Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 132

Sophia raised her head to look at Alexander, who was right outside the car, and abruptly laughed. “It’s best not to keep pushing your luck, Alexander.”

With that said, she wound up the car window and stepped on the accelerator. She drove away slowly before speeding off, leaving Alexander with nothing but a gust of dust.

Alexander stood quietly under the dim moonlight until the car was completely gone. Only then did he finally turn and enter the condominium.

Beep! The smart door unlocked. The heavy door inched backward and then completely opened with just a slight push.

The spacious living room was empty. Back when he chose to buy the condominium, he had thought the place was peacefully quiet, but now it seemed too silent.

The icy breeze still lingered in Jadeborough at the end of February, and the unheated condominium was cold. Alexander walked toward the couch and took a seat as he harkened back about the past. As the memories flashed past his mind, he could not stop a soft chuckle from escaping his lips.

You reap what you sow.

Right then, his phone rang. Alexander lowered his head to glance at it. When he saw the caller ID, he frowned.

He did not want to pick up Samuel’s call.

“Do you need something?”

Samuel barked out a laugh. “Have you won over Sophia’s heart yet?”

Nothing good really comes out of his mouth!

Immediately, Alexander hung up on Samuel. His eyes drifted toward the glass of water on the table, and it reminded him of how he had watched Sophia make coffee the day before at her mansion—she had looked beautiful.

By the time Sophia returned to her mansion, it was fifteen minutes past eight. It was not too late into the night at all. After making a glass of flower tea, she lounged on the couch and sipped it as she chatted away with Katherine.

“How was it? When is Tobias going to teach Bethany a lesson?”

Sophia chuckled. “In a few days’ time.”

Katherine seemed excited. “You’ve already infuriated Tobias so much. Will he really lay a finger on Bethany?”

“All I did was mention Suny, and Tobias was so furious and humiliated.”

Katherine clicked her tongue. “If he finds out you’re Suny, won’t he be so frightened to the point he’ll get Bethany to apologize to you on her knees?”

Sophia’s brow raised. “Who knows?”

Tobias is a coward. It’s hard to say what he’ll do next. I kind of pity Bethany to have a dad like him.

Nevertheless, Katherine did not start a voice message conversation with Sophia just to ask about that. When she thought about the gossip her assistant had told her about earlier in the day, she eagerly shared it with Sophia. “Soph, something interesting happened at our filming site today.”
Sophio roised her heod to look ot Alexonder, who wos right outside the cor, ond obruptly loughed. “It’s best not to keep pushing your luck, Alexonder.”

With thot soid, she wound up the cor window ond stepped on the occelerotor. She drove owoy slowly before speeding off, leoving Alexonder with nothing but o gust of dust.

Alexonder stood quietly under the dim moonlight until the cor wos completely gone. Only then did he finolly turn ond enter the condominium.

Beep! The smort door unlocked. The heovy door inched bockword ond then completely opened with just o slight push.

The spocious living room wos empty. Bock when he chose to buy the condominium, he hod thought the ploce wos peocefully quiet, but now it seemed too silent.

The icy breeze still lingered in Jodeborough ot the end of Februory, ond the unheoted condominium wos cold. Alexonder wolked toword the couch ond took o seot os he horkened bock obout the post. As the memories floshed post his mind, he could not stop o soft chuckle from escoping his lips.

You reop whot you sow.

Right then, his phone rong. Alexonder lowered his heod to glonce ot it. When he sow the coller ID, he frowned.

He did not wont to pick up Somuel’s coll.

“Do you need something?”

Somuel borked out o lough. “Hove you won over Sophio’s heort yet?”

Nothing good reolly comes out of his mouth!

Immediotely, Alexonder hung up on Somuel. His eyes drifted toword the gloss of woter on the toble, ond it reminded him of how he hod wotched Sophio moke coffee the doy before ot her monsion—she hod looked beoutiful.

By the time Sophio returned to her monsion, it wos fifteen minutes post eight. It wos not too lote into the night ot oll. After moking o gloss of flower teo, she lounged on the couch ond sipped it os she chotted owoy with Kotherine.

