Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 163

An announcement rang out at ten minutes to eleven-thirty to remind passengers to board the plane. Sophia grabbed her flight ticket and phone before standing up and leaving.

She walked at a moderate pace but did not turn around even once.

Alexander is really something. This is the first time I’ve seen Sophia angry, Horatius mused.

He did not follow her at once. Instead, Horatius waited for Alexander and Samuel to walk over. Then, he regarded Alexander with an amused expression. “Mr. Xenos, Mr. Schild, what a coincidence. Are you two taking this flight as well? I’m boarding the plane with Sophia too.”

Alexander did not wish to speak to Horatius. He only looked up at the latter when he mentioned Sophia’s name.

Samuel, standing beside Alexander, was afraid that Alexander would say something unpleasant, so he quickly replied, “Hahaha. Indeed. Such a coincidence. I didn’t expect us to be taking the same flight. In that case, it seems we are fated to meet with Sophia!”

He had deliberately neglected Horatius’ presence.

Horatius snorted coldly. “I’ll get going then. Sophia will be looking for me if I’m missing. Excuse me.”

With that, he waved his hand and left.

Alexander stared at Horatius’ leaving figure from behind, his lips pursed into a thin line. He finally turned to Samuel after Horatius disappeared from his sight. “Did you know we were taking the same flight as them?”

Samuel was stumped. “I did tell you to look at them earlier.”

Alexander frowned as he strode toward the boarding counter.

In truth, he did not know how to face Sophia.

All four of them were in the business class coach, but due to Alexander and Samuel’s slightly delayed boarding, Sophia was already seated when Alexander got on the plane.

She sat beside the window while Horatius occupied the seat next to hers, closer to the aisle.

Alexander noticed Sophia the moment he boarded the plane. She had her head turned sideways and was looking out the window, completely oblivious to his presence.

He stood there gazing at her profile as a feeling of bitterness surged within him.

The passengers in the economy class cabin were about to board the plane. Samuel was halted at the entrance by Alexander. Not knowing how long the latter was going to stand there in a daze, Samuel nudged him forward. “Take your seat. You’re blocking the way.”

Upon hearing his words, Alexander retracted his gaze, walked aside, and sat down.

Coincidentally, not only were they taking the same flight, but Alexander’s and Sophia’s seats were in the same row.

He was separated from her by an aisle, as well as Horatius.

Samuel, sitting beside the window, turned sideways to look at Alexander. He had been staring at Alexander and Sophia the whole time after taking his seat.

When Sophia saw Alexander in the VIP lounge earlier, she figured they would most probably take the same flight. Hence, when Alexander got on the plane, she had actually noticed him.

However, the kiss last night had infuriated her, so she deliberately ignored him.

After everyone had boarded, the plane began moving and took off.

Sophia looked away. Horatius stared at her in amusement, prompting her to touch her face. “Is there something on my face?”

He curled his lips into a smile and asked on purpose, “Alexander is sitting beside me, separated by the aisle. Should we exchange seats?”

Sophia replied in exasperation, “Mr. Swain, what goes around comes around, especially in matters like these.”

Today, he was making fun of her, and perhaps someday, somebody else would be mocking him in a similar way. Therefore, she thought it would be nicer for him to mind his manners.

Horatius snorted after hearing her remark. “That will never happen to me because I’m able to keep a clear head at all times.”

Sophia clicked her tongue. “I shall wait and see.”

He raised his brows smugly. “So, do you want to switch seats with me?”

Horatius was a philanderer. He was confident that he would never be troubled by his feelings.

However, in the near future, he would be proven very wrong by reality.

Sophia conceded. “Consider this my mistake, Mr. Horatius.”

He decided not to make things difficult for her after she apologized. “All right. Aren’t you sleepy? Take a rest. Stop thinking about those unpleasant things. You’ll just give yourself a headache if you constantly overthink.”

“Okay,” she responded curtly and fell silent.

It’s not like I want to think about those things, but I can’t help it.

After the plane reached a certain altitude, the flight became smoother, and Sophie gradually dozed off.

When the air hostess pushed the cart along to hand out their meals, Horatius put a finger to his lips, gesturing for her to be quiet. Then, he said in an undertone, “That’s not needed. Can you please bring me a blanket?”

“All right, Sir. Please wait a moment.”

The air hostess also lowered her voice since Horatius had whispered to her.

Soon, she returned with a blanket.

Horatius opened up the folded blanket and covered Sophia’s body with it.

Catching that sight, Samuel could not help but utter in surprise, “I did not expect him to be so thoughtful and meticulous. He even knows to pull the blanket a little lower.”

Alexander grew more upset after listening to him. He would have preferred Samuel to keep quiet.

At that point, Alexander even had the urge to stand up, drag Horatius away, and occupy that seat.

Still, he managed to control himself. After all, he had crossed the line last night. Alexander knew Sophia would only disdain him further if he did something like that.

He looked away and shifted his frosty gaze onto Samuel, who was talking too much. “Are you going to finish your food? If not, I’ll gladly throw it away for you.”

Samuel had not taken a meal since he woke up. “Don’t be like that. I’m suffering from gastric pain because I’m too hungry!”

Alexander sneered. “But you don’t seem to be using your mouth to chew your food.”

He thought Samuel had been chattering excessively the whole time.

Samuel was rendered speechless.

Am I not allowed to express my opinion now? Never mind. I’ll be the bigger man and let this slide since he underwent torment again last night. Ah! I’m truly the best friend anyone could ask for!

After Horatius placed the blanket on Sophia, he turned sideways to look at Alexander. As he expected, the latter was wearing a grimace.

Oh my. I thought Alexander was only capable of showing his poker face. I didn’t know he could be angered. What a surprise.

Then, he glanced at Sophia, who was sleeping soundly. Horatius felt bored.

He read a magazine for a short while but nothing piqued his interest.

Looking around, he saw Alexander was still staring in their direction.

Horatius arched a brow. He had the sudden idea to pull a prank.

The next second, he beamed haughtily and smugly at Alexander.

Alexander clenched his fists and saw Horatius turn sideways, leaning toward Sophia.

As she was seated on the other side of Horatius, his body blocked her from Alexander’s vision.

Alexander could not see what was going on, but Horatius’ provocative look earlier prompted him to lose control of his wrath.

He stood up and instantaneously saw Horatius touching Sophia’s face.

The tender way he was caressing her drove Alexander to the verge of losing his mind.

Intense jealousy washed over him, intoxicating and suffocating him.

Even he had never caressed her face in that manner.

However, Horatius did not appear as if he would stop after touching Sophia’s face. When Alexander sensed Horatius was about to kiss her, something inside him snapped. He reached out and yanked Horatius away.

Fearing he would wake Sophia up, Alexander suppressed his burning rage while saying in a hushed tone, “Don’t you dare!”

Seemingly unafraid, Horatius replied, “Why don’t I dare?”

Alexander narrowed his eyes. A violent storm brewed in his dark, menacing gaze. “I will cripple you if you dare to touch her, Horatius!”

The two of them glared at one another for a few seconds. Alexander finally let go of Horatius when he sensed the air hostess advancing in their direction. Still, he continued to glower maliciously at the latter while returning to his seat.

Horatius merely raised his brows in response without doing anything to goad Alexander further.


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