Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 164

Sophia slept quite soundly on the flight as she did not sleep well the previous night. When she woke up, the plane was about to land.

She moved and realized there was a blanket on her. Needless to say, it was Horatius who had covered her with a blanket.

Although the seats in business class were spacious, Sophia still felt slightly uncomfortable, and her neck felt rather sore from sleeping while sitting upright.

Her movement alerted Horatius as he turned around to look at her. “You’re awake?”

Sophia nodded. “Thank you.”

Horatius arched his brows and did not deny it. “The plane has landed.”

She looked out of the window. “The weather doesn’t look good today.”

The weather at Jadeborough varied throughout March. After two sunny days, it would be followed by two days of rain. It was likely to rain that day because the day before was overcast.

Horatius cast a glance at Alexander, whose eyes were previously closed. The latter had turned his head to look at them.

Twenty minutes later, the plane landed at Jadeborough Airport.

When they landed, Samuel suddenly called out to her, “Sophia, what a coincidence!”

Sophia cast them a glance but remained silent.

Being in a bad mood, she did not even feel like talking.

Horatius raised a brow and looked at Alexander. He was in a good mood.

There was an afternoon meeting in Sunshine Group, so Yvonne personally drove to pick Sophia up from the airport.

Sophia thanked Horatius for his goodwill before getting in Yvonne’s car.

The white car slowly left the parking lot. Samuel looked at Alexander. “Don’t feel bad. At least it was Yvonne who came to fetch Sophia. Although you didn’t get to send her, Horatius also didn’t get to either.”

Alexander’s brows furrowed. He saw Horatius glancing at him in the back seat through the car window as the latter’s car went by them.

When their eyes met, there was contempt in Horatius’ gaze.

Alexander’s expression darkened, and he withdrew his gaze after the car went further.

When he regained his senses, he heard Samuel say, “Alex, since when was Yvonne so close to Sophia?”

Alexander glanced at him. “I didn’t know you were so nosy.”

Samuel was rendered speechless.

I’m from the entertainment industry. If I’m not nosy, I’ll feel sorry for my family business.

Samuel did not dare to say his thoughts as he was afraid Alexander would push him out of the car if he did so.

Sophia did not sleep well the previous night. Although she took a nap during the flight, she was still not in a good mood. She had not spoken a word since she got in the car.

Yvonne recalled that she saw Alexander in the parking lot just now and could not help but curse inwardly at him.

After twenty minutes, the white car entered the highway and drove into the city.

There was a red light at the intersection. Yvonne stopped the car and turned around to look at Sophia.

After a short hesitation, she could not help but say, “Ms. Yarrow, there seems to be someone trying to investigate you these days.”

Sophia was dumbfounded. “Alexander?”

“No, it’s someone we have never crossed paths with.”

Sophia was slightly curious. “What?”

“It’s the secretary of Doveston’s city council.”

Sophia could somewhat recall the person. “Lukas?”

“Yes, his secretary gathered information about you from the employees in the company last night.”

Tsk. That’s weird.

Sophia thought her memory was good, but she could not remember any interaction with Lukas.

“What did he find out?”

“He didn’t look into you specifically. He was trying to find out more about your mother.”

It was also something that Yvonne found strange. Lukas was a fine man. She thought he had fallen for Sophia and was trying to pursue the latter when she heard his secretary was looking into Sophia.

Lukas was much better than Alexander. Yvonne would be delighted if Sophia got together with him.

However, Lukas was not looking into Sophia specifically but her mother.

Sophia arched her brow. “What about my father?”

“No, they didn’t look into him in detail.”

“Help me keep an eye on them.”

This was an odd situation. However, she would have to wait for Lukas to reveal his intentions.

Sophia was very patient concerning such matters, as she had never liked fighting unprepared battles.

Since she was in the dark and did not know if Lukas was a friend or a foe, she would observe the situation first.

Yvonne understood her words and gave a curt nod.

Just then, the light went green. Yvonne turned back and focused on driving.

After fifteen minutes, the car pulled up at Sunshine Group.

The meeting started at half past two in the afternoon and ended at four. When Sophia walked out of the conference room, she suddenly remembered that she had not eaten her lunch yet.

Sophia signed the document Yvonne passed her. “I’m returning home. Call me if there’s anything important.”

Yvonne took the document and asked immediately, “Do you need me to send you back?”

Sophia thought for a while and replied, “I’ll let Mr. Sullivan send me back.”

“Okay, please wait a moment, Ms. Yarrow.”

Yvonne quickly arranged for the driver to take Sophia back. When Sophia returned to the mansion, her takeout order had also arrived.

She entered her mansion with her takeout. Just as she sat down, Katherine called her.

The latter had been busy filming a show recently.

Sophia opened the bag of takeout before looking at her phone. She arched her eyebrows. “You finished your filming for today?”

“No! The director and another guest are arguing!”

However, Katherine did not call her for this matter. She was more interested in learning why Darrell was so determined to make Sophia his goddaughter.

This had been all over the news this morning.

If it weren’t for the fact that Katherine needed to do her makeup and film from eight in the morning, she would have already called Sophia.

The director had been arguing with the guest for a few minutes. She was bored watching them as she sat at the side. Thus, she could not hold back the urge to call Sophia. “What’s with Old Mr. Swain? Does he truly want to make you his goddaughter?”

Sophia took a sip of her oatmeal and answered unhurriedly, “Mm, that’s true.”

She had intended to tell Katherine about this since she was at a loss for what to do.

Everyone would wish to become the goddaughter of Onyx Builders’ CEO.

Recalling how protective Darrell was of her the previous night, he would definitely become worse in the future if she became his goddaughter.

Although Sophia did not interact much with Darrell, she knew he was a cunning businessman who valued morals.

Once she agreed to become his goddaughter, she would be able to have her way in the upper-class society in the country.

Katherine could not help but draw in a deep breath. “You’re incredible, Soph! You really attract anyone of all ages!”

Sophia smiled. “I haven’t decide on it yet.”

“There’s no need to make a decision! With a net worth of twenty-four point eight billion in Anglandurn currency, he’s listed as the sixth richest person in the country as of today’s ranking. Anglandurn currency! It’s more than a hundred billion in our local currency! What a large sum of money! You won’t ever have to worry about money if you’re Old Mr. Swain’s goddaughter!”

Sophia arched her brow. “So, you’re only looking at money?”

“Then, am I supposed to consider your relationship with him? There are no feelings involved between the two of you!”

“Aren’t you worried that he might have ulterior motives?”

Even though she should not assume the worst of him, she had worked in the corporate world for around six years and was not inclined to let her guard down easily.

Katherine harrumphed. “I think all will be good as long as he’s not expecting money from you.”

After a brief pause, Sophia replied, “I’m hanging up. I’m going to go eat.”

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