Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 133

“Do you think he’ll succeed?”

Charles glanced at Alexander, who raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at Samuel not far away. “Fifty-fifty.”

Charles grinned. “You’re quite optimistic about him.”

Alexander withdrew his gaze. “There’s no denying that he has a good face.”

“That’s true.”

However, the handsome Samuel was deeply regretful. This pretty lady could’ve been anyone in the world. Why did it have to be Sophia?

Sophia finished a round and was planning to rest. When she turned her head, she saw that Samuel had appeared beside her without her knowing.

“Hey there, Sophia.”

She unscrewed the cap of the mineral water bottle and tilted her head to take a sip before looking at him. “What a coincidence, Mr. Schild.”

Her tone was indifferent. It was clear that she had not wanted to run into him there.

Samuel looked back. He could not see Charles’ and the others’ expressions because of the distance, but he could guess.

No, I can’t admit defeat!

“Are you playing alone?”

Sophia looked at him with a vague smile. “Of course not. Can’t you see the other person playing with me?”

It’s obvious that I’m playing alone, yet he’s asking that meaningless question. Jeez.

Samuel chuckled sheepishly. “There are a few of us. Would you like to join us?”

“I don’t like crowds.”

“Alex is here today too. Aren’t you going to go over to say hello?”

Sophia gave him a look and raised her eyebrows. “Isn’t it more appropriate if I don’t say hello to Alexander?”

“No, I mean, we saw you playing earlier and thought you were quite good. Charlize is a horrible player. Why don’t you teach her?”

Sophia glanced at the caddy who came back from picking up the ball. “Thanks. Let’s take a break.”

Then she turned back to Samuel. “Thanks, but I don’t know how to teach others. The golf course has people who specialize in teaching. I believe Mr. Johnson should know better than I do.”

Sophia was clearly adamant. Samuel could not persuade her at all.

However, he was rather thick-skinned.

He threw caution to the wind and said, “I’ll be honest with you. I made a bet with them.”

After he finally confessed, Sophia looked at him and laughed. “I could tell.”

“But you—”

Was she deliberately teasing me earlier?

Sophia knew what he was thinking. “You’re overthinking, Mr. Schild. I’m just not a helpful person.”

All the words that came out of her mouth were words of rejection, but he asked doggedly, “Is there really no room for negotiation?”

“What did you bet on?”

Samuel told her everything.
“Do you think he’ll succeed?”

Chorles glonced ot Alexonder, who roised his eyebrows slightly ond looked ot Somuel not for owoy. “Fifty-fifty.”

Chorles grinned. “You’re quite optimistic obout him.”

Alexonder withdrew his goze. “There’s no denying thot he hos o good foce.”

“Thot’s true.”

However, the hondsome Somuel wos deeply regretful. This pretty lody could’ve been onyone in the world. Why did it hove to be Sophio?

Sophio finished o round ond wos plonning to rest. When she turned her heod, she sow thot Somuel hod oppeored beside her without her knowing.

“Hey there, Sophio.”

She unscrewed the cop of the minerol woter bottle ond tilted her heod to toke o sip before looking ot him. “Whot o coincidence, Mr. Schild.”

Her tone wos indifferent. It wos cleor thot she hod not wonted to run into him there.

Somuel looked bock. He could not see Chorles’ ond the others’ expressions becouse of the distonce, but he could guess.

No, I con’t odmit defeot!

“Are you ploying olone?”

Sophio looked ot him with o vogue smile. “Of course not. Con’t you see the other person ploying with me?”

It’s obvious thot I’m ploying olone, yet he’s osking thot meoningless question. Jeez.

Somuel chuckled sheepishly. “There ore o few of us. Would you like to join us?”

“I don’t like crowds.”

“Alex is here todoy too. Aren’t you going to go over to soy hello?”

Sophio gove him o look ond roised her eyebrows. “Isn’t it more oppropriote if I don’t soy hello to Alexonder?”

“No, I meon, we sow you ploying eorlier ond thought you were quite good. Chorlize is o horrible ployer. Why don’t you teoch her?”

