin children were respected by many people, all because the former was the biological mother of Alexander, while the twins were his biological siblings.

Nevertheless, there were a lot of dirty secrets that lay within wealthy families. Nobody was sure whether that disgraceful incident concerning the Xenos family was real or not, but it had already become the talk of the town twenty years ago.

After the death of Alexander’s grandfather, Beau Xenos, most of the Xenos family’s property had been handed over to Alexander. Even though Zachary Xenos was Beau’s son, he was not as influential as Alexander himself. Over the past ten years, Kristen had been enduring humiliations in her social circles.

Later, something had happened to Zachary, and he had passed away. As Alexander’s biological mother, Kristen had begun to rise through the ranks of the family.

Nonetheless, Kristen was no fool. Alexander behaved in a lukewarm manner toward her. If she got kicked out of the Xenos residence, she would certainly lead a hard life.

People among the elite social circles loved to compare each other’s wealth. As Zachary’s second wife, Kristen and her twin children would be shunned by their social circles if Alexander decided not to support them financially.

Therefore, Kristen had not taken action for the past few days. Soon, four days had passed. Yet, Alexander had not sent anyone over to make them leave. Thus, Kristen believed Alexander had merely said those words out of spite.

At the end of the day, I’m his biological mother. Thalia and Leonard are also his biological siblings. He can’t possibly treat his family members harshly, can he?

However, little did Kristen know that Alexander was not joking at all.

Alexander said with a stern face, “I’ve told you to move out within three days. Today’s already the fifth day.”

Then, he ordered his men to come in. “Let them take whatever that belongs to them, but they aren’t allowed to take any items that aren’t in their possession!”

There were many antiques in the Xenos residence. The money Kristen had earned from her annual dividend was not enough for her to enjoy a luxurious life with other rich ladies every day. Now that Kristen had been disowned by Alexander, she and her twins had to depend on themselves for survival.

To a regular person, the money earned by Kristen through the dividend was enough to support a family for several generations. However, the money was simply insufficient for those who were already used to a lavish lifestyle. In fact, it was not even enough for a single person!

Therefore, it was not impossible that Kristen would take away some of the antiques for money.

Alexander’s orders were a bombshell to Kristen. She was so shocked and upset that her face twisted into a grimace.

Thalia and Leonard, who had been summoned home immediately, started to throw a fit when they were told to leave. However, they stopped crying and hollering upon receiving a glare from Alexander.

That night, news about Kristen and the twins’ banishment from the Xenos residence spread across the social circles of the rich and wealthy.

As soon as Samuel got wind of that incident, he even called Alexander to ask if the matter was real. If it was a groundless rumor, he would help the latter to debunk it.

However, Alexander replied on the other end of the line, “Why couldn’t it be real?”

What? Oh no…

Samuel leaped up from the couch and exclaimed, “Why?”

No matter how horrible they are, they are still his family members!

Alexander glanced out of the window and observed the downpour. “They bullied Sophia.”

Everyone has to suffer the consequences of their mistakes. I have to pay for my mistakes, and so do they.

Samuel fell silent for a while. Then, he said, “You’re such a romantic. I’m not quite used to it. All this while, I thought you were a heartless fellow.”

“I can make you ‘heartless.’ Want to try?”

Samuel understood the implied meaning in Alexander’s response, so he replied meekly, “It’s good to be a thoughtful person. What you did is excellent. Seriously, it’s excellent!”

Ah, Sophia’s such a remarkable woman!

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