Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 165

Katherine’s words were unpleasant to listen to, but Sophia felt they were accurate after some thought.

She had nothing else that could interest Darrell besides her money.

Thus, she could only assume that Darrell wanted to make her his goddaughter because he liked her charisma. Other than that, she could not find another reason.

However, she did not make the decision right away as it was not a trivial matter.

After finishing her oatmeal, Sophia went to take a shower before she went to take a nap.

The sky was pouring and gloomy, which was ideal for sleeping.

Being back at home gave Sophia a sense of security, so she was able to fall asleep peacefully and deeply.

Meanwhile, it had not been enjoyable for someone else. Alexander had not set foot in the Xenos residence for almost half a year. As he was rarely home, Kristen had smugly bid farewell to her friends and rushed home after she recalled Leonard’s request to let her approach Alexander to let him join the company.

However, little did Kristen know there was nothing good waiting for her in the Xenos residence. Alexander did not return home to act out a heartwarming scene between a mother and a son.

The house seemed to be rather quiet as Kristen made her way upstairs. Thalia and Leonard were silently seated in their separate couches with their heads lowered.

Alexander was sitting on the largest couch. He put out his cigarette and frowned slightly upon seeing Kristen. “You’re back.”

She quickly walked over. “Alex, I didn’t think you had the time to drop by today. Do you want to stay for dinner tonight?”

Alexander looked at Kristen, who was in front of him, with an emotionless expression. “There’s no need. I’m here to talk to you about something.”

Kristen smiled awkwardly from the rejection. “What’s the important matter that you’ve to take the time to come back? You must be tired.”

With that, she turned around to look at the housekeeper. “What’s going on? Why did no one pour coffee for Alexander when he’s back?”

She looked at Thalia. “Your brother is back. Why are you so quiet and moody?”

Then, she turned her gaze toward Leonard. “Also, didn’t you say that you have something you wanted to talk to with your brother? Why are you hesitating now that your brother is right before you? He’s your biological brother! Why are you so timid when talking to your brother? You’re trying to piss me off, aren’t you?”

Although Kristen was scolding and hitting Leonard, she was not using any strength. Her tone also lacked any semblance of solemnity.

She did not harbor any grudges against Leonard and was only providing him with the opportunity to speak.

Thalia glanced at Kristen and opened her mouth. However, she did not say anything in the end because of Alexander’s presence.

It was the first time she ever saw that expression on Alexander’s face.

She was truly petrified.

Alexander did not wait for Kristen to continue putting on an act. He looked at her and said, “I already know everything you did to Sophia. Due to my negligence, you guys were able to bully Sophia. I’m here today to let you know that if you still think of me as your son, I suggest you sincerely apologize to Sophia for everything you did to her.”

He paused for a brief second before continuing, “It’s fine if you don’t want to apologize. I’ll assume you no longer want me to be your son. In that case, please move out of here within three days.”

That mansion was under Alexander’s name. He also owned sixty percent of the company’s shares, while Kristen had five percent, which was only enough for her to attend the director’s meeting.

Kristen stared at him with widened eyes, wondering if she had misheard him. “What are you saying? Can you repeat it one more time? Are you asking me to apologize to Sophia, that b*tch?”

Has Alexander gone insane?

Alexander glanced at her coldly. “I already said what I needed to say. You, Thalia, and Leonard all owe Sophia an apology.”

He would atone for his sins, but they would also not be able to get away with their mistakes.

With that, Alexander left right away.

As he walked downstairs, he heard the sound of something shattering.

His expression darkened as he got in his car without a second glance.

Kristen was close to losing her mind from her anger. She had turned down a poker game and went home in high spirits as she thought Alexander had returned to spend time with her. She did not expect Alexander’s harsh remarks and that he would demand that they apologize to Sophia.

She had smashed a coffee cup, but it was not enough to vent her anger. Then, she angrily swept all the coffee cups off the table.

“Is he insane? He already divorced Sophia a year ago. Why is he asking me to apologize to Sophia now?”

Thalia also felt Alexander had gone crazy but did not dare to say anything.

When Alexander came in earlier, she had a look of anticipation as she had wanted to discuss with him her birthday party this year.

However, Alexander stared at her coldly and said, “You bullied Sophia the three years she was married into this family, right?”

Thalia could deny it vehemently, but her legs had gone limp, and her face paled immediately when she saw his expression. All she could do was mumble his name.

However, Alexander gave her his ultimatum. “You can either apologize to Sophia or get out of the Xenos family and don’t ever let me see you ever again!”

Thalia had wanted to say something, but Alexander had already looked toward Leonard. “You, too! If you don’t apologize, I’ll tell the world about all those things you did abroad!”

Thalia and Leonard were scared out of their wits and did not dare to say anything.

Kristen, Thalia, and Leonard did not have much appetite that night.

Not only did they think Alexander had gone insane, but Samuel also had the same thought.

Alexander felt he did not know the whole story in the past and wanted Charles to bring Charlize out.

When Charles heard Alexander’s reason for wanting him to bring his sister, he had mixed feelings.

He would have asked the person to scram if it were someone else.

However, Samuel had been sharing Alexander’s attempts to get his ex-wife back on the group chat. After giving it some thought, Charles decided to bring Charlize out as Alexander’s actions somewhat moved him.

When Charlize heard Alexander’s question, she was dumbfounded. Samuel thought she did not believe Alexander and added, “You don’t need to be skeptical. He’s serious.”

Charlize glanced at Samuel and pursed her lips. “I’m not skeptical.”

Samuel did not believe her words. “Then, why are you hesitating?”

Charlize huffed. “Too many people bullied Soph. I’m slightly overwhelmed.”

They were rendered speechless by her words.

Alexander froze momentarily before looking at Charlize. “Then, you can mention the ones who left the strongest impression on you.”

“Ah! Of course, that’s Tha—”

She suddenly stopped halfway as she recalled that Thalia was Alexander’s sister.

Alexander pursed his lips. “Continue.”

Charles furrowed his brows. “Don’t scare Charlize.”

With her brother’s support, Charlize had the courage to reveal everything she had been holding back.

Over the past three years, Sophia experienced a great deal of misery.

When Alexander walked out of the private room, his face was pale.

He walked out into the pouring rain.

Samuel had just taken an umbrella when he turned around to see Alexander walking in the rain. He rushed over quickly. “It’s raining! Why are you walking so quickly?”

Alexander lowered his head to take a puff of his cigarette. “Let me be.”

Samuel was slightly exasperated. “It’s not that I’m not letting you be. The main reason is that I didn’t drive here. Why don’t you pass me your car key?”

Since it was raining, it would be hard to call a cab, so he had no other choice.

Alexander’s lips twitched. “Get lost!”

“It’s late now. I might not be able to get a taxi since it’s also raining!”

Alexander was already feeling terrible. Since Samuel had a death wish, Alexander put out his cigarette and looked at the former. “Sure, I’ll send you off.”

Samuel noticed something was amiss. “Actually, I can ask Justin to give me a ride too.”

“Get in!”

He pulled open the door and stared at Samuel coldly.

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