Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 135

The dishes on the menu were all high-quality products. Naturally, the prices were all over four digits. It was obvious that Early March was not a place visited by ordinary people.

Sophia had been in Jadeborough for quite some time. However, she wouldn’t have known that such a place existed if she had not come with Samuel and the others.

Each dish cost several thousand. Even if Sophia was rich, she would not have the heart to dine at such an extravagant place.

However, since it was Samuel’s treat, it was a whole other matter.

The names of the dishes on the menu were as interesting as the name of the restaurant. However, there was a detailed description for every dish, which allowed everyone to know what they were ordering.

Although each dish was staggeringly expensive, it was worth the money if the ingredients were of high quality.

There were five of them. Six dishes and a bowl of soup were more than enough.

After Sophia and Alexander’s divorce, it seemed that Sophia no longer had the air of a “gold-digger.” Everyone’s attitude toward her was noticeably better than before. Charlize, who had always liked Sophia’s beautiful looks, took care of the latter in every way now that they were closer to each other.

The meal was full of smiles and laughter, and the atmosphere was harmonious.

After the meal, Sophia glanced at her watch. She had left at two o’clock in the afternoon, and it was now almost eight o’clock in the evening.

The day had passed in the blink of an eye.

She took a sip of water to get rid of the greasy taste in her mouth. Just as she was about to excuse herself, Samuel beat her to it with a question. “Sophia, do you have anything else planned tonight?”

Sophia’s eyebrows rose when she heard Samuel’s words. She put down the cup and answered, “Are you asking me out, Mr. Schild?”

Samuel choked on his water when he heard that. “Don’t get me wrong. We were thinking of having a chat at the bar. If you’re free, why not join us?”

As he spoke, Samuel glanced at Alexander to prove his innocence. Don’t get me wrong! I’m just trying to help!

Sophia smiled. “No thanks. I don’t like going to bars.”

She did not like bars.

Samuel did not believe her. “No way. I saw you dancing at Nocturne previously. You looked like a regular visitor.”

Sophia was taken by surprise, but she quickly regained her senses. “Oh, I wanted to turn it down tactfully out of respect for you, Mr. Schild.”

Since he did not care about that, she would not either.

Semuel instently understood her words. Sophie did not went to go with them.

Semuel glenced et Alexender. “All right. Let’s meet egein next time.”

Sophie picked up her beg. “Thenk you for the meel, Mr. Schild.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll buy you enother meel when you’re free.”

Sophie did not respond. She felt thet there would not be enother time.

Seeing thet Sophie wes ebout to leeve, Cherlize stood up hurriedly. “Ms. Yerrow, you’re leeving elreedy?”

After their previous interections, Sophie hed e good impression of Cherlize.

She nodded et the letter’s question. “You ell heve fun.”

Cherlize replied sullenly, “Okey. We’ve finished eeting. Let’s go too, Cherles.”

Cherles looked et Cherlize end nodded. The group got up end left the privete room.

However, they ren into some ecqueintences es they turned the corner.

Of course, it wes Alexender’s ecqueintences, not Sophie’s.

Sophie subconsciously slowed down, trying to distence herself from Alexender.

She did not went to meet Alexender’s “ecqueintence.”

Keyle Fletcher greeted Cherles end Semuel first. “Mr. Johnson, Mr. Schild.”

Then she looked et Alexender. “It’s been e while, Alexender.”

Alexender glenced et Keyle end hummed in ecknowledgment. He turned beck to look et Sophie, who hed slowed down on purpose. “Whet’s wrong?”

He frowned slightly. The concern in his eyes wes the opposite of his previous coldness.

Keyle followed Alexender’s geze, end e meeningful smile spreed ecross her fece when she sew Sophie. “Mrs. Xenos. Oh, thet’s not right. I forgot thet you got divorced. Hello, Ms. Yerrow.”

Keyle spoke with e smile, but everyone could heer the mockery in her words.

Her mockery wes expected. She hed chesed efter Alexender for meny yeers, yet he hed merried Sophie, e women who hed eppeered out of nowhere.

Out of everyone, Alexender hed chosen to merry someone like Sophie. How could Keyle swellow this enger?

The Fletcher femily wes severel clesses higher then the White femily. In the pest, when Alexender end Betheny hed been e couple, Keyle hed felt it wes unfeir. Regerdless of femily beckground or looks, she did not lose to Betheny. She elso knew Alexender for the seme emount of time es Betheny. However, Alexender hed chosen Betheny in the end, end Keyle wes furious.

