Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 154

Samuel shot another reluctant look at the mansion gate. It was firmly closed, and Sophia had already gone inside after shutting the front door too. They had indeed been cruelly left outside, along with the breakfast he had brought.

He looked at Alexander beside him, who seemed healthier compared to yesterday. “Is your fever gone?”

To be honest, I was really a bit unsure about Sophia after hanging up the phone last night. If she really was cruel enough to ignore Alexander’s fever that almost hit forty degrees, he might have ended up with brain damage.

Alexander pushed his friend’s hand away in disgust and opened the car door to get inside. “Let’s go back to the condominium.”

Samuel was stunned for a moment before brightening up. “Great, I’m your chauffeur today!”

He also got into the car and slotted the key into the ignition. Then, he remembered that he had brought breakfast. “You haven’t had breakfast, right? Here, eat some.”

Alexander had only had a bowl of oatmeal since yesterday noon, so his stomach had been feeling a little uncomfortable since the morning.

The breakfast from Pear Garden was indeed very good. Alexander glanced out of the window. I wonder if Sophia has tried the food there before.

The car slowly drove out of the mansion and hit the red light at the intersection. Samuel stopped the car and looked at Alexander in the passenger seat. “Has Sophia forgiven you?”

Alexander gave him a side glance. “Do you want to be punched?”

“You—If not for my tact last night, would you have been so successful at acting pitiful in front of her?”

The thickness of Samuel’s skin really isn’t average. Alexander snorted and said, “It was because I refused to leave.”

What has it got to do with you?

Samuel had known Alexander for many years, but it was his first time hearing Alexander say such shameless words. For a rare moment, he was at a loss for words. Then, he snapped back to his senses and laughed. “You truly are amazing!”

“The light is green,” Alexander pointed out and withdrew his gaze, not wanting to talk to Samuel anymore.

There’s definitely something wrong with his brain.

Sophia finished her breakfast and cleaned up the guest room only to find a man’s watch left on the bedside table.

Alexander had stayed in this room last night, so it was obvious who the watch belonged to.

However, she could not say whether he deliberately left the watch behind or simply forgot to bring it back.

Alexander had a horrible temper, but his aesthetics and taste were quite good.

The watch had a simple and business-like design. If Katherine had not secretly shown her photos before, she would not have known that this unassuming watch was worth more than three million.

Last year, Technology Innovations went on the market, and Joshua’s net worth had also risen. Thus, Katherine had thought of giving him a watch for his birthday this year.

With Joshua’s identity, he naturally could not wear a simple watch, but gaudy designs would look too high-profile. After careful consideration, Katherine set her eyes on the Grande 1735 from Blancpain. Its black crocodile leather strap and platinum dial were simple and exquisite, but the price was a bit exorbitant at nearly five million.

Katherine took a fancy to it and shared a photo with Sophia, who instantly thought of Alexander when she saw it.

It was just a passing thought that she had back then. Unexpectedly, Alexander really did wear the watch.

Well, it makes sense that he would have a watch like this.

Sophia put her thoughts away, went upstairs to take out the box for her watch, and put Alexander’s watch in it.

After thinking about it, she called Yvonne.

Yvonne answered quickly, somewhat surprised at Sophia’s call. “Ms. Yarrow?”

“It’s me.”

Sophia stroked the silk satin on the box before asking, “Are you free today? If you’re not busy, take some time to come to the mansion and help me deliver something.”

“Can I come over in half an hour?”


Sophia had just hung up the phone when she got a call from Horatius.

She raised her eyebrows for a moment, remembering Darrell’s birthday.

Horatius is probably calling me to talk about that matter.

“Mr. Swain?”

“Are you busy? I just wanted to inform you that the plane ticket has been booked for three o’clock in the afternoon, the day after tomorrow. You can reschedule it for later if you can’t make it. My dad will be quite happy that you even came, so it doesn’t matter if you arrive early or late.”

Sophia had already asked Yvonne to clear her schedule for the day after tomorrow. Regardless of whether Horatius was just saying that to be polite or not, she naturally would not do something as rude as being late. “I’m not that busy recently, so three o’clock is no problem. I’ll have to trouble you to pick me up then, Mr. Swain.”

“There’s no need to be so polite! It’s settled then. I’ll come over the day after tomorrow to have lunch with you, and we’ll go straight to the airport after eating.”

We’ll have lunch before getting on a three o’clock flight. The timing is quite convenient.

She thought about it and said, “Okay.”

She thought about it and said, “Okay.”

“All right, you can go back to work now. See you the day after tomorrow.”

“See you.”

After hanging up the phone, Sophia was reminded about Darrell’s birthday gift. She picked up her phone and was just about to call Yvonne again. However, after pondering over it, she decided against it.

Maybe Yvonne might be feeling anxious too. After all, I only mentioned this matter to her a few days ago.

However, when Yvonne arrived at eleven o’clock, she brought a birthday gift as well. “Ms. Yarrow, this is an emerald gem. Old Mr. Swain likes to collect emeralds, so he should like it.”

Sophia did not know anything about emeralds, but since Yvonne brought it to her, it must be a valuable piece.

“Thank you.”

She closed the box and reached out to take it. Then, she handed over the box with Alexander’s watch in it and said, “This is Alexander’s watch. Help me go to Odyssey and give it to Mr. Lane.”

Yvonne froze for a moment. She had a thousand questions about why Alexander’s watch was with Sophia, but she did not dare to ask. “Understood, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia could not help but laugh a little at the expression on Yvonne’s face. “Don’t overthink it. He had a high fever last night and rested in my guest room for the night.”

“I wasn’t overthinking, Ms. Yarrow.”

After she heard Sophia’s explanation, she really could not help but overthink.

Why would Alexander rest in your guest room when he has a fever? He has so much money. Doesn’t he have other places to sleep? Besides, there are so many hotels in Jadeborough. Why did he sleep in your guest room instead?

Sophia looked at her with a vague smile. “Anyway, the watch is quite expensive, so remember to hand it over to Felix personally.”

“Yes, Ms. Yarrow.”

Yvonne was embarrassed by Sophia’s gaze and hurriedly schooled her expression. She put the box away and said, “I’ll go over to Odyssey now.”

Sophia chuckled and nodded. “Go ahead.”

As a dutiful secretary, since Sophia told Yvonne to hand the watch over to Felix or Alexander personally, she called Felix directly when she arrived at Odyssey.

When Felix received her call, he thought that something had happened to Sophia.

Unexpectedly, Yvonne only asked him to go downstairs because she had something to pass to him.

After she hung up the phone, he remembered that night again and felt somewhat helpless.

Yvonne isn’t fond of me because of Alexander. I’m being unjustly implicated!

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