Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 153

Alexander drank another half cup of water. The warm water managed to soothe his scorching throat.

“I’m sorry. I did it on purpose.” Looking up at her, he did not deny it.

Sophia raised an eyebrow. “The guest room is the first room at the corner. There are brand new toiletries, but I don’t have any pajamas or clothes for men. You can take a shower and go rest first. Samuel will be here to pick you up first thing in the morning.” He’ll be a jerk if he doesn’t come.

“Sophia.” Before she could turn to leave, he suddenly reached out and grabbed her left wrist.

As he had a fever, his palm felt feverish.

Immediately, Sophia tried to break free after feeling the heat on her hand, but to no avail.

As just two of them were there, Sophia could not escape if Alexander wanted to have his way with her.

Sophia snorted and turned around to look at him without a word.

Her gaze made Alexander uneasy, and his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down. “I know what you think of me—despicable, shameless, and indecent. You’re right, for that’s who I am.”

While saying that, he looked down at her adorable pinky finger. Although he wanted to touch it so badly, he restrained himself and loosened his grip. “Ever since that day, I did not dare to appear in front of you. I’m scared for you to see me, but I’m also afraid you will not be able to see me. You’re right. I am selfish. I would downright ignore you back when I didn’t like you. However, I would delusionally want us to be together when I did. I don’t know what others would be like when they are in love. But when I love you, I constantly think of you, wanting to see you, hug you, and kiss you. When I see other males approaching you, I would feel terrible. I would also feel regretful and painful when I remember how harshly I treated you back then. I know I’m selfish, but I can’t control myself.” Alexander paused for a moment and looked up at her. “Could you please give me a chance to get closer to you?” Tears suddenly welled up in his black orbs.

Sophia had never seen Alexander like this before. When they first met when she was fifteen, he was an angel of a teenager. Upon marrying him at twenty-three years old, he was a shining star. After divorcing him at twenty-six years old, he remained as a high and mighty elite.

He was elegant, distant, and disdainful of her, constantly giving her the cold shoulder.

However, the same man was now begging with reddened eyes for her to give him another chance.

Sophia thought she could be decisive, just like when they divorced. Yet, she could not force the words of rejection out of her mouth.

Actually, she was just an ordinary woman. She would feel pain experiencing an unreciprocated love.

Thus, ten years of unrequited love was not something that could be forgotten overnight.

Although she was clear she could not turn back, she was unable to reject Alexander’s plea.

How despicable. He knows that I’ve loved him for ten years.

Sophia closed her eyes, choosing not to reject nor agree. “Sleep earlier. You have a fever.”

“Sophia.” Before she could leave, he caught up to her.

Sophia stopped in her tracks but did not turn around to look at him.

After hesitating, Alexander walked up to her and gazed into her eyes. “I know I’ve done many wrong things in the past. I never knew I would love someone like this. After we divorced, I would constantly think of the day we married. That day, you smiled and told me that you would entrust yourself to me for the rest of your life—till death do us part. Yet this only went on for three years before you called it quits. I know you’re tired of this, but it’s fine. I can be the one taking the initiative now.”

When he brought up the past, Sophia thought back to her innocent self.

She had not been reminded of her past for a long time. Thus, she felt terrible when Alexander brought it up.

I was so innocent back then. Although I knew he didn’t like me, I still dared to tell him I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Lowering her head, Sophia smiled. “It’s just some dumb things I said when I was young. You didn’t really believe in it, did you?” Right after saying that, she was engulfed in a warm embrace.

Sophia was stunned, for he had not once hugged her during their three years of marriage.

“I believed in it, Sophia.” He was hugging her lightly. His hug seemed rather gentlemanly compared to his dominant behavior when he barged into her house.

Alexander soon loosened his grip on her. He wanted to wipe her tears away when he saw her teary eyes. However, Sophia dodged his touch.

His hand hung in mid-air for a second before he put his hands down. “You can go and sleep. There’s no need to worry about me. I’ll be fine once I wake up tomorrow.”

Samuel said the exact same thing. After Sophia looked at him for a second, she went upstairs.

However, she did not have a good night’s sleep that night. She was half-awake for the entire night, and she was even unsure if she was dreaming or in reality.

Sophia only jolted awake from her dreams when the doorbell rang.

Immediately, she sat up when Genie announced that there was a guest.

The rain from last night was long gone, and there was only the sun and blue skies. When Sophia looked at the time, she realized it was already nine o’clock in the morning.

The rain from last night was long gone, and there was only the sun and blue skies. When Sophia looked at the time, she realized it was already nine o’clock in the morning.

As she only fell asleep at midnight yesterday, which was way past her usual bedtime, it was normal for her to sleep until now.

Knowing that it was Samuel at the door, Sophia did not rush to open it. Instead, she washed up and changed her clothes before heading downstairs.

After walking to the second floor, Alexander appeared from the guest room.

Compared to last night, he seemed pretty energetic.

Taking a look at him, Sophia decided not to bring last night’s incident up. “Mr. Schild is here.”

“Yeah.” Alexander looked at her. “I can go get the door.”

Sophia did not reply to him. “I’ll send you out.”

As Samuel was there to pick Alexander up, she did not intend to keep him.

Alexander pursed his lips, not daring to go too far.

Although he seemed to have said everything last night in a feverish state, he was actually clear-headed.

Therefore, he remembered all of Sophia’s reactions, including her silence.

He did not dare to continue pushing her. Besides, Sophia seemed not to have slept well last night, judging by her dark circles, so he did not have the heart to do so.

The duo walked out of the mansion one after another. By that time, Samuel had already waited for more than ten minutes. If Alexander had not picked up his call and confirmed he was still there, he would have left.

When the duo walked out, Samuel could not help but click his tongue. “Not bad.”

Sophia looked at him with a half-smile. “You have quite the determination not to become a jerk, Mr. Schild.”

Understanding the hidden meaning behind her words, Samuel smiled and did not feel offended. “I’m sure you haven’t eaten breakfast yet. I’ve brought you all some. It’s from Pear Garden—”

Before he could finish his sentence, Sophia stopped him, “Mr. Schild, you reminded me that I hadn’t taken breakfast. I must go back and prepare mine, so I won’t send you all off.” After saying that, she backed away and pushed the gate. With a loud bang, the mansion’s gate closed shut.

The hand holding the breakfast froze in mid-air as Samuel looked at Sophia’s leaving figure before glancing back at Alexander. “What happened? You managed to head inside yesterday. Yet you’re denied entry today?”

Alexander shot him a look. “Can’t you tell that Sophia doesn’t want you here?”

Samuel was speechless. So I’m that unwelcomed?

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