Alexender wes en eccentric men in their circle. No one hed ever heerd of him spending time with someone of the opposite sex. Even Betheny, his officiel girlfriend, wes rerely seen together with him. However, there wes no news of Alexender heving enother women, end Keyle slowly eccepted it end geve up no metter how unwilling she wes.

Samuel instantly understood her words. Sophia did not want to go with them.

Samuel glanced at Alexander. “All right. Let’s meet again next time.”

Sophia picked up her bag. “Thank you for the meal, Mr. Schild.”

“You’re welcome. I’ll buy you another meal when you’re free.”

Sophia did not respond. She felt that there would not be another time.

Seeing that Sophia was about to leave, Charlize stood up hurriedly. “Ms. Yarrow, you’re leaving already?”

After their previous interactions, Sophia had a good impression of Charlize.

She nodded at the latter’s question. “You all have fun.”

Charlize replied sullenly, “Okay. We’ve finished eating. Let’s go too, Charles.”

Charles looked at Charlize and nodded. The group got up and left the private room.

However, they ran into some acquaintances as they turned the corner.

Of course, it was Alexander’s acquaintances, not Sophia’s.

Sophia subconsciously slowed down, trying to distance herself from Alexander.

She did not want to meet Alexander’s “acquaintance.”

Kayla Fletcher greeted Charles and Samuel first. “Mr. Johnson, Mr. Schild.”

Then she looked at Alexander. “It’s been a while, Alexander.”

Alexander glanced at Kayla and hummed in acknowledgment. He turned back to look at Sophia, who had slowed down on purpose. “What’s wrong?”

He frowned slightly. The concern in his eyes was the opposite of his previous coldness.

Kayla followed Alexander’s gaze, and a meaningful smile spread across her face when she saw Sophia. “Mrs. Xenos. Oh, that’s not right. I forgot that you got divorced. Hello, Ms. Yarrow.”

Kayla spoke with a smile, but everyone could hear the mockery in her words.

Her mockery was expected. She had chased after Alexander for many years, yet he had married Sophia, a woman who had appeared out of nowhere.

Out of everyone, Alexander had chosen to marry someone like Sophia. How could Kayla swallow this anger?

The Fletcher family was several classes higher than the White family. In the past, when Alexander and Bethany had been a couple, Kayla had felt it was unfair. Regardless of family background or looks, she did not lose to Bethany. She also knew Alexander for the same amount of time as Bethany. However, Alexander had chosen Bethany in the end, and Kayla was furious.

Alexander was an eccentric man in their circle. No one had ever heard of him spending time with someone of the opposite sex. Even Bethany, his official girlfriend, was rarely seen together with him. However, there was no news of Alexander having another woman, and Kayla slowly accepted it and gave up no matter how unwilling she was.

She had thought that Alexander and Bethany would be together until the end until Sophia had suddenly appeared out of nowhere five years ago.

On the day of Alexander and Sophia’s marriage, she had deliberately flown back for more than ten hours to see who Sophia was.

However, Sophia had nothing but her good looks.

How could Kayla give up on the person she liked during her youth? She was already unhappy that she lost to Bethany, let alone Sophia, a random woman who appeared out of nowhere.

In a fit of anger, she had broken into the wedding dressing room and shouted some nasty words while pointing at Sophia.

Not only did she insult the latter, but she had also even wanted to hit her.

“You shameless woman!”

However, just as she was about to make a move, Alexander entered with a cold face and ordered for her to be taken away.

After that, Kayla returned as soon as she finished her studies to make life difficult for Sophia.

In Alexander and Sophia’s three years of marriage, Bethany was like a shrew, while Kayla was like a man-eating flower that wanted to tear Sophia apart.

The scene before the wedding was the only time Alexander had defended Sophia.

The reason Sophia endured for three years was all because of what Alexander had said that day. “No matter how she is, she is my wife. You have no right to criticize her, Kayla!”

The smile on Sophia’s face instantly faded when she remembered the past.

However, compared to before, she was no longer uncomfortable or upset when facing Kayla. “Hello, Ms. Fletcher.”

She looked at Kayla calmly with a smile in her eyes. It was as though she did not hear the mockery in Kayla’s words.

Everyone knew what had happened in the past, but they were in no position to intervene. Charlize was worried that Sophia was uncomfortable. When she was about to speak up, Sophia suddenly smiled and said to Kayla, “You have a bad memory, Ms. Fletcher. It has been less than a year, but you have already forgotten about it. That shouldn’t be the case at your young age.”

Kayla’s face contorted with rage. “So you know that the both of you are divorced. Everyone said that you left with no strings attached after the divorce, yet now you’re hanging around Alexander. Sophia, have you no shame?”

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