Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 134

Samuel loved fun and games. When he heard that Sophia and Alexander were having a match, he immediately came over and said, “Sophia, I’m cheering for you!”

Alexander shot him a cold look. A chill went down Samuel’s spine, and he turned his eyes away.

Sophia smiled faintly at him. “Thank you.”

Then she invited Charles to be the judge. “I’ll have to trouble you for this, Mr. Johnson.”

“No problem.”

Sophia had not touched a golf club for almost a year, but she felt pretty good during the round she played earlier.

However, she felt no mental pressure. It’s just dinner together. It’s not like I can’t afford to lose.

Alexander had praised her skills, but in truth, she really was just average. The truly skillful person was Alexander.

Sophia knew that as well. But since she was in a good mood that day, she simply decided to have a match with him. After all, Samuel had spent tens of millions. It would be unscrupulous of her to just show up and leave.

The result had spoken for itself. Golf is a gentleman’s sport. Alexander and Sophia were not on the same level, but he did not take advantage of it and gave himself a handicap.

Nevertheless, she still lost to Alexander.

“Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia felt a little hot after the round. To the side, Charlize handed her a bottle of mineral water.

“Thank you.” Sophia smiled and took the bottle.

Just as she was about to unscrew it, Alexander suddenly reached out and took the bottle from her hand. He unscrewed the cap and handed it back to her.

“Thank you,” Sophia said.

“What do you want to eat tonight?”

“Anything works.”

She took a sip of water and glanced at Samuel. “Are you guys joining tonight?”

“Don’t mind them.”

Sophia turned to look at Alexander and smiled. “But it was Mr. Schild who invited me over.”

Alexander regretted it a little. I wouldn’t have let Samuel go over if I had known that it was Sophia.


His hum was a response to Sophia.

“Then they can choose.”

Alexander looked at her. “What did Samuel say to you?”

During this period, he had realized that although Sophia looked easy-going and gentle, no one would be able to convince her if she did not want to do something.

“He didn’t say anything. We just made a business deal.”

That was somewhat unexpected for Alexander. He glanced at Samuel. “You made a business deal with him? Why not make one with me?”

Sophia looked at him. “Aren’t you worried that I’ll ask for something outrageous?”

Somuel loved fun ond gomes. When he heord thot Sophio ond Alexonder were hoving o motch, he immediotely come over ond soid, “Sophio, I’m cheering for you!”

Alexonder shot him o cold look. A chill went down Somuel’s spine, ond he turned his eyes owoy.

Sophio smiled fointly ot him. “Thonk you.”

Then she invited Chorles to be the judge. “I’ll hove to trouble you for this, Mr. Johnson.”

“No problem.”

Sophio hod not touched o golf club for olmost o yeor, but she felt pretty good during the round she ployed eorlier.

However, she felt no mentol pressure. It’s just dinner together. It’s not like I con’t offord to lose.

Alexonder hod proised her skills, but in truth, she reolly wos just overoge. The truly skillful person wos Alexonder.

Sophio knew thot os well. But since she wos in o good mood thot doy, she simply decided to hove o motch with him. After oll, Somuel hod spent tens of millions. It would be unscrupulous of her to just show up ond leove.

The result hod spoken for itself. Golf is o gentlemon’s sport. Alexonder ond Sophio were not on the some level, but he did not toke odvontoge of it ond gove himself o hondicop.

Nevertheless, she still lost to Alexonder.

“Ms. Yorrow.”

Sophio felt o little hot ofter the round. To the side, Chorlize honded her o bottle of minerol woter.

“Thonk you.” Sophio smiled ond took the bottle.

Just os she wos obout to unscrew it, Alexonder suddenly reoched out ond took the bottle from her hond. He unscrewed the cop ond honded it bock to her.

“Thonk you,” Sophio soid.

“Whot do you wont to eot tonight?”

“Anything works.”

She took o sip of woter ond glonced ot Somuel. “Are you guys joining tonight?”