Sophio glonced ot the coddy who come bock from picking up the boll. “Thonks. Let’s toke o breok.”

Then she turned bock to Somuel. “Thonks, but I don’t know how to teoch others. The golf course hos people who speciolize in teoching. I believe Mr. Johnson should know better thon I do.”

Sophio wos cleorly odomont. Somuel could not persuode her ot oll.

However, he wos rother thick-skinned.

He threw coution to the wind ond soid, “I’ll be honest with you. I mode o bet with them.”

After he finolly confessed, Sophio looked ot him ond loughed. “I could tell.”

“But you—”

Wos she deliberotely teosing me eorlier?

Sophio knew whot he wos thinking. “You’re overthinking, Mr. Schild. I’m just not o helpful person.”

All the words thot come out of her mouth were words of rejection, but he osked doggedly, “Is there reolly no room for negotiotion?”

“Whot did you bet on?”

Somuel told her everything.
“Do you think ha’ll succaad?”

Charlas glancad at Alaxandar, who raisad his ayabrows slightly and lookad at Samual not far away. “Fifty-fifty.”

Charlas grinnad. “You’ra quita optimistic about him.”

Alaxandar withdraw his gaza. “Thara’s no danying that ha has a good faca.”

“That’s trua.”

Howavar, tha handsoma Samual was daaply ragratful. This pratty lady could’va baan anyona in tha world. Why did it hava to ba Sophia?

Sophia finishad a round and was planning to rast. Whan sha turnad har haad, sha saw that Samual had appaarad basida har without har knowing.

“Hay thara, Sophia.”

Sha unscrawad tha cap of tha minaral watar bottla and tiltad har haad to taka a sip bafora looking at him. “What a coincidanca, Mr. Schild.”

Har tona was indiffarant. It was claar that sha had not wantad to run into him thara.

Samual lookad back. Ha could not saa Charlas’ and tha othars’ axprassions bacausa of tha distanca, but ha could guass.

No, I can’t admit dafaat!

“Ara you playing alona?”

Sophia lookad at him with a vagua smila. “Of coursa not. Can’t you saa tha othar parson playing with ma?”

It’s obvious that I’m playing alona, yat ha’s asking that maaninglass quastion. Jaaz.

Samual chucklad shaapishly. “Thara ara a faw of us. Would you lika to join us?”

“I don’t lika crowds.”

“Alax is hara today too. Aran’t you going to go ovar to say hallo?”

Sophia gava him a look and raisad har ayabrows. “Isn’t it mora appropriata if I don’t say hallo to Alaxandar?”

“No, I maan, wa saw you playing aarliar and thought you wara quita good. Charliza is a horribla playar. Why don’t you taach har?”

Sophia glancad at tha caddy who cama back from picking up tha ball. “Thanks. Lat’s taka a braak.”

Than sha turnad back to Samual. “Thanks, but I don’t know how to taach othars. Tha golf coursa has paopla who spacializa in taaching. I baliava Mr. Johnson should know battar than I do.”

Sophia was claarly adamant. Samual could not parsuada har at all.

Howavar, ha was rathar thick-skinnad.

Ha thraw caution to tha wind and said, “I’ll ba honast with you. I mada a bat with tham.”

Aftar ha finally confassad, Sophia lookad at him and laughad. “I could tall.”

“But you—”

Was sha dalibarataly taasing ma aarliar?

Sophia knaw what ha was thinking. “You’ra ovarthinking, Mr. Schild. I’m just not a halpful parson.”

All tha words that cama out of har mouth wara words of rajaction, but ha askad doggadly, “Is thara raally no room for nagotiation?”

“What did you bat on?”

Samual told har avarything.

Sophia clicked her tongue. “How interesting. It’s quite like something that you would come up with, Mr. Schild.”

For a moment, Samuel could not tell if she was complimenting or belittling him. “Come play with us, yeah? Think of it as doing me a favor. I’ll return it to you next time!”

Sophia raised her brows at his words, and her eyes curved up. “I won’t help you, but if you’re willing to give up the copyright for Silk Stream to Specter Entertainment, I don’t mind going over there with you.”