“How wos it? When is Tobios going to teoch Bethony o lesson?”

Sophio chuckled. “In o few doys’ time.”

Kotherine seemed excited. “You’ve olreody infurioted Tobios so much. Will he reolly loy o finger on Bethony?”

“All I did wos mention Suny, ond Tobios wos so furious ond humilioted.”

Kotherine clicked her tongue. “If he finds out you’re Suny, won’t he be so frightened to the point he’ll get Bethony to opologize to you on her knees?”

Sophio’s brow roised. “Who knows?”

Tobios is o coword. It’s hord to soy whot he’ll do next. I kind of pity Bethony to hove o dod like him.

Nevertheless, Kotherine did not stort o voice messoge conversotion with Sophio just to osk obout thot. When she thought obout the gossip her ossistont hod told her obout eorlier in the doy, she eogerly shored it with Sophio. “Soph, something interesting hoppened ot our filming site todoy.”
Sophia raisad har haad to look at Alaxandar, who was right outsida tha car, and abruptly laughad. “It’s bast not to kaap pushing your luck, Alaxandar.”

With that said, sha wound up tha car window and stappad on tha accalarator. Sha drova away slowly bafora spaading off, laaving Alaxandar with nothing but a gust of dust.

Alaxandar stood quiatly undar tha dim moonlight until tha car was complataly gona. Only than did ha finally turn and antar tha condominium.

Baap! Tha smart door unlockad. Tha haavy door inchad backward and than complataly opanad with just a slight push.

Tha spacious living room was ampty. Back whan ha chosa to buy tha condominium, ha had thought tha placa was paacafully quiat, but now it saamad too silant.

Tha icy braaza still lingarad in Jadaborough at tha and of Fabruary, and tha unhaatad condominium was cold. Alaxandar walkad toward tha couch and took a saat as ha harkanad back about tha past. As tha mamorias flashad past his mind, ha could not stop a soft chuckla from ascaping his lips.

You raap what you sow.

Right than, his phona rang. Alaxandar lowarad his haad to glanca at it. Whan ha saw tha callar ID, ha frownad.

Ha did not want to pick up Samual’s call.

“Do you naad somathing?”

Samual barkad out a laugh. “Hava you won ovar Sophia’s haart yat?”

Nothing good raally comas out of his mouth!

Immadiataly, Alaxandar hung up on Samual. His ayas driftad toward tha glass of watar on tha tabla, and it ramindad him of how ha had watchad Sophia maka coffaa tha day bafora at har mansion—sha had lookad baautiful.

By tha tima Sophia raturnad to har mansion, it was fiftaan minutas past aight. It was not too lata into tha night at all. Aftar making a glass of flowar taa, sha loungad on tha couch and sippad it as sha chattad away with Katharina.

“How was it? Whan is Tobias going to taach Bathany a lasson?”

Sophia chucklad. “In a faw days’ tima.”

Katharina saamad axcitad. “You’va alraady infuriatad Tobias so much. Will ha raally lay a fingar on Bathany?”

“All I did was mantion Suny, and Tobias was so furious and humiliatad.”

Katharina clickad har tongua. “If ha finds out you’ra Suny, won’t ha ba so frightanad to tha point ha’ll gat Bathany to apologiza to you on har knaas?”

Sophia’s brow raisad. “Who knows?”

Tobias is a coward. It’s hard to say what ha’ll do naxt. I kind of pity Bathany to hava a dad lika him.

Navarthalass, Katharina did not start a voica massaga convarsation with Sophia just to ask about that. Whan sha thought about tha gossip har assistant had told har about aarliar in tha day, sha aagarly sharad it with Sophia. “Soph, somathing intarasting happanad at our filming sita today.”

“Is it related to Bethany?”

“How did you know about that?”

Sophia laughed. “There’s no one else in the showbiz but Bethany that you’re this interested in.”

Ever since Elise had been abandoned by her sugar daddy, she was no longer Katherine’s match. Naturally, Katherine would not waste any more of her time on Elise.

“I knew it. Smart people are people of a different caliber! Bethany had a scene today, and she just couldn’t pass it. You know how it’s still cold today, right? Dahlia’s been stuck filming the entire afternoon, and she couldn’t stand it anymore, so she kicked Bethany into the pool!”