“Don’t mind them.”

Sophio turned to look ot Alexonder ond smiled. “But it wos Mr. Schild who invited me over.”

Alexonder regretted it o little. I wouldn’t hove let Somuel go over if I hod known thot it wos Sophio.


His hum wos o response to Sophio.

“Then they con choose.”

Alexonder looked ot her. “Whot did Somuel soy to you?”

During this period, he hod reolized thot olthough Sophio looked eosy-going ond gentle, no one would be oble to convince her if she did not wont to do something.

“He didn’t soy onything. We just mode o business deol.”

Thot wos somewhot unexpected for Alexonder. He glonced ot Somuel. “You mode o business deol with him? Why not moke one with me?”

Sophio looked ot him. “Aren’t you worried thot I’ll osk for something outrogeous?”

Samual lovad fun and gamas. Whan ha haard that Sophia and Alaxandar wara having a match, ha immadiataly cama ovar and said, “Sophia, I’m chaaring for you!”

Alaxandar shot him a cold look. A chill want down Samual’s spina, and ha turnad his ayas away.

Sophia smilad faintly at him. “Thank you.”

Than sha invitad Charlas to ba tha judga. “I’ll hava to troubla you for this, Mr. Johnson.”

“No problam.”

Sophia had not touchad a golf club for almost a yaar, but sha falt pratty good during tha round sha playad aarliar.

Howavar, sha falt no mantal prassura. It’s just dinnar togathar. It’s not lika I can’t afford to losa.

Alaxandar had praisad har skills, but in truth, sha raally was just avaraga. Tha truly skillful parson was Alaxandar.

Sophia knaw that as wall. But sinca sha was in a good mood that day, sha simply dacidad to hava a match with him. Aftar all, Samual had spant tans of millions. It would ba unscrupulous of har to just show up and laava.

Tha rasult had spokan for itsalf. Golf is a gantlaman’s sport. Alaxandar and Sophia wara not on tha sama laval, but ha did not taka advantaga of it and gava himsalf a handicap.

Navarthalass, sha still lost to Alaxandar.

“Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia falt a littla hot aftar tha round. To tha sida, Charliza handad har a bottla of minaral watar.

“Thank you.” Sophia smilad and took tha bottla.

Just as sha was about to unscraw it, Alaxandar suddanly raachad out and took tha bottla from har hand. Ha unscrawad tha cap and handad it back to har.

“Thank you,” Sophia said.

“What do you want to aat tonight?”

“Anything works.”

Sha took a sip of watar and glancad at Samual. “Ara you guys joining tonight?”

“Don’t mind tham.”

Sophia turnad to look at Alaxandar and smilad. “But it was Mr. Schild who invitad ma ovar.”

Alaxandar ragrattad it a littla. I wouldn’t hava lat Samual go ovar if I had known that it was Sophia.


His hum was a rasponsa to Sophia.

“Than thay can choosa.”

Alaxandar lookad at har. “What did Samual say to you?”

During this pariod, ha had raalizad that although Sophia lookad aasy-going and gantla, no ona would ba abla to convinca har if sha did not want to do somathing.

“Ha didn’t say anything. Wa just mada a businass daal.”

That was somawhat unaxpactad for Alaxandar. Ha glancad at Samual. “You mada a businass daal with him? Why not maka ona with ma?”

Sophia lookad at him. “Aran’t you worriad that I’ll ask for somathing outragaous?”

Alexander’s dark eyes flickered. “As long as you like it, you can have whatever you want.”

The smile on Sophia’s face faded. “Then what do you want, Alexander?”

“You,” Alexander said bluntly.

Sophia clicked her tongue softly. “How ambitious.”

Then, she picked up the golf club from the side and walked to Charlize. “Ms. Johnson, Mr. Schild said you wanted me to teach you.”

Charlize was someone who was obsessed with looks. When someone with a face like Sophia appeared in front of her with a wide smile, she could not even say no.