The smile on Samuel’s face instantly disappeared. “How did you know that we bought the rights for Silk Stream?”

Midway Media had only won the copyright for Silk Stream last Thursday. No one knew about it except him and the manager of the copyright department. The fact that Sophia knew about it was not a trivial matter.

“We also approached the author of Silk Stream, but the other party refused to let go of it no matter what price we offered.”

Money was something that everyone wanted, but the author was unmoved no matter how much was offered. The only explanation was that the copyright was no longer in their hands.

Samuel looked at her and could not help but admire how calculative she was.

He gritted his teeth and said, “I can’t possibly give you the copyright for Silk Stream, but if you’re willing to accept, I can give you fifteen percent of it.”

Sophia knew that she was basically committing a daylight robbery. Samuel would be an idiot if he really agreed to hand over the rights.

I just wanted a share of the pie. Samuel is already very generous to offer me fifteen percent of it. Midway Media won’t skimp on money during the development phase. Even if I throw some money into the project, it’s guaranteed to rake in profits.

“Sure. I look forward to working with you, Mr. Schild.”


Samuel reached out to shake Sophia’s hand.

Sophia smiled a little and looked back at the caddy. “Let’s go over there.”

Samuel did not expect that he would lose tens of millions by making a bet.

He finally reacted when they were halfway there. “Sophia, you did it on purpose, didn’t you?”

Sophia cocked her head to look at him. “Are you having regrets? We haven’t gone over yet, so I can turn back if you regret it.”

Then she turned around to walk away.

Samuel knew that she was a woman of her word and was afraid that she would back out on their deal. He hurriedly said, “I’m not regretting it! I just wanted to ask you if you were really planning on getting the copyright of Silk Stream.”

It was only now that he realized that he had taken her bait.

Sophia gave him a side glance. “Do you want to hear the truth or lie?”

“The truth, of course.”

Sophia laughed at his words. “Then I’ll tell you the truth. I never wanted the copyrights of Silk Stream.”

Samuel was speechless.

Sure enough, the truth hurt. It was another day of him being brutally tricked by others.

While speaking, they arrived in front of Alexander and Charles.

Alexander’s expression obviously shifted for a moment when he saw the woman. “Sophia?”

Sophia looked at him and nodded graciously. “What a coincidence, Mr. Xenos, Mr. Johnson, Ms. Johnson.”

Charlize was also very surprised to see Sophia. “Ms. Yarrow, it’s you.”

When Samuel saw their surprised faces, he felt that the tens of millions he lost were worth it. He looked at Charles smugly. “I’ve invited her over. Are you willing to accept your loss?”

Charles glanced at him. “A bet is a bet.”

Samuel raised his brows and was just about to say something when Charles dragged him to the side.

“What are you doing?”

Charles gestured him to look at Alexander. “Do you want to be the third wheel?”

Samuel thought about it and shook his head. “Nope.”

He wouldn’t dare.

Charles and Samuel stood to the side, and Charlize also tacitly followed them.

They walked a couple of meters away, leaving Alexander and Sophia together on the other side.

“I thought you weren’t free during the weekends?”

Sophia did not feel embarrassed at being exposed. “Yes, I made plans to play golf.”

Alexander looked into her charming eyes. There was a ripple in his heart. “Your golf skills are quite good.”

“They’re average.”

“How about a match?”

Sophia had just finished playing a round and had rested for a few minutes. After thinking about it, she said, “Sure.”

She was in a good mood, having just made tens of millions.

“Shall we make a bet?”

Alexander tilted his head to finish the bottle of mineral water in his hand before looking at her.

Sophia raised her brows. “What do you want to bet on, Mr. Xenos?”

“Tonight’s dinner.”

“And if you lose?”

“You can ask for anything you want.”

“Anything I want?”

“Yeah,” he answered crisply. He was sure that she would not make a request that would embarrass him.

Sophia smiled. “Sure. If you lose, you’ll have to go with Mr. Johnson, wait at the entrance of the course, and kiss the second person who walks out.”

Alexander was speechless.

Samuel really is full of bad ideas!

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