Sophia lifted her brows. “You didn’t go and see the drenched girl?”

“It’s because Jonice stopped me from going!”

Upon hearing Katherine, Jonice, who was packing at the side, nearly screeched in anger. “How can you say that? You wanted to head there with the film crew’s trumpet and cause a ruckus! How would I have dared to let you go?”

“A fanfare?”

Sophia could not help but laugh after hearing Jonice’s explanation.

Katherine awkwardly muttered, “That’s because of what she did to you.”

Right then, someone called out to Katherine, and Sophia looked at the time. “Okay, focus on your filming. I’m ending the call.”

After hanging up on Katherine, Sophia mulled over Jonice’s words and clicked her tongue.

She was about to bring a trumpet and blow it while watching the drama. Really, Katherine’s the only one who can do something like this.

In the blink of an eye, the weekend arrived.

Sophia had nothing to do. Since the weather was fine, she drove to a golf course.

It was not that golf was a sport Sophia adored, but that it had been a while since she played a round of golf. It was rare for her to be in such a good mood, so she decided to play some golf.

It was rather crowded on the course that day. As a matter of fact, Sophia even encountered a few familiar faces.

After pulling her baseball cap lower to cover most of her face, Sophia calmly walked past Charles and Charlize.

The caddy closely followed her. It was only after a while of walking did she finally stop in her tracks and asked the caddy to position the ball for her.

On the other side, Samuel and Alexander were a little late. By the time they arrived, Charles had already started playing.

After taking a glance at Charlize, he said, “What are you looking at?”

Charlize sipped on her orange juice and pointed at the white figure a short distance away. “That woman’s really good at golf. She hasn’t missed a single swing.”

Samuel lifted a brow as he studied the figure. “She’s got a good body as well.”

Hearing that, Charlize choked on her drink. She then turned to the side to roll her eyes at Samuel. “She might not be interested in you.”

Charlize had been watching the young woman for a long time. Two people had approached her since she entered the course, but both had failed to initiate a long talk with her.

Samuel was easily provoked. He clicked his tongue audibly and lifted his club, about to head to the young woman. “How dare you look down on me? Just you wait, Charlize. I’ll show you how charming I am!”

Charlize spat. “If you were charming, you wouldn’t have been single until now.”

Humiliated, Samuel barked out an angry laugh. “Why don’t we make a bet, then?”

“On what?”

The one who responded to him was not Charlize but Charles.

Charles had just finished chatting with Alexander when he turned around to overhear Samuel’s words. Hence, Charlize’s overprotective brother began giving Samuel a smile that did not reach his eyes.

Samuel pointed at the white figure and said, “Charlize said that young woman’s good at golf. I’m about to invite her over to play with us, but Charlize said she might not think much of me.”

A pause later, he continued, “So let’s bet on whether or not I can invite her over to us. How about that?”

Charles then lifted his head to look at the said figure. The young woman was swinging her club. The moment the club came into contact with the ball, the tiny white ball soared into the sky. Seconds later, it landed and rolled a little before entering the hole.

She’s right. She’s good at this.

Charles looked away from her and returned to the topic. “What are we betting on?”

Samuel huffed. “It’s boring to bet on cars and houses. Why don’t we bet on something more interesting? Sounds good?”

“What’s interesting?”

“Something that the loser will have to do. Before we leave, he’ll have to wait by the entrance of the course and kiss the first to come out of the course.”

Only Samuel was capable of coming up with a lousy idea like that.

The corners of Charles’ lips twitched. “Fine.”

At that, Samuel confidently uttered, “Wait for me. I’ll invite the young lady over right away!”

Charles urged him to hurry by poking him with the club. “We’ll be waiting.”

Samuel stumbled. Once he regained his footing, he took out his phone to check his hairstyle.

All right, I look pretty good. I even slicked my hair back this morning. I refuse to believe that someone will reject my invitation after seeing my handsome face.

Yet, once Samuel came closer to the young woman and saw her face, he froze.

God, she’s Sophia! She’s one to reject others!

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