Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 120

The only objective of Delilah’s visit was to demand money from Sophia. Her claim of wanting to meet up with Sophia was all an excuse.

After Sophia’s parents lost their lives in an accident, Delilah learned that they had been covered by personal accident insurance, so Sophia would’ve claimed an astronomical amount of compensation. Delilah had gone to Sophia to ask for a fair share of it, but she had been forced out of the door by Sophia with a broom. With that, Delilah had become a laughing stock in the village for more than a decade.

Had she not heard of Sophia owning a company and becoming rich, Delilah would never have wanted to see Sophia’s face for the rest of her life.

Delilah wasn’t young anymore to be waiting around there all day. On the day before, she had already traveled the entire day to get to Jadeborough. Not only that, but it had cost her eighty to stay for a night at the hotel.

At that juncture, she wished to simply get her hands on the money and leave immediately. Initially, she had been worrying that it would be difficult to sweet-talk Sophia into coughing up the money. Never in a million years would she anticipate Sophia to be so magnanimous to ask how much she wanted straight away.

Even living for more than seventy years, that was the first time Delilah had ever come across a check.

She had always been a witty person, but the moment she saw money, her brain couldn’t even think properly anymore.

Upon hearing that Sophia would be giving her some money, Delilah swallowed hard as she tugged at Rupert’s arm without a second thought. “How much was your gambling debt again?”

Rupert, too, didn’t foresee such an immediate offer from Sophia. He sneaked a peek at her.

The longer his gaze lingered on her, the sadder he grew.

What sort of niece is she? She has become so wealthy, but she’s unwilling to take her own uncle under her wing!

Rupert’s gambling debt totaled more than two hundred thousand, so he had wanted to blurt out the exact figure on the spot. However, he pondered about how he had painstakingly made this trip. In addition, judging by Sophia’s stance, he reckoned that she wouldn’t offer them any money again after this. After all, she already had the courage to drive them away with a broom a decade ago when she was only seventeen.

Rupert froze for a second before uttering, “F-Four hundred thousand!”

Delilah let out a snort. “Didn’t you tell me it’s only two hundred thousand?”

As she spoke, she chided him with a smile, “You’re hopeless! Look at that brat Sophia. She has such a big company. Don’t you think four hundred thousand is chicken feed for her?”

Rupert scratched his head and questioned, “Then, how much should we ask for, Mom?”

“Four million!”

“F-Four million?” Rupert was astonished.

He was already in his forties, and he had only seen four million on TV but never in real life.

Of course, he would be shocked upon hearing his mother’s demand.

“That’s enough! You step aside. I’ll do the talking,” said Delilah as she shoved her son to the side.

“That’s enough! You step aside. I’ll do the talking,” said Delilah as she shoved her son to the side.

She then cast a glance at Sophia and went on, “It’s not much. We just need four million.”

As she threw out her desired amount, she also seemed to have recalled something else. Thus began a series of complaints from her. She claimed that their family had met with a lot of misfortunes over the recent years, and Sophia’s cousins had been strapped for cash to get married and buy new houses in the city.

As Delilah went on and on, the host, Lexie, started to get dubious about Delilah’s true intention.

I don’t think this old lady has truly missed or wanted to meet up with her granddaughter at all. It looks like she’s only here for the money.

Hearing those words, Sophia raised her eyebrows and shifted her gaze before putting back the check into her handbag. “Indeed. Four million is not much.”

She zipped her handbag on that note. “You can get in this live room and ask a kind soul for a donation,” said Sophia while pointing sideways toward her phone.

She then smirked and went on, “But I’m definitely not one of them.”

After saying that, she turned to look at Sadie. “Get the security guard to escort them out. If they refuse to leave, call the police right away.”

As Sophia spoke, the smile on her face faltered. Her eyes were inundated with coldness.

Sadie was momentarily stunned. She hadn’t even jolted back to her senses after witnessing Sophia trying to issue them a cash check. Yet, in a matter of seconds, Sophia had requested the security guard to chase them out.

Glancing at Delilah again, Sophia wondered how this spiteful, selfish old lady still had yet to change after so many years.

Quirking her lips, Sophia smiled mockingly at her grandmother.

Four million? Some nerve she has.

At that moment, Sadie regained her composure and nodded. “Understood, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia hummed a response in a calm manner before wheeling around to head outside.

Her sudden change of attitude had left a handful of them dumbfounded. Delilah, for one, was thunderstruck to the core.

She already agreed to give me the check a moment ago. Why am I suddenly being chased out of the door? And I haven’t even gotten a single penny. No, I can’t let this happen!

Immediately, Delilah bolted toward Sophia. “Hey! Stop! Get back here! I’m not done yet!”

Delilah seized Sophia’s handbag. The latter frowned and stopped in her tracks. Turning around, she shot a chilling glare at Delilah. “This handbag of mine is a collector’s edition, and it’s worth eight hundred thousand. Do you think you could afford the compensation if you damaged it?”

When Sophia made her statement, her visage had remained ever so impassive. It was as though she was talking about what she had for dinner; there was nothing out of the ordinary, and not even a hint of emotion was present.

The second Delilah learned that her handbag was worth eight hundred thousand, her face took a drastic change. “You little brat! You rather spend eight hundred thousand on a handbag than help your own grandmother and uncle! How could you be so heartless? You’d disown your family just because you’ve made a fortune, am I right?”

Sophia stared at Delilah and arched a brow. “You won’t let go of your hands, won’t you?”

“I’ll never ever let go! What sort of lousy handbag would be worth eight hundred thousand?”

Delilah blew a gasket on the outside, yet deep down, she had other ideas up her sleeve.

If I could lay my hands on this eight hundred thousand handbag, I’d sell it. Even if I sold it as a second-hand product, I’d still make four hundred thousand with it.

“I just have one question for you—are you going to help your uncle to overcome his financial problem?”

Pfft! Look at how she put it. Couldn’t she just admit that she wanted money? How shameless of them to claim that they need help for their so-called financial problem!

Never did Sophia expect her grandmother to really be this smart.

Still, neither was Sophia a blockhead. “Does that have anything to do with me?”

Her grandmother pressed on, “What you’re saying is, you’re not willing to help us out, aren’t you?”

“Banks have a lot of money, too. Why don’t you ask around at the banks to see if they’re willing to offer alms to a senior citizen?”

Sophia tried to fling Delilah’s hands off the handbag. Alas, Delilah flew off the handle when she realized that she would be leaving empty-handed, thus yanking Sophia’s handbag at once. “You rascal! Your uncle is going to be beaten, but here you are, still hanging on to this expensive handbag! Hand it over right now!”

It had been a long time since Sophia got an earful from someone else. To be scolded by Delilah like that, Sophia would naturally settle the score once and for all. Knitting her brows, she hollered, “It’s my money! I would rather throw them into the sea than waste them on the likes of you! Rob me if you dare!”

Delilah was utterly livid in the first place. Listening to those words, she went through the roof. Gathering all her strength, she ripped the handbag off Sophia’s hands with one hand while thrusting Sophia with the other hand.

Sophia staggered a few steps back and slammed into someone’s strong arms before coming to a halt.

Her shoulders were held tight by that person, Alexander, who happened to be standing behind her. He lowered his head and gazed at her. “Did you sprain your ankle?”

Sparing a glance at him, Sophia got away from his embrace. “I’m fine. Thanks.”

Sophia was already pissed off. To see Alexander’s face at a time like this, she couldn’t even be bothered to muster up a half-hearted smile.

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