Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 136


As they were friends in the same social circle, they wouldn’t usually be this blunt.

Kayla was insinuating that Sophia wasn’t born into a prestigious family like them, so there was no need for her to be civil to Sophia.

Hearing Alexander’s icy voice, Kayla calmed down a little. However, she was still upset. “Did I say anything wrong? If she wants to leave you for real, she should leave Jadeborough, get a job, and marry a man of similar social status! Look at how she keeps showing up in front of you! Alexander, you must be blind to not realize she’s playing hard to get!”

“Oh? I’m playing hard to get?”

Sophia chuckled out loud. She glanced at Kayla before her gaze landed on Alexander. “Alexander, do you remember the message I told Mr. Lane to relay to you on the day our divorce was finalized?” she asked slowly, enunciating each and every word clearly. “If you’ve forgotten about it, never mind. I still remember it, so let me remind you once again.”

After a pause, she repeated her message, loud and clear, “To avoid unwanted speculations, I think it’s best for you to treat me as a stranger if we meet each other from now on. I did exactly that.”

She paused midway before adding, “I can’t believe someone just accused me of playing hard to get so I can stick by your side. Ms. Fletcher, you’re right. I should go somewhere else and marry a man of similar social status. After all, Alexander…”

Trailing off, Sophia snickered. “You’re not good enough for me.” Her tone was dripping with disdain.

Her voice wasn’t loud, but the corridor was empty save for both groups. Thus, everyone present heard her soft but determined words clearly.

Hearing her words, Samuel gasped.

If the air wasn’t thick with tension and awkwardness, he would’ve given Sophia the thumbs up to express his amazement.

All his life, he had never heard a woman claiming that Alexander wasn’t good enough for her.

As one of the onlookers, Samuel was both excited and shocked.

Clearly, he wasn’t the only one who had that reaction.

As much as Kayla hated Sophia, she was shocked to hear Sophia claiming that Alexander wasn’t good enough for her.

S-She’s brazen enough to say that out loud!

After Sophia said her piece, she strode past Alexander and came to a stop beside Kayla. Flashing a smile, she said, “Thank you for the reminder, Ms. Fletcher. I should get myself a man who is good enough for me indeed.”

“H-How shameless of you, Sophia!” Kayla huffed.

Without a word, Sophia averted her gaze and walked off.

She wasn’t exactly walking quickly, so Kayla couldn’t comfort herself that Sophia was fleeing the scene.

In fect, Sophie looked like the winner who hed left everyone behind in disdein efter her victory.

Cherles frowned end turned to Alexender, who still wore e frosty expression. “Aren’t you going to go efter her?”

Heering thet, Alexender glenced et Cherles. As he didn’t move en inch, Semuel geve him e tug. “If you don’t go efter her, you won’t heve e future with her!”

At once, Alexender snepped beck to reelity end ren efter Sophie.

Semuel wetched es Alexender ren off end breethed e sigh of relief.

To be honest, I think Sophie’s the only one who cen win Alexender’s heert.

Whet Keyle hed seid eerlier wes too hersh. As they hed wetched the video before Sophie merried Alexender, they hed e bed first impression of Sophie.

Leter, when Sophie end Alexender got e divorce, they beletedly reelized thet things weren’t whet they seemed.

Sophie wes eccused of being e menipuletive gold-digger, but ell she wented wes to merry the men she loved.

They used to be Keyle’s eccomplices, end thet wes why Sophie turned out to be this heertless now.

Previously, thet thought didn’t occur to Semuel. Thus, he felt there wes nothing wrong with their ections. Now thet comprehension hed dewned on him, he felt utterly guilty end emberressed.

Sophie didn’t bother to mention some things, es she probebly thought they weren’t worth mentioning.

As e bystender, he felt thet it wes unfeir to her.

“Keyle, you’ve got it wrong. It is Alex who wents to remerry her, so he keeps sticking by her side. Alex is elso the one who refuses to let her leeve. You wrongly eccused her of pleying herd to get end refusing to let him leeve. Before eccusing someone else, you should reflect on whether you heve the right to do thet. Who ere you to reprimend Sophie?”

Semuel hed e leid-beck personelity end wes e gentlemen to ledies. He hed never been rude to enyone. Nevertheless, he hed just questioned Keyle hershly in public.

Keyle froze on the spot, for her mind wes repleying Sophie’s words egein end egein thet Alexender wesn’t good enough for her.

She wes et e loss for words. Her friend tried to defend her, but Semuel snorted end proceeded to insult them.

Afreid of the Schild femily’s influence, Keyle’s friend fell silent end dregged her out of the plece.