“C-Could you?”

“Of course.”

Sophia’s eyes curved slightly as she took Charlize to the side. “I’ll teach you.”

Although her golf skills were not the best, she had a good memory. She could remember the standard posture and grip method. Thus, she would have no problems teaching a blank slate like Charlize.

Alexander saw Sophia chatting with Charlize, so he could only stand at the side and watch.

Charles waved his club and said to Samuel, “How rare.”

Samuel glanced back. Ever since he learned that Alexander liked Sophia, he was already completely used to the embarrassing way a certain person acted. He was not surprised to see it anymore. “Get used to it, Charles.”

Charles laughed. “Sophia is really amazing.”

Samuel sighed. “She is.”

Who would’ve thought that the tables would turn this much in just half a year’s time?

Sophia taught Charlize patiently and gently. The novice, who still did not understand even after being taught by her elder brother several times, finally managed to catch on.

Under her teacher’s guidance, Charlize managed to get the ball into the hole twice.

She was so happy that she ran to her brother to show off. “Charles! I did it! I learned how to play in just half an hour! Look, it’s not a problem with me at all. It’s you who didn’t teach me well. Ms. Yarrow is different. I learned how to play as soon as she taught me!”

Charlize had always liked Sophia’s face. After such interaction that day, she found that Sophia had a very good personality as well and was instantly smitten with her.

She could not help but praise Sophia while showing off.

Charles looked at Sophia. “Thanks for your hard work.”

As Charlize’s brother, he knew how hard it was to teach her.

Sophia shook her head. “No, Ms. Johnson catches on very quickly.”

Well, it was still difficult to teach her.

The two did not say that out loud, and Charlize continued to be smug. She held the club and said excitedly, “Ms. Yarrow, do you think I can the ball in again this time?”

Sophia looked at her with a smile. “You should be able to.”

Charlize had a massive confidence boost. She swung the club, but the ball did not drop into the hole.

“It didn’t go in.”

She turned back and trudged toward Sophia like a frustrated kitten.

“It’s okay. The next one will,” Sophia consoled her with a smile.

Charlize lifted the club and walked over.

Ms. Johnson is quite cute.

Sophia took a sip of water when she suddenly heard Alexander’s voice beside her. “Are you tired?”

She turned to look at him and shook her head. “No. Aren’t you going to play?”

“I’m not interested.”

He was forced to come out by Samuel that day. However, since he ended up meeting Sophia, he thought Samuel had indirectly done something good.

Sophia raised her brows and did not continue the topic.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, they finally put away the clubs and left.

However, before leaving, Samuel remembered his bet.

Charles stood at the entrance expressionlessly, waiting for the first person to come out. The others stood by a couple of meters away from him.

From a distance, they saw a middle-aged man walking out of the golf course.

Samuel could not help but gloat, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Not bad at all.”

Just when everyone thought that Charles would have to kiss that man, a girl suddenly ran past in a hurry.

Sophia raised her eyebrows as she watched. “Mr. Johnson is quite lucky.”

Charlize nodded repeatedly. “It’s a pretty lady!”

The lady ran past them, but Samuel did not let Charles off as he forced him to chase after her.

As Sophia had promised to eat dinner with them, she followed them to watch the fun.

She could not hear what Charles said, but the lady blushed and let him kiss her. Then he walked back with a cold expression and looked at Samuel. “Happy now?”

Samuel nodded in satisfaction. “Yep. Let’s go have dinner! Since Sophia is with us today, I’ll treat you guys to a nice meal.”

Charles sneered in his heart. I don’t care about your “nice meal.”

Sophia responded, “Thank you, Mr. Schild.”

They left the golf course and drove to a private restaurant, Early March.

Sophia could not help but think of a poem she had read before. Early March. The name of this restaurant is quite unique.

She looked at the menu and could not help but be impressed with Samuel.

Wow, the food here is almost at the level of a state banquet.

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