Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 155

Felix knew that Yvonne didn’t like him, so he quickly ran downstairs after he answered her call. He was afraid that she might dislike him even more if he kept her waiting.

Less than five minutes after the call ended, he was in front of her. “Ms. Leighton.”

“Ms. Yarrow asked me to pass this to you. It’s Mr. Xenos’ watch,” Yvonne said expressionlessly and turned to leave after Felix took the box from her.

Felix opened the box and saw that it indeed contained Alexander’s watch. In fact, it was the one the latter had asked him to buy last time.

As he wondered how the watch ended up with Sophia, he remembered the incident the night before. Instantly, he started imagining dramatic and passionate scenarios in his head.

He couldn’t help but feel a little excited on his way back to the office.

To be honest, he adored Sophia a lot. Therefore, he would be really happy if she could get together with Alexander again.

After all, no one could resist having a beautiful and intelligent woman as the wife of their boss.

Since Alexander wasn’t at the office in the morning, Felix kept the watch in his drawer and decided to give it to Alexander the next day. To his surprise, Alexander arrived at the office at around two o’clock in the afternoon.

Just then, the marketing department sent over an urgent document, so Felix brought it to Alexander’s office with the watch.

After he knocked on the door, Alexander’s voice sounded from inside. “Come in.” His voice was a little hoarse.

Felix could not help but wonder if Alexander had recovered from the fever.

When he pushed the door open, he noticed that Alexander was wearing a black suit. The latter’s demeanor looked cold, but his complexion seemed significantly better than the day before.

I guess he has recovered. Indeed, love conquers all.

Felix handed the document to Alexander first before he put the box before Alexander. “Mr. Xenos, Ms. Leighton passed this watch to me on behalf of Ms. Yarrow. You left it at Ms. Yarrow’s place.”

Alexander paused for a bit before putting down the pen in his hand. He reached for the box with his long, slender fingers and opened it. It was the watch he had left on Sophia’s bedside table after taking his shower last night, but it wasn’t intentional. Although he recovered from his fever in the morning, he was sick the entire night. Thus, his mind was still a little muddled when he woke up. After he went downstairs, Sophia made him leave with Samuel without even letting him return to the room. He only realized that he had left his watch after he was back at home, taking a bath.

He had planned to go to her place at night to get it back, but now that Sophia had someone bring the watch to him, her intentions were clear.

Alexander frowned. Anyone could see that he was in a bad mood. “You may leave now.”

Felix also sensed the sudden drop in the atmosphere, so he quickly left after briefly responding to Alexander.

On the day of Darrell’s birthday, Sophia went to Sunshine Group for an early meeting at nine o’clock in the morning. A little over two hours later, she headed to Specter Entertainment to deal with some urgent documents. She only went back home at around noon.

The moment her car reached her gate, she saw Horatius’ flashy Lamborghini in front of her mansion.

She figured that Horatius might be the only one who would drive a sports car in this weather.

“Hold on, Mr. Horatius. Let me park my car.”

Horatius waved his hand and gestured for her to go in.

Knowing that she would need to stay overnight at Alenvista, Sophia took a small suitcase and packed a set of clothes, a set of pajamas, and her travel pillow.

It wasn’t raining in Jadeborough, but it was quite cloudy.

When Horatius saw Sophia walking out of the house with her suitcase, he got out of his car and helped Sophia with it. “What do you want to have for lunch?”

Sophia glanced at him. “What do you suggest?”

Although Horatius wasn’t from Jadeborough, Sophia wasn’t a match for him when it came to having fun.

“There’s a new restaurant that serves delicious roasted lamb. Do you want to try it out?”


Sophia hadn’t had roasted lamb for a while.

“Hop in.”

After Horatius put Sophia’s luggage in his car, he opened the door for her.

Once they finished their lunch, they went straight to the airport. They managed their time pretty well, so they only needed to wait for thirty minutes at the airport before they boarded the plane.

The entire flight lasted almost three hours. Right after the plane took off, Sophia stuffed her ears with a pair of earplugs and slept. She only woke up when the plane landed.

It was her third time in Alenvista. However, the last time she was there was two years ago.

That was also when she met Horatius for the first time.

It was almost six o’clock in the evening when the plane touched down. Therefore, the sky had turned dark.

Not only did the Swain family send a driver to fetch Horatius and Sophia, they also arranged rooms for the two in the hotel they owned.

Ever since Horatius turned on his phone upon landing, it had been ringing non-stop. His friends were all calling him to gossip.

Apparently, someone had taken photos of him and Sophia at the airport and posted them on the internet. Immediately, everyone thought that they were going out.

It was also only then that Sophia found out that people thought they were dating. Katherine had just sent her a link. As she read the post, Sophia had to admit it was written quite convincingly. If she were not the one involved in the story, she would have believed it.

It was also only then that Sophia found out that people thought they were dating. Katherine had just sent her a link. As she read the post, Sophia had to admit it was written quite convincingly. If she were not the one involved in the story, she would have believed it.

The person who posted their photos had pictures of the two of them from the time they were at Sophia’s mansion until the time they arrived at the airport. Coincidentally, the angle at which the photos were taken made the two of them look more intimate than they actually were.

As always, Katherine enjoyed gossiping. She texted Sophia: To be honest, I think Horatius is a pretty good guy other than the fact that he’s a player.

Sophia couldn’t hold back her laughter when she read that message. She texted back: Do you think I can afford to let him play around freely?

Horatius, who was just about to tell Sophia about the news, saw her message by accident. “If you want, you can rein me in,” he remarked.

Hearing him, Sophia lifted her head to look at him. “I’m not that strong to do that.”

Horatius raised his brows, but he soon changed the topic. “Does this mean that you’ve seen the trending news?”

Sophia nodded. “Sorry for the trouble, Mr. Horatius.”

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t mind this pleasant surprise.”

Katherine’s right. Mr. Horatius is a pretty good guy if I ignore the fact that he’s a playboy. What a sweet talker he is!

She smiled and said nothing because she didn’t know how to respond.

Right at that moment, the car they were in slowed down. The driver turned to look at them and said, “Mr. Swain, Ms. Yarrow, we’ve reached the hotel.”

Horatius responded to the driver before he turned to Sophia. “Let me take you upstairs.”

“It’s fine. You should go handle your business.”

Sophia paused for a brief moment before adding, “You’ve been on your phone the entire time. You must have a lot of stuff on your hands.”

Upon remembering what his friends had said, Horatius didn’t insist on keeping her company.

Sophia was right. He was indeed busy⁠—he had to go to teach his friends a lesson.

Thereafter, Sophia dragged her luggage into the hotel on her own.

After she showed her invitation card to the receptionist, the latter registered her into the guest registry and passed her the keycard to her room.

The birthday banquet would only begin at half-past seven in the evening. Therefore, Sophia still had time to change into her gown and do her makeup.

No matter what, Darrell’s birthday banquet was considered a grand event, so it would be impolite for her to attend without dressing up and putting on make-up.

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