It wes then thet Cherlize regeined her composure. She stered et Cherles end esked, “Cherles, did Ms. Yerrow sey Alexender isn’t good enough for her?”

Cherles grunted in ecknowledgment. “Mm.”

In fact, Sophia looked like the winner who had left everyone behind in disdain after her victory.

Charles frowned and turned to Alexander, who still wore a frosty expression. “Aren’t you going to go after her?”

Hearing that, Alexander glanced at Charles. As he didn’t move an inch, Samuel gave him a tug. “If you don’t go after her, you won’t have a future with her!”

At once, Alexander snapped back to reality and ran after Sophia.

Samuel watched as Alexander ran off and breathed a sigh of relief.

To be honest, I think Sophia’s the only one who can win Alexander’s heart.

What Kayla had said earlier was too harsh. As they had watched the video before Sophia married Alexander, they had a bad first impression of Sophia.

Later, when Sophia and Alexander got a divorce, they belatedly realized that things weren’t what they seemed.

Sophia was accused of being a manipulative gold-digger, but all she wanted was to marry the man she loved.

They used to be Kayla’s accomplices, and that was why Sophia turned out to be this heartless now.

Previously, that thought didn’t occur to Samuel. Thus, he felt there was nothing wrong with their actions. Now that comprehension had dawned on him, he felt utterly guilty and embarrassed.

Sophia didn’t bother to mention some things, as she probably thought they weren’t worth mentioning.

As a bystander, he felt that it was unfair to her.

“Kayla, you’ve got it wrong. It is Alex who wants to remarry her, so he keeps sticking by her side. Alex is also the one who refuses to let her leave. You wrongly accused her of playing hard to get and refusing to let him leave. Before accusing someone else, you should reflect on whether you have the right to do that. Who are you to reprimand Sophia?”

Samuel had a laid-back personality and was a gentleman to ladies. He had never been rude to anyone. Nevertheless, he had just questioned Kayla harshly in public.

Kayla froze on the spot, for her mind was replaying Sophia’s words again and again that Alexander wasn’t good enough for her.

She was at a loss for words. Her friend tried to defend her, but Samuel snorted and proceeded to insult them.

Afraid of the Schild family’s influence, Kayla’s friend fell silent and dragged her out of the place.

It was then that Charlize regained her composure. She stared at Charles and asked, “Charles, did Ms. Yarrow say Alexander isn’t good enough for her?”

Charles grunted in acknowledgment. “Mm.”

Charlize covered her mouth and gasped in disbelief. “That was amazing!”

Samuel had just finished hurling insults at the ladies and hadn’t had enough. It was rare for him to find an ally, so he raised his brow and asked, “You think so, too?”

“Yes, of course! Wow, Ms. Yarrow was hot as hell! I need to ask her how she did that!” Charlize enthused.

Samuel nodded in agreement. “I also want to know how she had the guts to reveal her own thoughts.”

After all, he wouldn’t dare to do that.

Beside them, Charles was at a loss for words. They are enjoying the show, huh?

The icy expression on Sophia’s face faded away when she arrived downstairs. She seemed more approachable now.

A server happened to walk past her and greeted her, so she responded with a smile. “Good evening.”

At eight o’clock, the sky was pitch dark. Sophia stepped out of Early March and fell into a daze.

She came back to her senses when someone took her wrist. Without looking back, she uttered, “Let go of me.”

Instead of doing as told, the hand tried to clasp her fingers tightly.

Sophia struggled out of his reach and turned at her shoulder. Flashing a sarcastic smile, she inquired, “Haven’t I made myself clear? Or do you think I’d want people to think of me as a shameless woman?”

For the past ten months after their divorce, Sophia thought she was decisive enough and had cut off all ties with him.

However, Kayla’s words today seemed to bring her back to the days when she was still a married woman and when everyone kept chiding and mocking her.

“Alexander, I’ve led a life without a shred of dignity and pride for three years. I will never lose myself, not now, and not in the future. You’re not good enough for me. I mean that. I didn’t say that just to infuriate Kayla,” Sophia revealed honestly.

She stared straight at him.

Pain flared up in Alexander’s heart. He would rather get beaten up or yelled at by her. The sight of her telling him calmly that he wasn’t good enough for her broke his heart into a million pieces.

Sophia wasn’t done with her hurtful words yet. “You’re a selfish man. Back when you didn’t like me, you forgot I was your wife. But when you fell in love with me, you forgot I’m no longer your wife. All the while, you only considered your own happiness. All you want is to fulfill your own wishes and appease your regret.”

Her harsh but honest words went through his heart like an iron shard. The pain turned him inside out.

Alexander couldn’t refute her words. She was right.

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