Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 121

At that moment, Delilah grabbed the bag, pulled a still-dazed Rupert, and ran away.

Lexie, the host who came with her, was also stunned. No one expected this shocking turn of events.

The audience in the live room was already in a heated discussion. Some commented that Sophia was cold-hearted as the bag was worth eight hundred thousand, and she refused to give her grandmother any money. Someone remarked that Delilah was going too far. Others thought that Rupert was useless in encouraging his mother to ask for money from his niece. In short, everyone had their respective opinion on the matter.

Sadie, who had just called security over, stood rooted to her spot at a loss. The changes are endless. I just left for a while, and now Sophia’s bag has been snatched away?

Glancing at Sophia, she noticed that the woman, who always sported a faint smile, was currently standing there with a cold aura enveloping her body.

Sadie froze. Standing at the side, she did not dare to say anything.

Sophia shook off Alexander’s hand and stalked out.

The latter followed behind her. “Where are you going?”

Sophia intended to go to the police station to report the case. However, after taking a few steps forward, she suddenly realized that her car keys were still in her bag.

Tsk! I forgot about that.

She stopped and looked at Alexander. “I want to go to the police station.”

He froze momentarily but quickly got himself together. “My car is parked nearby. I’ll take you there.”


Alexander’s eyebrows twitched as he stared at her. “Wait for me at the roadside. I’ll get the car.”

Sophia nodded in response. She raised her hand to brush the stray hair in front of her forehead before walking to the side of the road.

By then, the main square was already deserted. The old woman who stole her bag had already run away with her incompetent son.

As Sophia stood on the side of the road, the cold expression on her face returned to normal. The corner of her red lips curled into a smile as she chuckled.

Everything was fine originally. But since she insisted on provoking me, I shall settle all the scores together.

The black Maybach slowly pulled over. Sophia was about to reach out and open the door, but Alexander had already leaned sideways and did it for her.

She arched her brow before getting into the car. “Thanks.”

Alexander furrowed his brows. “You’ve already thanked me thrice.”

“What were you expecting?”

“If you sincerely wish to thank me, have dinner with me later.”

Sophia looked down to check the time on her phone. Upon hearing his words, she raised her head and glanced at him. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m just being polite.”

He was rendered speechless.

He was rendered speechless.

Just then, the car came to a halt at the red light. Alexander turned to look at her. “She’s your granny. Since you’re both related, the police will most likely advise you to settle it in private.”

Alexander saw through the fact that she deliberately angered the old woman to let her grab the bag. However, Sophia did not appear embarrassed after being exposed. ”The bag is worth more than eight hundred thousand, and there’s some cash inside. I think that this matter is no longer an ordinary civil case.”

His heart skipped a beat as he gazed at her alluring eyes, his dark eyes flickering slightly. “I know a lawyer who specializes in this field.”

The present Sophia seems to be glowing. How did I not notice this in the past? Samuel is right. I was probably blind. Thankfully, I no longer am.

Sophia arched a brow. “Mr. Quigley?”

As she said that, she smirked. “What a coincidence. I also know him.”

Alexander suddenly felt useless. “Yes.”

At that moment, her phone rang.

“The light has turned green, Mr. Xenos.”

She raised her finger and pointed ahead. Hearing that, Alexander could only look away and concentrate on driving.

The phone call was from Yvonne. Since the entire incident happened during the live broadcast, the Internet was already in an uproar.

As Sophia’s capable secretary, Yvonne’s first instinct when she learned about the matter was to call her employer and seek her advice in handling the matter properly.

“Do you need me to make an official statement about the matter on the Internet, Ms. Yarrow?”

Sophia glanced at the cars in front. “No need. Please help me contact Mr. Quigley. I’m on my way to the police station now.”

Yvonne was stunned for a moment. After all, the current matter was different from the previous ones, as it involved Sophia’s grandmother and uncle.

The secretary initially thought this matter was very tricky. After all, from her perspective, Sophia was beautiful and kind. Hence, she might soften up with just a few words from the old woman.

However, judging from the current situation, Yvonne felt that she had underestimated her goddess.

“Okay, got it, Ms. Yarrow.”

“Okay,” Sophia acknowledged before hanging up.

Since Delilah had stolen her bag, all she had left was the phone in her hand.

There was a police station nearby, so within ten minutes, the car stopped.

As soon as Sophia got out of the car, she noticed that Alexander had followed suit.

In a rare moment of surprise, she glanced at him but said nothing in the end, merely stepping into the police station.

Alexander was right. Since Delilah was Sophia’s grandmother, the police advised her to talk it out with the old woman after she had explained the situation.

Sophia’s smile faded. “Officer, I’m here to report the case, not to joke around. Besides, Old Mrs. Sharp and I haven’t seen each other for ten years. My parents died ten years ago. I’m not obliged to provide support for her. Oh, right. Do you know why I know she’s not throwing a tantrum but truly trying to rob my bag and sell it for money?”

After a short pause, she continued, “Twenty years ago, she tried to sell me to someone else.”

After she said that, the policeman who was taking her statement seemed a little embarrassed.

Alexander did not expect Sophia to take the initiative to mention such an incident, so he subconsciously lowered his head and looked at her.

She merely sat there. Other than her smile fading slightly, there were no other changes.

On the contrary, his chest felt heavy, as though his heart had been pierced.

His expression darkened. “The bag is worth eight hundred thousand. Coupled with the cash and some accessories inside, the total value has exceeded one million. My friend was robbed of one million in front of everyone. I think this is no longer an ordinary civil case. Unless one million is not enough to file a case?”

Right at that moment, another police officer came in.

The policeman who took Sophia’s statement glanced at her. “Wait a moment, Ms. Yarrow.”

He hurried out and came back not long after. “Ms. Yarrow, a special task force has been set up in our team. Don’t worry. We’ll help you recover the bag and the belongings inside!”

“Thank you.”

Sophia took a sip of water before standing up and looking at Alexander. “Are you not hungry?”

She was starving.

“What would you like to eat?” he asked smoothly, pretending not to understand her.

Sophia laughed in exasperation. “Barbecue. Do you want some, Mr. Xenos?”

How did I not realize that this man is so shameless in the past?


Alexander was particular about cleanliness, so he never ate food prepared in that manner.

Sophia was driving him to a corner on purpose, but surprisingly, he agreed to it.

Suddenly, she was the one who had no way out of it.

“Let’s go then.”

Since he can bring himself to go through this “torment,” I’ll gladly accept it.

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